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Heading to Walt Disney World with Toddlers for #DisneySMMCI’m Attending Mom 2.0 as a Kia Ambassador!
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I am a homeschooling mom of 5 (ages range from 0-17!!) from Sheboygan, WI who LOVES to save money! This week we traipse through the wild and exotic fields of Thailand in search of this week’s Wacky Product.
Gas mask not included… The Poo Frames, available at Uncommon Goods, are a bit unconventional to say the least. I remember spending hours upon hours as a child leafing through shoe boxes full of photographs.

If you're just not finding a pre-selected photo that you want to hang on your wall, take advantage of the option to upload your own photos and get the exact artistic expression you want.
There is a 100% "refund or replace" guarantee so don't hang on to an order if it ends up not being what you want. For returns for taste reasons you get 60 days to return for a full refund and only a twenty percent restocking fee for a year after that. Many people buy art to decorate their walls, but with Great Big Canvas, the art can actually be the walls themselves.
Right now, you can play Animal Jam for FREE! Animal Jam is an online virtual playground for children who love animals and the outdoors, and is the result of an ongoing creative collaboration between Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic Society.
My mom collected hundreds of photos of people and places over the years, yet she often forgot the stories behind the snapshots.

Set the mood in any room with a striking, large, awe-inspiring, pieces of artwork, without paying the exorbitant prices that usually accompany them. Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting, and safe environment for kids to play online, while inspiring them to explore and protect the natural world outside their doors.
She also started baby books for each of her three children, but the books were left blank halfway through when life or another child demanded more attention.
The child archivist in me became a scrapbooker as an adult in an attempt to record memories in writing as well as on film.

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