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A free webinar on December 15 introduces the summer 2011 National Geographic Student Expeditions.
Learn about the new summer 2011 trips such as our New Zealand expedition and Yellowstone National Park field workshop. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. I saw this and got so excited then i saw the date so i must ask is there any chance this will be repeated for the year of 2012.
I think it is a good idea for teens to travel and explore, I had my children travel with me since they were baby. About Intelligent TravelNational Geographic believes that to know the world is to change it. Photographer Lynn Abercrombie shares stories of her late husband, Tom, and stunning images from their 40 years of assignments for Nat Geo.
Follow an epic solo adventure of cross-country cycling that will take a photographer 4,228 miles across the United States.
Nat Geo's sustainable travel expert, Costas Christ, highlights places around the world that are doing tourism right. To celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service, our experts share their tips for planning the perfect national park trip.
In the wake of the "Dial-a-Swede" campaign, here are seven tourism gimmicks that give this instant classic a run for its money. I knew before embarking on this National Geographic Expedition that animals were not afraid of humans in this “enchanted archipelago of fearless creatures,” as the Galapagos are described in the trip literature. At the airport on the way home, a new friend told me, “The way I feel after this trip is like when you’re a kid and you come out of the pool shivering a bit and completely exhausted in a wonderful way, having just had the best time playing.” There is no better feeling. It’s not a vacation. Though I returned tanned and happy, this trip was not relaxing in the way that sitting on a beach and vegging out is. Your heart will stop at least once. The albatross is a mystical symbol dating back to ancient times. And your heart might break once, too. The sea lions that grew to mean so much to all of us on the trip generally had the look of well-fed, husky happiness.
The landscape is therapy. I had heard about the animals in the Galapagos, but never about the landscape. Photos take a backseat to being present. Of course, I have hundreds of incredible photos that I took in the Galapagos. Annie Fitzsimmons is Nat Geo Travel’s Urban Insider, exploring the cities of the world with style. I hope visiting Galapagos in march 2015 expecting see a lot of places, thinks and animals on only 4 days.
For me, one of the top moments was swimming and snorkling with the animals, especially sea lions and sea turtles.
I thought I would love close encounters with the sea lions the most, but the blue-footed boobies were the most amazing to me. About Annie FitzsimmonsOur Urban Insider is your cosmopolitan culture connection -- from great places to stay and one-of-a-kind things to do in her home base, New York City, to tips from locals in the know in cities around the world.
Sea turtle species found in Bonaire include the hawksbill, loggerhead, and green turtle (shown). You’ve certainly including a vast range of different island types from around the world. The Perfect Week: Action plans for the trips of your lifeHeather Thorkelson knew she was way off the beaten path when one afternoon, as her guide piloted their Zodiac along a distant tributary of the Amazon River, two local teenagers in a dugout canoe came paddling up beside them.
Select your travel style--whether it's our signature expeditions, our active outdoors adventures, or our lower-priced journeys.

Our newest small-group trips, provided in partnership with G Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration with meaningful cultural encounters, as well as more free time and choices. Africa abounds with incredible sights, from soaring sand dunes to savannas teeming with wildlife. Travel the world with our experts on our flagship expeditions by land, train, private jet, or on board our fleet of small ships.
Explore by foot, by camel or kayak, and even by dogsled on an active adventure that combines spectacular places, physical challenge, and cultural interaction. Our newest trips, offered with G Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration, meaningful encounters, and more free time and choices. Its my last year of high school so if this is being repeated will and can it be opened to first years. We're on the front lines of travel that illuminates, celebrates, and preserves irreplaceable places—and we're taking you along for the ride.
There they were, lounging next to parked motorcycles and cars on the island of Santa Cruz, splayed out like they were at a luxe beach resort.
I also knew that this is where Charles Darwin was inspired to write his theory of evolution.
But these isolated islands 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador grew on me in such a way that when I left, I felt as though I was taking some of the characteristics of the landscape and animals—fearlessness, energy, equilibrium—home with me. Walking on Espanola Island, our resident naturalist explained how the seabirds mate for life. But we also saw more than one skeletal baby sea lion, dragging itself lethargically across the beach. For me, it turned out to be a source of greatly healing beauty, from the wise cacti dotting the black lava rock against a background of the deep aquamarine sea to the blazing red Sally Lightfoot crabs adorning the islands like Christmas ornaments. It is difficult to snap a bad picture there, partly because the lighting is so conducive to great photography. You aren’t allowed to touch them, but that doesn’t stop them from touching you! Our guide told us that if sea lion pups are touched by humans, the scent will remain on the pups and it will be rejected by its mother and all other sea lions. There’s nothing quite like an island to transport you to an alternate reality—one where days seem to stretch on forever and troubles fall away like an ebbing tide.
Experience the continent’s many wonders with our experts on trips to Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Rwanda, Morocco, and more. Our Journeys are led by knowledgeable local guides, feature small groups and accessible prices, and bring you closer to people and cultures all around the world.
All five senses were engaged at any given time, culminating in the best kind of physical and mental exhaustion imaginable.
A naturalist who was traveling with us reported that the landscapes we were seeing are the closest proxies for what the islands looked like when they were first formed from volcanoes—with little vegetation. After spending time apart in the ocean, the pair returns to the island, recognizing each other by performing a ritualized dance. Next, we rounded a corner, entering an open field embellished with red rocks and brush, and there they were, as beautiful as a pair of Olympic gold-winning ice skaters—two albatrosses clucking, kissing, and dancing in perfect synchronicity. The naturalist explained that if a baby’s mother disappears and it’s not taken in by another female, it cannot survive in the wild.
Each day, we left our ship and boarded Zodiacs bound for various excursions—kayaking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and more. I went on a very small boat (11 people) so when we visited various sites it felt so private.
When I was a kid, bluejays nested in a tree in our backyard, and they dive-bombed us whenever we came anywhere near.

