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Es un autentico placer tomar un te rodeada de tantos objetos de todo el mundo, es diferente, relajante y espectacular.
En la actualidad, el ajetreo diario dificulta compartir tiempo de calidad con nuestra pareja. Con o sin azucar, con miel, solo o con un poco de leche, son algunas de las formas mas usuales para disfrutar una rica taza de te. The store features National Geographic's award-winning range of publications, with a design intended to inspire people to celebrate global cultures PANAMA. Friend of IT and National Geographic visual communications coordinator Megan Seldon has the latest news on what’s happening at our London store.
The recent opening of the National Geographic flagship store on London’s famed Regent Street has the town abuzz with excitement. One of the first things you’ll notice when you step inside is that the walls throughout the store are bathed in black to capture the vibrant colors of the prints and products featured inside. For avid travelers, the store also offers a travel line that ranges from casual apparel to adventurous expedition gear. And if all of this doesn’t satisfy your National Geographic hunger, a tapas cafe is awaiting your arrival with slow food, organic food, fair trade and other specialty items. With a second store recently launched in Singapore, it appears the National Geographic store may become a destination within itself. I was also in the UK last month and read this article and was interested in visiting the store. About Intelligent TravelNational Geographic believes that to know the world is to change it. The Store’s unique collection of beautiful, handmade clothing and home decorative items from around the world is supplemented by National Geographic’s award-winning DVDs, books, maps and more. These holiday gifts make a difference by supporting National Geographic’s ongoing mission of research, education, conservation and exploration. Join more than a half million people who have participated in our Genographic Project, with the new Geno 2.0 kit that uses powerful cutting-edge technology and advanced DNA analysis to provide the richest ancestry information available.
Browse 123 years of National Geographic magazine — the articles, photographs and maps published exactly as they appeared in print. Small enough to pack in a pocket, this solid timepiece is a precision marvel of miniaturization built to travel. Chart your past explorations, your travel destinations or the roots of your family tree with this personalized, earth-toned world map.
From the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the National Geographic Society has been spreading the spirit of discovery and exploration around the world for 125 years. This new globe features the latest National Geographic cartography in colors reminiscent of parchment globes from centuries past.

Follow a group of people as they obsessively prepare for the apocalypse — each expecting the world to end in a different way, for a different reason, at a different time. Have fun with an anteater vac that has an appetite for collecting all kinds of insects and bugs.
The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. When you visit the National Geographic Museum, don’t forget to spend time at the Store. We encountered an error while trying to process your request, please try again in a few moments.
Good news for nature lovers – National Geographic is screening documentaries to watch for free in its auditorium at its concept store at VivoCity. While some may argue that you can watch such films online, I contest that nothing is as close as watching it at National Geographic itself, with the dim setting at the quiet auditorium, huge screen which clearly shows every single detail you are meant to see, and the beauty of the film itself. Having watched Zoo Tiger Escape, I was taken through the life of a pair of leopards, how the mother took care of its cub, how the cub stumbled and fell and how it grew up to be able to fend for itself. The National Geographic Store is at Vivocity, the first in Asia, and the second in the world. This entry was posted in Animals and Wildlife, Cinema, Entertainment, Free, Money & Shopping and tagged animals, auditorium, documentary, leopards, national geographic, nature, vivocity, wildlife. Check back often for the latest events and happenings, or subscribe to the RSS feed (see below).
Spread across 19,375 square feet and set on three different levels, the store celebrates the Society’s rich history and embraces all aspects of global culture. The Marketplace features a large scope of National Geographic Society products, from the magazines and books to unique handcrafted items from global artisans, like original artifacts from indigenous tribes or hand-stitched camel-hide bags from Kenya. The store offers public lectures from some of National Geographic’s well-known explorers, photographers, authors and free film screenings in the auditorium.
Then check out the second floor travel desk, where shoppers can book NG expeditions and local tours. We're on the front lines of travel that illuminates, celebrates, and preserves irreplaceable places—and we're taking you along for the ride.
20, 2012)—Founded nearly 125 years ago, National Geographic is synonymous with exploration and discovery.
Shoppers should also check the store regularly for limited-time-only sales, including on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Your participation is essential to further explore and document the history and pathways of the human journey. Now updated to include 2011 issues, the definitive collection of every issue of National Geographic magazine is digitally reproduced in high resolution.

Now you can commemorate an important year or a milestone event with a framed copy of the magazine. A cover etched with the National Geographic Society seal folds back to create a stand for the full-service, quartz-movement alarm clock that features easy-to-read luminescent hands and numbers and a mineral glass crystal face. National Geographic’s award-winning cartography is available as a map that is yours to customize.
New for 2013 is a circumnavigation of Iceland with National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier to experience an enchanting land of geological extremes.
From bunkers to fortified, off-the-grid homesteads, see how these Doomsday Preppers go to extremes to make sure they are ready for just about anything.
With the touch of a button, you can quickly and safely gather up bugs to observe in the anteater’s removable belly chamber.
Founded in 1888 to “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge,” the Society’s mission is to inspire people to care about the planet.
Your purchases help support our mission of research, education, conservation and exploration. It also displays a rotating showcase of exhibits, whether it’s from the NG Museum, the Channel, magazine, or mission-oriented projects like the Genographic Project. The long desk, equipped with sleek Mac computers, illuminated globes and leather chairs, is adjacent to the travel and cartographic library. We have limited copies of most issues from 1913 through 2009, presented in a black or walnut frame with a unique accessible back panel that allows you to remove and page through the issue. Specify up to 70 characters of your choice for the map title — The Wells Family Travels or The Hill-Brown Family’s Genealogy, for example.
Encounter vast volcanic landscapes, soak in hot springs and get up close to spectacular sculptures in ice. Our products reflect that mission—from books, jewelry, maps, atlases, National Geographic DVDs, and travel accessories that will get you out exploring. We are thrilled to open this store in Panama and look forward to it becoming our hub in Latin America.? National Geographic Society is one of the world?s largest non-profit scientific and educational organisations. National Geographic has funded more than 10,000 scientific research, conservation and exploration projects and supports an education program promoting geographic literacy. Founded in 1888 to ?increase and diffuse geographic knowledge,? the society?s mission is to inspire people to care about the planet.

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