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Human relationships can bring safety, security and love - but sometimes they can also be taboo.
In some societies around the world, snacking on cockroaches, dining on worms and swallowing the still-beating heart of a snake are traditions and even considered delicacies. Western culture hides the spilling of animal blood behind closed doors, but other places it's a public event. NGC opens a window into the lives of individuals leading a double life with surprising secrets.

Meet an Australian health therapist who drinks his own urine and teaches his clients to do the same, a woman from Papa New Guinea who breast feeds a pig and delve into the thriving black market organ trade in the Philippines. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has developed a controversial plan for dealing with drunk drivers: putting them to work on a chain gang. Lizzy has an extremely rare condition that causes premature aging and a complete lack of body fat. Nearly 1,000 whales are slaughtered every year near Denmark in a 1,200-year-tradition called the Grind.

Taboo: Spilling Blood takes viewers on a trip to experience animal bloodletting traditions.

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