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CRDC Director of Interfaith Peacebuiling Hind Kabawat speaks about her mentor Syriac Catholic Father Paolo on The Daily Beast.
CRDC Director Marc Gopin was featured on Day 13 of the 40 Days with Peacemakers blog by the William Penn House. CRDC Director Marc Gopin recently lectured on religion and conflict resolution at McGill University. CRDC Director of Interfaith Peacebuilding Hind Kabawat attended the conference of Syrian opposition leaders in Riyadh earlier this month as they considered a new round of negotiations with Damascus.
CRDC hosted a contest asking participants to submit creative works showing their hope for Tunisia’s future. CRDC Syria Program’s Nousha Kabawat was featured as a guest writer for the University of Toronto Hart House blog.
A bobcat slinks through the snow in Yellowstone, which protects many species in its role as wildlife sanctuary.
The center of Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring steams at 199° Fahrenheit (93° Celsius), too hot for the multicolored bacteria clustering on the cooler perimeter.
Originally native to the area, gray wolves in Yellowstone were killed off as part of "predator control" practices, and by the 1970s no wolves were known to be living in the park. Nomadic grazers, bison roam Yellowstone National Park's grassy plateaus in summer and spend winter near warm thermal pools or in the northern section of the park. America’s first national park, Yellowstone is home to wildlife from bears to bison and geological stunners such as hot springs and geysers. The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River drop a stunning 308 feet (94 meters) to the canyon floor below—twice as far as Niagara Falls. Yellowstone National Park's mile-long (1.6-kilometer-long) Upper Geyser Basin contains the world's greatest concentration of hot springs and geysers. Elk are the most abundant large mammals in Yellowstone National Park, numbering some 30,000 in the summer. In early years, what made Yellowstone stand out was the extravaganza of geysers and hot springs. During the summer of 1988, fire touched many sections of the park, in some areas dramatically changing the appearance of the landscape. Of far greater concern to environmentalists than the fires are the impact of the increasing numbers of visitors, the threatened grizzly bear population, and, on nearby lands, the planned development of natural resource projects.

Most of the park rests atop a slumbering volcano that erupted half a million years ago and is showing signs of renewed activity. Copy for this series includes excerpts from the National Geographic Guide to the National Parks of the United States, Seventh Edition, 2012, and the National Parks series featured in National Geographic Traveler. Found: deadline $1,500 for Semi-finalists, $15,000 stipend + $80,000 budget for selected artist.
Found: deadlines, deadline, submit On Thursday, April 14, 2016, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) launched its project and arts and humanities fellowship grant programs for funding in Fiscal Year 2017. Found: deadline, awarded, award Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through its Creative Fellowships program annually supports residencies for writers, composers, and visual artists at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Not the largest or the most regular of the park's geysers, Old Faithful erupts more frequently, with each blast expelling between 3,700 to 8,400 gallons (14,000 to 32,000 liters) of boiling water. But dead center is no dead zone: Billions of organisms called thermophiles flourish in the scalding water. The Great Fountain Geyser, pictured here, erupts every 9 to 15 hours, shooting water up to 220 feet (67 meters) high. The Yellowstone begins south of the park, traveling more than 600 miles (965 kilometers) before it empties into the Missouri River in North Dakota.
In the entire park, which spreads out over parts of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, there are more than 10,000 hydrothermal features—half of all such features in the world. Paleontological evidence shows that the animals have been living on Yellowstone land for at least a thousand years. One event overshadows all others: Some 640,000 years ago, an area many miles square at what is now the center of the park suddenly exploded. Located astride the Continental Divide, most of the park occupies a high plateau surrounded by mountains and drained by several rivers. The wild landscape and the bison, elk, and bears were nice but, after all, America was still a pioneer country filled with scenic beauty and animals. The list of park animals is a compendium of Rocky Mountain fauna: elk, bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, moose, pronghorn, coyotes, mountain lions, beaver, trumpeter swans, eagles, ospreys, white pelicans, and more. Cooperative management between the park and the six forests that make up the greater Yellowstone ecosystem is essential if wildlife and thermal features are to survive. A juried exhibition of emerging young artists with disabilities, ages 16-25, showcasing artwork created at the intersection of technology, innovation, and disability.

The visiting artist is provided with a private studio, room and board, and the company of other artists from around the nation, for an intensive period of self-guided creative exploration and development. Look at the enviable number of yearly shows that DMV area photographer Richard Weiblinger has been part of since 2011. Below are upcoming opportunities for artists to participate:2016 Solomons Plein Air Festival application and prospectus are available now for the September 12-18 event. In addition to sponsorship support, a modest travel subsidy is awarded to the selected artist.
In 1872, Yellowstone became the world's first national park, the result of great foresight on the part of many people about our eventual need for the solace and beauty of wild places. Many places show no impact at all, while those that are regenerating benefit both vegetation and animal life. Grant applications are reviewed by independent panels of arts and humanities professionals and community members who make recommendations to the DCCAH Board of Commissioners.DCCAH will offer workshops in April and May to provide assistance for applicants. September 2016 "Water" SE Center for Photography juried exhibition Greenville, South Carolina April 2016 "Red" A. Side by side, burned areas and nonburned areas provide an intriguing study in the causes and effects of fire in wild places. But before the Euro took over, European denominations were works of art in their diverse and colorful beauty. Click here to apply.Howard County Arts Council seeks artists to take part in the juried portion of Paint It! Boiling hot springs, fumaroles, mud spots, and geysers serve as reminders that another could occur. June 2015 Hill Center Galleries juried exhibition Washington, DC June 2015 "Transformations" Pyramid Atlantic Art Center juried invitational exhibition Silver Spring, MD May 2015 Gallery at Penn Place juried invitational exhibition Bethesda, MD May 2015 Washington Artworks Gallery Rockville, MD solo invitational Exhibition April 2015 "My Little Town" Photoworks Gallery, invitational juried exhibit Glen Echo, Md April 2015 ArtSpace Herndon Gallery "Fine Art Photography Exhibit" Herndon, Va.
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