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This double feature release from National Geographic contains two documentaries each shy of an hour long that explore the history of vampires throughout time, from the classic caricature made famous by the old Hollywood monster movies, to the exhumation of corpses in Romania, and real-life blood drinkers in the 21st century. The National Geographic special Vampires in Venice (though it should be called Vampire of Venice) tells the story not of vampires across the globe, but the investigation into how and why a single person died. With both documentaries conveniently put on a single disc, Vampire Forensics is a worthy purchase if you're interested in such history. IS IT REAL VAMPIRES Take part in a journey to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to dissect the legend of Dracula. By signing up to the newsletter you'll be ahead of the curve by getting your fill of: New Free Full Episodes, Latest Anime News, Release Schedules on DVD & TV, Downloads, Podcasts, Events, Competitions & Discounts & much much more.
Madman uses high grade AES-256 Bit Encryption to keep your shopping experience safe & secure. With a rod through its ribs and its teeth pulleda€”just to be safea€”a 700-year-old suspected vampire has escaped the crypt in Bulgaria.
The discovery of a 700-year-old skeleton in Bulgariaa€”seen at the country's National Museum of History in Junea€”offers evidence that the fear of vampires is far older than Bram Stoker's Dracula. The "vampire" was found entombed among church ruins in the Black Sea town of Sozopol (map) earlier in the month.

An unearthed skeleton in Sozopol cradles the chunk of iron it was buried witha€”a remnant of the bar rammed through the corpse's chest.In addition to a variety of beliefs prevalent at the time, certain misconceptions also played a role in determining whether a corpse was turning into a vampire. Harmless snakes can strike their prey just as quickly as venomous vipersa€”putting a legendary Wild West tale to rest.
Peek at Jupiter through binoculars and you should also see its icy moon Europa, thought to host a global ocean that may support life.
Before Chicxulub, people had some odd theories about what caused the demise of the dinos, including low libido and caterpillars run amok. In a mass grave in Italy full of victims of the bubonic plague, one body was discovered in peculiar fashion – with a brick wedged in between its jaws. The facts are interesting and both films will give you the impulse to read further and investigate for yourself.
The skeleton had been stabbed in the chest with an iron rod (upper right), which was in the tomb next to the body.
Scholars believe the rod and tooth-pulling were techniques villagers used to prevent dead men from turning into vampires. University of Florence forensic archaeologist Matteo Borrinia€”who in 2009 unearthed a 16th-century Venetian woman with a brick in her mouth suspected of being a vampirea€”said many decomposing corpses were falsely identified as vampires.

The film tries to pinpoint exactly what inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula novel and delves deep into the history books to explain where the notion of vampires comes from. Curious as to how this person met their demise, a doctor begins a journey across the country that would last him a year and countless hours of research in order to identify the remains. Historians, folklorists, forensic science and modern medicine add insight to enduring vampire myths, and a self-professed, blood-drinking vampire tells all. Everything from cooky goths in the present with fangs who have it nailed into their heads that they need to drink blood to survive, to families plagued by disease who, being none the wiser at the time, blamed their ailments on recently deceased loved ones becoming vampires and haunting them in the night. It's a journey full of twists and turns as the investigation becomes even more mysterious and all signs point to the skeleton belonging to a woman who was suspected of being a bloodsucker. He continues his work as a CSI specialist and academic at the University of Florence but uses his spare time to research the strange skull. An ancient text describes a macabre ritual whereby a brick is placed in the mouth of a corpse.

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