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See lunar eclipses that resemble the upcoming moon showa€”the last total lunar eclipse until 2014. Light seems to pool at the bottom of the full moon in a picture of a lunar eclipse taken from Iran in 2008. This weekend sky-watchers in western North America will be able to catch a similar sight during the last total lunar eclipse until 2014.
The entire lunar eclipse will be visible from East Asia, Australia, and the far western part of North America, including Alaska as well as Canada's Yukon and Northwest Territories.
A composite picture shows the stages of an August 2007 lunar eclipse before, during, and after totality-when the full moon is completely blocked from direct sunlight. Rather than going completely dark, the moon takes on a deep reddish hue during a total lunar eclipse.
Expect to see the lunar disk go from dark gray during the partial phase to reddish orange during totality, he said. A composite picture shows the stages of a total lunar eclipse in July 2000, seen as the moon sets over Hawaii.
Lunar eclipses can occur only when the full moon, Earth, and the sun are aligned so that the moon crosses through Earth's shadow.

Due to the moon's tilted orbit around Earth, lunar eclipses happen only a few times a year, Samra said. The stages of an eclipsing moon cut across the sky over Lumby, British Columbia, in a composite made of pictures taken over two hours in February 2008. Although people in Europe and Africa won't be able to see the entire event, part of the December 10 lunar eclipse will be visible in the evening, local time, as the moon rises.
Red bugloss plants, native to Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands, point like fingers at a lunar eclipse as it progresses across the sky in May 2003. At approximately 24,606 feet (7,500 meters) above the seafloor, Teide is the highest point in the Atlantic Ocean. Earth's shadow obscures only part of the moon in a composite picture of a partial lunar eclipse taken from Athens, Greece, in August 2008. After Saturday's eclipse, sky-watchers are in for a dry spella€”the cosmic lineup needed for a total lunar eclipse won't occur again until April 14, 2014. The next partial lunar eclipse happens on June 4, 2012, when a chunk of the moon will appear to be gobbled up by Earth's shadow. A new map shows how abnormally warm waters have damaged the iconic reefa€”and it isna€™t pretty.

Parks, green roofs, and urban trees all welcome animals, but people have to learn how to share their living space, experts say.
A two-million-dollar rodent eradication program flopped in the South Pacific, and now scientists think they know why.
Everyone with clear skies across the Americas will have a front-row seat Sunday night when three lunar events converge, resulting in a rare—and spectacular—total eclipse of the super-harvest moon.
The moon show will be visible from the Pacific coast on Saturday at dawn, appearing low in the western horizon. The eclipse can be full or partial, depending on how much of the lunar disk falls in our planet's shadow. The Moon is at her roundest this time of the year, every year :) Considering that the Lunar calendar is not 'fixed' to the Gregorian calendar (the lunar 8th month may be in Aug or, as in this year, in Sept), it seems to be spot-on that the Moon shines brightest on the 15th Day of the 8th Lunar Month, not withstanding the rare 'blood moon eclipse' event.

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