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It seems, there is a another story behind the heroic events that this particular copy of NG describes.
The US SF commanders of 5 out of the 6 camps (Gillespies was the 6th) could not stop the revolt in their camps and were relieved as part of an Army effort to whitewash the hole incident. Major Edwin Brooks (on the cover of this magazine copy) tried to protect his A-Det Comanders and was relieved of his duties, despite the fact that he almost single handedly stopped the rebellion from spreading further or getting organised, in effect ending it.
Anyway, this particular copy of National Geographic (the original one) was my first "contact" with what SF do when I was about 11-12 years old, since my brother in law kept a collection of issues going back to 1963! I was then fascinated by this different kind of special soldiers that eat, live train and fight, with men of so different a culture.
Explore Christianitya€™s first century and its expansion from a handful of followers into a religion that encompassed much of the ancient Western world.

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Jesus, Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene form the core of a large cast of characters in this sequence of early events in Christian history. Additional sections explain the secrecy of the early church, martyrdom, and the development of the gospels. Mathew was called by Jesus, so he saw and walked with Jesus the same John, Thomas and Marcus.
Jump forward to the third century in the epilogue —the turning point when Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and the Council of Nicaea established a uniform doctrine for the religion. Paul saw Jesus on the way to Damascus, in person and He tough him the gospel of grace for the gentiles.

This revealing special issue from National Geographic demystifies science, physics, and engineering and examines the cultural forces that created the most mysterious natural and manmade wonders of the world. Filled with vivid illustrations and intriguing anecdotes, 100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed peels back the layers of time to illuminate some of the most coveted secrets of all time.
They were right because Albanian, based on the book of Misha Glenni, give Turkey 26 Grand Viziers who expended and protected Turkish Empire.

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