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Dropped on Kodiak Island, the hunters become the hunted, as teams face their fiercest challenge yet: Kodiak brown bears.
Cody embarks on his final challengea€” to make camp and survive alone in the harsh Alaskan wild.
From thawing ice to near-vertical mountain slopes, this season of Ultimate Survival Alaska has stretched the competitors to their limits. Once again, Team Endurance leads the pack on the leg’s first dash, reaching the insertion flag first. As Endurance crests over a hill, Lel loses control and falls off her sled, giving Military the chance they need to pass their rivals. But there’s no better person to help Endurance regain their lead than Dallas and his world-class mushing skills. Team Military has come so close to defeating their rivals, Team Endurance, with two close second-race finishes.
After passing Endurance, immobilized by Lel’s fall, Military stops to shoot a squirrel – a much needed protein boost. And while Cluck does his best to coach her through the turbulent whitewater, she takes a harrowing spill into the rapids.
And the winner is… Team Alaskans! Their prodigious skiing skills turned the tables on the competition, as they edged out the surging Team Lower 48 to capture the flag. Watch leg winners Team Alaskans talk about pranking the competition in this exclusive video diary, and don’t forget to make your predictions for each leg of the competition on our Survival Competition Tracker. Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science. Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world. One of the toughest competitions in the world is back for round three as 12 of the world’s toughest outdoorsmen face off against each other, Mother Nature, and their own will to survive.
On the season premiere, it’s the first leg of the competition, and the four teams are battling their way to the summit of Mount Gerdine.
On the second leg of the competition, teams are dropped near the top of a towering mountain peak and provided with skis, snowboards and climbing rope.
From ski-averse competitors to bickering teams, the second part of USA‘s riveting premiere is a dramatic hustle to the finish line.
Once the team gets off the mountain and into the brush, Dallas is back in his element, guiding his team while leading the competition in first place.

There couldn’t be a more perfect challenge for Team Alaskans than skiing down a massive incline. The team loses the lead they’d gained, falling into a distant fourth and bickering the rest of the way. Stinging from a close loss to Endurance in the competition’s first leg, Team Military reaches the flag in last place.
Dallas and the rest of the Endurance athletes are the first to arrive and harness their team of dogs.
But Episode 3 gives each team a chance to shine, with a challenge that takes them through 2,000 feet of snowy ridges, bush-covered slopes and chilly swamps to reach the landing zone at Talachulitna Lake, with an array of gear that suits nearly every team’s strengths. So for this challenge, they venture out of their comfort zone, strapping on skis and going with the dog sled. After all, how hard could it be?
The team begins to feel confident on the dog sleds, until suddenly, one of Jared’s dogs breaks free and runs off into the tundra.
Needless to say, the Alaskans are thrilled to see three pairs of all-terrain skis waiting for them at the flag. As experienced backcountry skiers, the Alaskans set off across the snowy plateau, working through uphill inclines, soggy snow and rocky terrain to travel quickly across the tundra.
Luckily, Cluck’s season-long struggles with the Alaska terrain are granted a reprieve. Luckily, she makes it out unscathed, and the team continues racing the Alaskans to lead the pack.
Team Military came in third, still winless after putting up strong performances, and previous leg winners Team Endurance come in fourth. Just cannot stand the ugliness that comes out of Sweeney….I mute the TV every time he is on the screen bc he is so nasty to his what are supposed to be team mates!! Well, we’re told that the teams have to traverse 40 miles from the insertion point to the extraction point at Talachulitna Lake. This fight to the finish isn’t about money or a prize, it’s about pushing the limits of human endurance.
Four teams—Military, Endurance, Alaskans, and this season’s new team, Lower 48—face forbidding peaks, deadly tidal waves, massive glaciers, bottomless crevasses, man-eating predators and treacherous white water. To get there, they must cross a rapidly thawing lake, traverse a crevasse-filled glacier and claw their way up walls of crumbing ice.
Will Team Endurance extend their winning streak to two legs, or will Team Military avenge their close loss?
After a tough climb down the mountain, he frustrates his teammates by venturing into a bear cave. Team Lower 48 can’t keep it together, frustrated and lost, and Sweeney snaps at Cluck.

Leading the pack for the entire leg, Endurance navigates the brush and captures the final flag first, winning their second leg in a row – just ahead of Team Military. Not familiar with dog mushing and not wanting to waste any time, the Military team skips the dogs altogether and walks. When he finds packrafts at the insertion flag, he knows a river awaits him, and the pro kayaker  is excited to be in his element at last. In each of the 13 legs this season, teams have just 60 hours to make it from start to finish… surviving off the land with only the gear on their backs. Eager to defend his title, returning champion Dallas Seavey leads Team Endurance across thin lake ice in pursuit of Team Military, while Team Alaskans takes the steepest and most direct route up the mountain. The mission for Endurance, Military, Alaskans and Lower 48 is simple: descend the mountain in any way they can.
With Team Alaskans in their element for this challenge, will their ski expertise be enough to put them on top?
Although he’s a lifelong Alaskan and Iditarod champion, Dallas somehow has no skiing experience. Team Lower 48 has trouble from the start as its members struggle to find common ground in their push to the summit. On Team Endurance, Seavey, a novice skier, struggles to get down the near-vertical slopes and costs valuable time. Race across a 30-mile stretch of treacherous glacier, plunge down a 2,000-foot gully and battle 15 miles of whitewater rapids to the extraction point in Berners Bay.
Team Military bypasses the skis and instead uses the rope to rappel down a series of steep cliffs. The team reaches the flag in third place, and Kasha attempts to lead the team down the mountain.
Team Alaskans has the advantage, as all three members are strong skiers, but their confidence leads to costly mistakes. Unsurprisingly, Cluck has a little trouble on his snowboard, and soon ditches it to finish the descent on foot. Team Lower 48 continues to struggle and, after a navigational dispute, one team member threatens to quit.

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