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Community-Report: Die hei?esten Threads der letzten Woche (Grafikkarten-Abzocke, Teufel-Killer und HD 5870 vs. Die von National Geographic als Wallpaper zur kostenlosen Verwendung bereitgestellten Fotos sind legendar.
In January 2010 his community contributions were recognized by Microsoft when he was awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for Windows Desktop Experience.
The festival gets its name from the row of clay lamps that Indians light outside their homes. South India celebrate Diwali as the day that Lord Krishna (depicted above) defeated the demon Narakasura.
Diwali, celebrated in October or November each year, originated as a harvest festival that marked the last harvest of the year before winter. Indians celebrate with family gatherings, glittering clay lamps, festive fireworks, strings of electric lights, bonfires, flowers, sharing of sweets, and worship to Lakshmi.
Over the centuries, Diwali has become a national festival that is enjoyed by most Indians regardless of faith: Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs.

In North India they celebrate the story of King Rama's return to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana by lighting rows of clay lamps. In western India the festival marks the day that Lord Vishnu, the Preserver (one of the main gods of the Hindu trinity) sent the demon King Bali to rule the nether world. In all interpretations, one common thread rings truea€”the festival marks the victory of good over evil. In Sikhism it marks the day that Guru Hargobind Ji, the Sixth Sikh Guru was freed from imprisonment.
On the first day of Diwali, housewives consider it auspicious to spring clean the home and shop for gold or kitchen utensils. The third day is the main day of the festival when families gather together for Lakshmi puja, a prayer to Goddess Lakshmi followed by mouth-watering feasts and firework festivities.
The fourth day is the first day of the new year when friends and relatives visit with gifts and best wishes for the season.
On the last day of Diwali, brothers visit their married sisters who welcome them with love and a lavish meal.

Nun gibt es sowohl ein Windows-7-Themepack mit einigen ausgewahlten Bildern als auch ein bequemes Download-Tool fur die National-Geographic Wallpaper. Back then he used GeoCities Web Hosting for it and what you see here today is the result of the work he has continued on the site since 1995. In January 2011 he was renewed as a Microsoft MVP but in a new category called Windows Expert - Consumer and he has been a Microsoft MVP ever since. India was an agricultural society where people would seek the divine blessing of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, as they closed their accounting books and prayed for success at the outset of a new financial year.
Today, this practice extends to businesses all over the Indian subcontinent, which mark the day after Diwali as the first day of the new financial year.

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