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Select your travel style--whether it's our signature expeditions, our active outdoors adventures, or our lower-priced journeys. Our newest small-group trips, provided in partnership with G Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration with meaningful cultural encounters, as well as more free time and choices. Voyage to the headwaters of the mighty Amazon in the heart of Peru's rain forest aboard the elegant riverboat Delfin II. Explore the waterways of the flooded “Mirrored Forest” of Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve with a team of expert naturalists. Glide down jungle streams by skiff or kayak, spotting pink and gray dolphins, enormous water lilies, monk saki monkeys, three-toed sloths, piranhas, and scarlet macaws. Learn about the everyday traditions of the native riberenos on visits to villages at the river’s edge. Go on rain forest hikes, birding walks, and nocturnal river safaris, and get immersed in the wild atmosphere of the Amazon from the comfort of the intimate Delfin II. After a morning visit to the celebrated Larco Herrera Museum, fly to Iquitos and continue overland to Nauta, where our ship awaits. Glide into the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, one of the largest swathes of pristine jungle in South America, stretching more than five million square acres. Venture deeper into the rain forest on narrow tributaries, seeking out pink dolphins, iguanas, and giant water lilies. During the wet season, look for massive paiche, the Amazon's largest fish, and infamous piranhas, an important food source for the local people.
Combine the Upper Amazon expedition with our Peru: Land of the Inca trip and experience the ancient wonders of Machu Picchu and Cusco. Accompanying each expedition is a diverse team of experts--from naturalists to regional specialists — who will share their knowledge and insights on the wildlife, landscapes and local culture.
Conservation Biologist Taylor Edwards is an Assistant Staff Scientist at the University of Arizona Genetics Core, where he and his team conducted public testing for National Geographic's Genographic Project (an innovative global program in which people can trace their ancestry back 60,000 years using markers in their DNA). Please call for information on adding a pre-or post-trip extension to Machu Picchu on your Upper Amazon expedition!
Urban Insider, Annie Fitzsimmons, shares what she learned while on a National Geographic Expedition to the Galapagos. Parks nourish the human spirit, help sustain the planet, and reflect the ideals of the societies that protect them. Using Darwin's own diary and field notes as a travel guide, retrace Darwin's expedition beyond the Galapagos to uncover the forgotten evidence that inspired his revolutionary work. See the best films on mountain sports and cultures January 25–30, 2016, at National Geographic.
Due to inclement weather the Tuesday, January 26th screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival must be rescheduled to Tuesday, February 2nd at 7:00 pm.
The Wednesday, January 27th 7:00 pm screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival will continue as scheduled. During the first week of November, thousands of extreme-sports enthusiasts and filmmakers descend on the little town of Banff, in the Canadian Rockies, to savor the world’s top films on mountain sports and cultures. We encountered an error while trying to process your request, please try again in a few moments.
Myanmar is opening its doors to the world, revealing a people still tied to ancient traditions and a country bursting with cultural treasures. Important Note: The itinerary, highlights and map refer only to expeditions departing on and after November 2014.
Document a candle-lighting ceremony at Yangon's glittering Shwedagon Pagoda and focus on monks at prayer in Mandalay.
Glide along the Irrawaddy River today, capturing scenes of daily life along the riverbanks. Rise early to witness the morning face-washing ceremony of the Mahamuni Buddha, the most revered Buddha image in Mandalay. During the 11th and 12th centuries, over 10,000 temples and monasteries were built on the Bagan plain. Fly to Heho and travel overland to Inle Lake, visiting Shweyanpyay Monastery and Nyaung Shwe village along the way. Begin the day at Botahtaung Pagoda, an unusual hollow stupa filled with hundreds of Buddha statues. This is a moderately active trip with numerous village and temple visits that require walking over uneven terrain, boarding local boats, and climbing stairs in often hot and humid conditions.

