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Select your travel style--whether it's our signature expeditions, our active outdoors adventures, or our lower-priced journeys.
Our newest small-group trips, provided in partnership with G Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration with meaningful cultural encounters, as well as more free time and choices.
Discover Chilean Patagonia, snorkel in Moorea’s lagoon, explore the glaciers of New Zealand, and more. Since its inception, the company has funded many projects or research expeditions throughout the world on such topics as the study of oceans, mountains, ethnology and archeology. If the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest aren't among the "New 7 Wonders of Nature," what is? Water cascades down IguazA? Falls on the border between Brazil and Argentina in South America. The lights of South Africa's Cape Town illuminate the foot of Table Mountain, another of the world's seven natural wonders as chosen by voters round the world.Table Mountain "is very much a part of local life" in Cape Town, Lonely Planet's Reid said.

The muddy waters of the Amazon River flow along the lush banks of the Amazon rain forest, which was selected as one of seven natural wonders of the world. A new map shows how abnormally warm waters have damaged the iconic reefa€”and it isna€™t pretty.
Distesa di papaveri ai piedi della imponente mole del Monte Vettore, nel Parco nazionale dei monti Sibillini.
This initiative cannot, in any significant and sustainable manner, contribute to the preservation of sites elected by this public."That sentiment also applies to the New 7 Wonders of Nature, UNESCO spokesperson Gina Doubleday told National Geographic News. Was that considered or part of the criteria?"The foundation has already invited nominations for its next campaign: New7Wonders Cities. Highlighting such sites with events like the New7Wonders contest could ultimately do more harm than good from a preservation standpoint, Traveler's Christ said."It comes down to, what is their motivation?" he added. Grand from tiny fishing skiffs to ocean Launches Nature Project People across globe are invited to participate in weeklong celebration of natures diversity and to break a Guinness World Record the Barrier Reef spans more than 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) of islands and surgeonfish, barracuda, and sharks.

The largest living structure, the Barrier Reef spans more than 1,200 miles Find educator resources related to the Channel series Migrations to use in your classroom.
Visit the magazine hub about animal migrations to find magazine articles, photo galleries, DVD Exclusives.
Available exclusively through this site, Comments about The Indian Railway DVD Exclusive: Unconformity A billion years of Earths history have disappeared from the geological record. Learn all you wanted to know about white sharks with pictures, videos, photos, Its not a terribly comforting distinction, but it does indicate that humans are not actually on the whites menu. This is the documentary that shocked Greece waterproof shells come complete with thick fleece lining the palms and synthetic insulation on the back of the hand, and the removable have the same fleece and loft combination.

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