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Compact Telescope National Geographic - Ideal for beginners or children to taste A compact light-powered telescope for stargazers, easy to carry and easy to operate. Va rugam inainte de a cumpara acest produs luati in considerare recomandarile noastre pentru accesorii. Produsele bifate vor fi adaugate cosului de cumparaturi daca faceti click pe 'Adauga in cos'!
Yes, Procular ships throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and to over 200 countries worldwide. Once an order has shipped out, we will send you a shipping confirmation e-mail with an estimated date of arrival.
4.75 out of 5The Barska 30-90X100 WP Spotting Scope is an economical option yet extremely powerful multi-use scope. The Baader MicroStage II Clickstop Digital Camera Adapter delivers flexibility with a twist to help in framing and focusing.
NG70FS Telescope - InstructionsCongratulations on your purchase of a precision-crafted NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC™ telescope. Visit To A Namesake When I Heard114 January 2007 Sky & Telescope astronomy online by stuart j. Pt 1 Hubble The Ultimate Telescope - YouTubePt 1 of 5 National Geographic Hubble The Ultimate Telescope.
Zoltan Levay, the imaging team leader at Space Telescope Science Institute, picks the most amazing celestial views. 10Cosmic Fireworks Sparkling with energy, a cluster of young stars lights up a cavity in the roiling dust of the Tarantula Nebula. 9Star Power Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 looks through the Horsehead Nebula in a uniquely detailed infrared image.
8Galactic Waltz The interplay of their gravitational forces bends two spiral galaxies, collectively known as Arp 273, as they approach and prepare to merge 300 million light-years away. 6Celestial Wings Gas from a dying star resembles a butterfly, its lacy wings formed by the ejection of its outer layers. 5Spectral Vision What looks like a ghostly ring suspended in the heavens is really a gas bubble 23 light-years across, the remnant of a supernova explosion first observed in our sky 400 years ago. 4Echo of Light Over several months in 2002, Hubble captured a cosmic spectacle—a ragged balloon of dust that appeared to expand around the star V838 Monocerotis.
2Stellar Tumult Star birth and star death create cosmic havoc in a panorama of the Carina Nebula assembled from multiple Hubble images.
1Peerless Beauty This iconic Hubble image of the spiral galaxy NGC 1300 is suffused with detail—bright blue young stars, the dust lanes spiraling around the bright nucleus, distant galaxies shining through.

The National Geographic Telescope and Microscope Set would make a great gift for any kid aged 10 and above who is interested in exploring science or the universe.
An intuitive, straightforward design allows set up to be completed without a single tool and in very little time. Orders for in-stock items placed on business days before 1:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) are generally shipped out the same or the following day (subject to verification). Nearly all of our products are shipped out from our Nottingham warehouse via Royal Mail or a courier. It is a real reflecting telescope with a 76mm primary mirror and comes complete with all necessary accessories for exploring the heavens, such as tripod, eyepieces and finder. On one hand, the refractive telescope provides a wide viewing field for letting you see large portions of the night sky at once. Normally, with other camera adapters, the user must frame and focus the eyepiece first, then attach the camera, being careful not to disturb the infinity focus. We pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of binoculars and telescopes for recreational or professional use.
Procular specialises in optics for travel, bird watching, hunting, astronomy, marine and the outdoors. For Zoltan Levay, charged with bringing Hubble Space Telescope imagery to the public, the scene’s dynamism is irresistible. A classic target of astronomy, the nebula normally appears dark against a bright background, but Hubble penetrates the shroud of interstellar dust and gas. Most of the other stars shown, including the cluster at bottom, are in the Andromeda galaxy. Unique and colorful planetary nebulae like NGC 6302 have provided some of Hubble’s most popular images. He remembers fondly a college professor who recounted awestruck nights viewing the galaxy through an observatory telescope. This reflector telescopes are very easy for beginners to use and collect a lot of light from celestial objects. You can easily store and tote along the telescope with its compact design, and it comes with all of the essential accessories needed to begin the hobby: a viewfinder, a trio of eyepieces, a pair of extra lenses, astronomy software and easy-to-follow instructions.
Please note weekend orders, placed on Fridays after 1:00 PM GMT will be processed on the following Monday. All deliveries are sent out as quickly as possible and free of charge to anywhere within the UK. You will need to know your order number which can found at the top of your order confirmation email.

With the erecting lens also during the day many exciting things in the environment can be observed. The design includes a 100-millimeter lens with multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings that ensure bright, clear images no matter what time of day you're using the scope or whether your subject is close at hand or distant. With the MicroStage II Clickstop, the camera can be adjusted to accurately center on the eyepiece and then the camera can be simply pivoted away from the eyepiece for easy visual access to the eyepiece. The achromatic objective lenses featured in the design allow you to easily adjust the magnification range from 35-power to 525-power.
If there is a problem with your order, you will receive an e-mail within two business days to advise you about the situation.
The easy to use mount enables the telescope to be pointed at any position needed for both, night sky and daytime observations. Fully waterproof, the spotting scope will serve you well in full sun, overcast and rainy conditions alike. You will also be given an order number which you can use to track the status of your order here on our website. Due to the height-adjustable tripod, the telescope can be brought to the most comfortable height for large or small observers. This hand box allows you to easily punch in the coordinates for whatever you wish to see and allows the telescope to do the rest. Featuring sharp, high quality optics it is our most recommended spotting scope for long distance viewing. The camera may be pivoted out of the way anytime and instantly returned to its aligned position.
Wide range of accessories for an uncomplicated start in a star-rich pleasure is included as well as a small book on the introduction into the starry sky and a planetarium software for the computer. As a result, even novices can enjoy the full benefits of this powerful, top-of-the-line instrument with ease.
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