Witness the annual wildebeest migration on safari in the Serengeti, or explore the sun-washed cities of Morocco through your camera lens. But I started leaving my phone and camera behind and truly immersing myself in isolation travel, those rare times when you are absolutely in the moment and your nerves feel like they’re on fire. I will be returning to NZ in November to explore the South Island for three months, so hopefully I’ll pop over to Stewart Island. The backwater sortie was one of many for the 27-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep from Toronto, who explored the upper reaches of the river on a ten-day GAP Adventures expedition from Iquitos, Peru, to the Brazilian Amazon hub of Manaus. It sounds very rugged and cold, but has many amazing birds and animals that you can’t see many other places in the world. On side trips up remote river offshoots, the crew had to hack their way through the overgrowth. On many of our Africa expeditions, we arrange visits to National Geographic–sponsored research sites and talks with scientists in the field.
While you could easily spend weeks exploring this jungle primeval, four or five days is enough to get an authentic taste of bush living. On the eastern coast, hang gliders swoop off ridges above the city of Rio de Janeiro, rock climbers scale postcard pinnacles, surfers ride jade-colored breaks, and in the balmy night, at festive sidewalk bars, the locals indulge in their national pastime: living it up. And while hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Rio during Carnaval, most rarely venture beyond the festivities—which is why the price of adventure here remains well below that of other exotic destinations. And the ranchers we stayed with were such generous hosts."Brazil's massive geography is rivaled only by the immense spirit of the Brazilians themselves. Passionate, uninhibited celebrants of life, they have plenty of room to revel in and know how to pass the party along.Expedition RioOn the famed beaches of this city you can surf glassy tubes, play volleyball soccer-style, or just lay back and people-watch (as is the local custom). But the lush ridges towering over Rio hide a web of hiking trails and superb launchpads for hang gliders. It may not be lavish, but it's got location.Into the AmazonThe Amazon River is the main highway of a wet zone fed by a mayhem of tributaries. Most cruise ships leave you straining to glimpse clumps of trees on distant shores, but the better outfitters will take you upstream on riverboats to where the real exploring begins—jungle treks, wildlife tracking, nighttime caiman-spotting, and fishing for piranha. More than 400 avian species, from fluorescent blue-and-yellow macaws to jabiru storks, make this a birding Valhalla.
Your flat-bottom canoe will dodge caiman and be portaged past dry patches in the trucks of local ranchers. Out of Bonito, in the heart of the marshland, you can snorkel crystalline natural-spring rivers loaded with tropical fish, paddle the flow, and shower in warm waterfalls. Poor but vibrant, the area is a hotbed of musical hybrids (such as the energetic axe and the Tex-Mex-ish sertanejo) as well as a growing number of waterfront activities. You can sail, surf, ride a Jet Ski, or bask on idyllic horde-free beaches from Natal all the way to Maceió. For some of the country's premier scuba diving, head offshore to the secluded Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, a little-known marine sanctuary. Childish delight will grip all when giant river otters pop up for photo ops, human-size storks labor to get airborne, and troupes of squirrel monkeys cavort through the treetops. Guests are lodged in comfortable houses on the grounds of a private ranch and nature reserve. The weather is warm and dry in the Amazon and the northeast, but it won't leave you roasting on a spit.

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