Get travel tips, see photos, take a quiz and more with National Geographic's Ultimate Guide to Seattle.
Explore the United States through facts and photos, related features, a country map, and more.
William Penn's "greene Countrie towne" gained fame early on, for it was here that the Colonists decided to break their ties with England and create a new nation based on freedom and equality. Five signers of the Declaration of Independence, including Benjamin Franklin, are buried in moss-covered (15) Christ Church Burial Ground (5th and Arch Sts. Thirty colonial and federal houses line charming (17) Elfreth's Alley (2nd between Arch and Race Sts.
This partial listing is an excerpt from the National Geographic Guide to America's Historic Places.
Slip through an intricate network of jungle waterways in a skiff, spotting hundreds of bird species as well as caimans, tamarins, and sloths.
Get settled in your elegant, hardwood-paneled cabin and gather for a welcome dinner of fine Peruvian cuisine prepared by our onboard chef. The reserve floods annually with nutrient-rich waters and is known locally as the Mirrored Forest for the reflections created by its glass-like waterways.
On a birding hike, look for an astounding variety of species, from tanagers and hummingbirds to oropendolas.
After lunch, disembark in Nauta and pay a visit to the town’s manatee rehabilitation center. His background includes a combination of wildlife ecology and molecular biology ,and he blends the two disciplines in his own research to answer questions about the conservation of species. Due to limited availability, single cabins are offered on a request basis only; please call for availability and rates. From erupting volcanoes, giant tortoises and leaping lizards to rarely filmed sites and creatures, Galapagos takes you inside this living laboratory of evolution.
The February 2014 departure follows an alternate itinerary beginning in Yangon and including different activities in each destination.
Stop in Sagaing for a chance to photograph the gleaming white and gold pagodas that dot the hillside, and take panoramic shots of the view from Sunoo Ponya Shin Pagoda.
Focus on the carvings of the Shwenandaw Monastery and the 729 chiseled marble slabs of Kuthodaw Pagoda, and go on a special photo shoot at Shwekyin Monastery to document monks at prayer.
Today, more than 2,200 of these structures—from tiny stupas to towering temples—still dot the landscape. After breakfast, attend a novice initiation ceremony for children preparing to become monks. At the Phaung Daw U Pagoda, zoom in on five Buddha images so smothered in gold leaf that they have lost all trace of their original forms.
Play with depth-of-field and perspective on a visit to a colossal reclining Buddha that stretches more than 200 feet at Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, dwarfing its worshippers, and examine royal artifacts at the National Museum.
Then venture into Old Rangoon, capturing the atmosphere in this fascinating time capsule where British colonial buildings stand alongside Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Hindu sites. Ogle the stilettos and leather boots and appreciate the history: Nordstrom began as a simple shoe shop in 1901. Skim past massive lily pads, peer up at towering ceiba trees, go fishing for piranhas, and witness glorious sunsets on the still waters of the Amazon River basin.
In kayaks or skiffs, skim along the Pucate River looking for parrots, macaws, and perhaps shaggy-tailed monk saki monkeys or saddle-back tamarins. A reptile and amphibian aficionado, Taylor work covers a variety of species ranging from endangered tortoises to giant frogs. Work on portraiture during a visit to a convent and a community school before we continue upriver to Inwa. Frame views of Mandalay and its moat from atop the city walls and then head to a gold-leaf workshop to photograph artisans plying their craft. Rise early for a sunrise shoot of this picturesque plain from the vantage of a temple terrace. Take a Shan cooking class or photograph artisans at work at a silk weaving workshop before lunch in a floating house. Then encounter the glittering stupas of Shwedagon Pagoda, a soaring, gold-gilded temple tipped with more than 4,500 diamonds.
Constitution—unfolded in the few square miles now preserved as Independence National Historical Park.

Peter's Church, Bishop William White built and lived in this elegant federal town house between 1786 and 1836. In the courtyard, a house-shaped steel frame hovers over the remains of the residence that the inventor and statesman owned from 1763 to 1790; glass portals let you peer into the original foundations. At home in deserts and rain forests, his research has taken him to China, Brazil, Mexico, Namibia, and Cameroon.
Here, hop into horse-carts to visit Nan Myint Tower, Menu Ok-kyaung Monastery, and the teak Bagaya Monastery. After lunch, visit the home of a local artist to see his collection of old paintings and tapestries.
Enjoy an exhilarating photographic opportunity this afternoon: documenting a typical leg-rowers' boat race. Bargain hunters, don't miss a stop at (2) Nordstrom Rack at Second Avenue and Pine.Turn left on First Avenue and walk three blocks south. The state-of-the-art Franklin Museum has samples of Franklin's inventions, plus interactive exhibits and a film on his life. The restored building contains exhibits on early courts and late 18th-century Philadelphia. Cast in 1753, the bell's ringing called the town's citizens for the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 8, 1776.
Closed Tues.) Toys and other everyday objects recall Philadelphia's history from its 1682 founding to the nation's 1876 centennial celebration.
Taylor has joined numerous expeditions to the neotropics, and he considers the Amazon Basin to be his biggest inspiration in his efforts to preserve the world's biodiversity. Several row houses, once rented out by Franklin, contain exhibits on architecture and 18th-century printmaking.
Beginning June 1, 2002, all visitors will need a free ticket for the Independence Hall tour during peak visitation seasons—March 1 to October 31, Thanksgiving weekend, and the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.
The venerable bell, cracked from decades of use, rang for the last time on George Washington's birthday in 1846. Donations) Whether Betsy Ross designed the first American flag or simply sewed an early one is widely disputed. Gather with our photographer on deck for a sunset photo shoot as we cruise back to Mandalay. With exhibits ranging from contemporary African art to Impressionism, the museum displays its diverse collection on four floors of galleries. In this modern building, you can pick up maps and tour tickets, learn about daily park activities, enjoy the video theater, relax in the Old Capital coffee bar, and make reservations for area restaurants and lodging.
Dolley Todd (who later married James Madison) resided here with her first husband, John Todd.
The First Continental Congress convened here in September 1774 to air grievances against England. It was moved from Independence Hall to this brick-and-glass pavilion in 1976, where it can be viewed 24 hours a day.
But this dimly lit brick house (which may or may not be hers) portrays the 1740s lifestyle of a seamstress, Quaker, and patriot.
Catch the sunrise on the stupa-studded plains of Bagan, and photograph fishermen poling past the floating gardens of Inle Lake. In the spring of 2003 the Liberty Bell is scheduled to move to its future home on 6th Street between Market and Chestnut Streets. The centerpiece is the stately Assembly Room, where delegates from the 13 Colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The existing pavilion will remain open during construction and is to be demolished when the new site is completed. The guided tour also includes the Pennsylvania Supreme Court chamber, the governor's council chamber, the long room, and the committee room. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Rem Koolhaas, the 2004 flagship in the city's library system houses books in an 11-story, avant-garde interior with neon lighting, planters of grass, and floors of bamboo, aluminum, and concrete.

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