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Even when they're not acting in movies like Creeporia, a comedy-horror film, Camille Kitt (at left) and her sister, Kennerly, prefer to dress alike.
Ranked number one in the world, the doubles team of Mike (at left) and Bob Bryan has won more than 70 championships, including Wimbledon in 2011.
Born in China, Gillian Shaw (at left) and Lily MacLeod were adopted as infants by two Canadian couples—a rare case of twins being knowingly raised apart. After Doug Malm (at far right) and his twin, Phil, met Jill Lassen (third from right) and her twin, Jena, Doug told Phil to "pick one and don't be changing." Today the couples live in the same house in Moscow, Idaho, with Phil and Jena's son, Tim, and Doug and Jill's daughter, Rylie.
Juan Barbachano (at right) and his identical twin, Liana Hoemke, hold a photo of them as little girls with their baby brother, Leon. With the same casual gait, Ned and Fred Mitchell stroll along the waterfront in Charleston, South Carolina, where they repaired nuclear submarines before retiring in 1996.
Ned Mitchell (at left) and his brother, Fred, enjoy a glass of wine on Fred's front porch after attending church one Sunday. In a search for the cause of twinning, geneticist Bruno Reversade of Singapore’s Institute of Medical Biology collects saliva from nine-month-old Ayush Yadav, held by his mother, Babita, in the northern Indian village of Mohammad Pur Umri.
Two-year-old twin sisters Arshu (at left) and Armaan play with a parakeet at their home near Mohammad Pur Umri, a village in India's Uttar Pradesh state.
So alike yet so different, six-year-old identical twins John and Sam both have autism but function at opposite ends of the disorder's spectrum.
Diana Bozza comforts her identical twin, Deborah Faraday, at an assisted living facility in Front Royal, Virginia. At one and a half years old, Declan Conrad (at right) weighs ten pounds more than his identical twin, Finian. In the incredible learning machine that is a baby’s brain, development depends on loving caretakers. Twins Felix and Viva Torres, seven-and-a-half months old, take in the sights and sounds of Greenwich Village in New York City. Ginny Mooney comforts her adopted daughter, Lena, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, after physical and speech therapy. Julien Inzodda conducts a tutorial on spices in her kitchen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to stimulate her 20-month-old daughter, Allie. Tiffany Painter spends a tender moment with her six-month-old son, Taevon, at their home in Pittsburgh.
In Patricia Kuhl’s lab at the University of Washington, researchers study brain activity in babies less than a year old using a magnetoencephalography device, which measures the magnetic field around a baby’s scalp, to reveal the pattern of neurons firing.
At 20 months, Esme Yi’s brain is a sponge, absorbing linguistic, cultural, and social information as her family plays games in Korean. In the neonatal intensive care unit at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, five-month-old Lucas Guidry watches as mom Sydney (center) holds up a mirror.
Beatrice Anderer, a one-year-old with a genetic disability that prevents her from walking, rides in a car that provides better opportunities for social and language development than a wheelchair. Natasha Alvarez floats in a swimming hole in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, hoping that a stress-free pregnancy will help her child’s brain development in utero.

Three-year-old Eva May Storm hides under the covers to extend her precious time with her parents’ iPad. Tyler Quebodeaux, a single parent, struggles to raise his three children, aged 20 months to four years, in Springfield, Oregon.
At a Waldorf School on Whidbey Island northwest of Seattle, children play on bales of straw while teachers supervise. Go behind-the-scenes with our storytellers and join conversations about photography, art, and journalism. Every summer, on the first weekend in August, thousands of twins converge on Twinsburg, Ohio, a small town southeast of Cleveland named by identical twin brothers nearly two centuries ago. They come, two by two, for the Twins Days Festival, a three-day marathon of picnics, talent shows, and look-alike contests that has grown into one of the world's largest gatherings of twins.Dave and Don Wolf of Fenton, Michigan, have been coming to the festival for years. National Geographic is un-missable reading for anyone who takes an interest in the world around them.
As infants, Ramon and Eurides looked so much alike that their mother gave them name bracelets so she wouldn’t get confused and feed the same child twice. When Loretta was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, Lorraine was in the doctor’s office with her.
Jessica and Jackie Whited, 20, both go to the University of Akron, share the same friends and jobs, and even teach Sunday school together. When Christopher Griffin got the number two tattooed on his wrist as a symbol of being a twin, he thought his brother Cole would get a matching tattoo.
When Christopher Griffen got the number two tattooed on his wrist as a symbol of being a twin, he thought his brother Cole would get a matching tattoo.
Go behind-the-scenes with Martin Schoeller as he photographs twins for the cover of our January 2012 issue. Juan, born Juanita, says that from an early age he felt like a male trapped in a female's body. Ned lives in an identical house next door in Hollywood, South Carolina, where the twins served together on the town council for 12 years.
Women from the village have given birth to identical twins at a rate ten times higher than normal.
Famous for its cluster of identical twins, the village's 300 or so families have produced more than 55 pairs during the past 30 years. While John, who doesn't speak much, flaps his hands in excitement, Sam focuses with laserlike intensity on an iPad.
Diagnosed eight years ago with early onset Alzheimer's disease, Deborah is now completely disabled, while Diana shows no symptoms of the illness. The boys began growing at different rates inside the womb, where they had unequal access to blood flow and nutrients from a shared placenta. The six-year-old has behavioral and cognitive deficits, partly from neglect in a Ukrainian orphanage. After a breakfast of rice cereal, fruit, and juice, Taevon will watch music videos while his mother takes online courses to further her education.

When he is not bouncing, he often focuses his gaze on one object for long stretches of time. She says that having her baby participate strengthens their bond and helps him focus better. She spends most of her day immersed in creative play with her family and her nanny in a bilingual environment that’s allowing her to pick up English and French. Quebodeaux is attending a program at the University of Oregon to learn how to provide better nurturing and stimulation for his kids. The school’s philosophy is that free play is essential for physical, cognitive, linguistic, and social development in young children. Our special features come to life with unrivalled, compelling journalism and superb photography.
You will benefit from this wealth of knowledge every month – and as a special bonus we are offering instant access to the feature above when you place your order. Today at age 34, the twins are next-door neighbors in Florida, living in identical custom-built houses. The twins dressed identically save for wristwatches, which could be secretly switched before a test. When they were younger, nail polish distinguished them—Jessica wore purple and Jackie wore pink. When teachers tried to move Carly up to a more advanced swimming class, Lily protested: She didn’t want to be left behind. In fact, during the past 18 years, the 53-year-old truckers, whose identical beards reach down to their chests, have driven more than three million miles together, hauling everything from diapers to canned soup from places like Seattle, Washington, to Camden, New Jersey.
Marta depicts finely detailed faces, while Emma prefers more expansive images: the sky, the rain, objects in motion. Even when one twin doesn’t know what the other twin has selected, they typically want to buy the same clothes. They look so alike that their boss at McDonald’s gets confused, but their personalities aren’t identical. Discovering why identical twins differ - despite having the same DNA - could reveal a great deal about all of us. While one sits at the wheel of their diesel Freightliner, the other snoozes in the bunk behind him. They listen to the same country gospel stations on satellite radio, share the same Tea Party gripes about big government, and munch on the same road diet of pepperoni, apples, and mild cheddar cheese. The guests became so alarmed at how quickly Jeff moved in and out of the kitchen that they told him to slow down, not realizing more than one man was on the job.
They go to different Ohio colleges but have a daily reminder of each other: Each has the other’s name tattooed on his inner lip.

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