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Playrific makes childrens apps with exciting, intelligent, educational & fun content from around the world. Each month, National Geographic magazine features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth. Japan—Covered in chrome and gleaming neon, big rigs from across Japan shine at a truck show in Aichi Prefecture. Antarctica—Cliffs higher than a hundred feet mark the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, a glacier-fed slab the size of France connected to the Antarctic coast.
Kosovo—In the village of Donje Ljubinje, local tradition calls for painting a bride's face to ward off bad luck. United States—A kayaker plunges 70 feet into winter water at Washington State's Outlet Falls.
England—At London's Tooting Bec pool, four fancifully attired, color-coded women kick off the Cold Water Swimming Championships. United States—Like brushes saturated with paint, the wing scales of a sunset moth drip with color. Philippines—Children gaze at the storybook sight of a partial solar eclipse over Manila Bay. Pakistan—Women and children await registration and relief at the Jalozai refugee camp. Mexico—Thirteen feet and a thousand-plus pounds of great white shark bump a diver's cage and roil the waters off Guadalupe Island. Tonga—Plumes of ash, smoke, and steam billow thousands of feet into the air as an undersea volcano erupts on the uninhabited island of Hunga Ha'apai. United States—A brown tornado towers perhaps 4,000 feet above the parched plains of Kansas. South Georgia Island—A snowy morning offers a peaceful study in contrasts as southern elephant seals and king penguins share a rookery. China—All is alabaster at a sculpture factory in Dangcheng, where marble and chalk dust suffuse the air and workers churn out relatively inexpensive copies of iconic Western works for foreign and domestic clients. Indonesia—See dusk in the Dampier Strait through a half-submerged lens and glimpse two distinct worlds.
China—A member of a ceremonial honor guard inspects his cohort's alignment, making sure it's suitable for the arrival of world leaders at the 2008 Asia-Europe Meeting, held at Beijing's Great Hall of the People. Thailand—In a race to emerge at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, one eight-inch Siamese crocodile wins by a head.
England—Like a porcelain figurine carved into repose, the fetus of a foal floats in a jar.

Indonesia—On the first day of Ramadan, in a mosque filled with white-robed women, one child stands up and stands out. China—Workers apply a rust-resistant primer to a coal-fired power plant in Huaibei, a major industrial center. Zambia—A lone bull elephant breakfasts at first light near the precipice of Victoria Falls.
Go behind-the-scenes with our storytellers and join conversations about photography, art, and journalism.
Diaz Palomo'nun bu fotograf hakk?nda soyledikleri de cezbedici: "Volkan?n en tepesinde deniz seviyesinden 4000 metre yuksekte sehir ?s?klar?n? ve y?ld?zlar? izliyordum.
Koln Dom Katedrali ve tarihi yap?lar?yla, ortas?ndan gecen Ren nehriyle Almanya'da gorulmesi gereken sehirlerin bas?nda geliyor. Internet uzerinde faaliyet gosteren uluslararas? gezgin konaklama ve misafirperverlik ag?d?r. Lunapark kazalar? bugune kadar eglence sektorundeki en son duyulmak istenen iki kelime olmustur. Kuzey Amerika denince, buyuk bir bolumunu kaplayan Amerika Birlesik Devletleri geliyor akla.
Neredeyse tum k?talara binlerce kilometre uzakta bulunan Avustralya k?tas?nda kocaman bir metropol Sidney. Browse the adventure and exploration photos in our archive—each one ready to be downloaded as wallpaper. Photos, maps, and more of the 2001 eruption of Europe's tallest volcano, Italy's Mount Etna.
This image was captured by the Magellan spacecraft which also mapped 84 percent of the planet's surface in just one day—one Venus day that is, equal to 243 days on Earth. Volcanic activity involving the extrusion of rock tends to form mountains or features like mountains over a period of time.
Known as dekotora, most are working trucks—though on long hauls, they're typically not driven with all their lights on.
After the ceremony, women from her new husband's family washed Rasima Biljibani's face clean.
More than 200 feet in diameter, the pattern was spied by a Swiss military pilot flying over the Broye region. His January 2009 descent was one of only five tallied on the Klickitat River tributary, here swollen by floods and sallow from runoff.
Such styles reflect a migratory trend: After working abroad, many here are carrying back money and modernity.

Shot in a Washington State photo studio using a microscope, their iridescence is revealed only in this close-up view. Since last summer, some one million Pakistanis have fled the fighting between the military and militants near the Afghan border. Devotees of Sikhism, the world's fifth largest organized religion, were marking the 342nd birthday of Guru Gobind Singh, a founder of the faith.
Few such crocs exist in the wild, yet 20,000 are born each year during the zoo's May-to-August hatching festival. Brett Herman try out his break-dancing moves during a "freestyle" contest at Camp Lemonier. The 80-foot-tall "upside-down trees" in the Menabe region could become the island country's first national monument. The 85-day-old, 5.5-inch-long colt was removed postmortem and preserved in formaldehyde after its mother, a Thoroughbred, died.
During the month-long holiday, Muslims seeking spiritual purification fast from dawn till dusk. Belief holds that the first to reach the wooden cross, thrown by an Eastern Orthodox priest, will enjoy a year of good health. Soon they'll paint it black, adding a second, waterproof coat to this 470-foot-tall cooling tower. Dunyadaki aktif volkanlardan biri olan Acatenango'nun son patlama an? uzerinden cok da fazla zaman gecmedi. Geologists call the skylight the Cookie Monster because it really looks like the shape of the character on Sesame Street. The orange tint approximates the color the human eye would see as a result of sunlight filtering through Venus's cloud cover. National Geographic'in 24 Mart'ta gunun fotograf? sectigi bu fotografta volkan?n patlama an?nda orada bulunan ve fotograf? kaydeden Guatemala yerlisi Diego Fabriccio Diaz Palomo, her y?l Acatenango'ya t?rmand?g?n? soyluyor. During the course of normal walking, the rocks would go 'boom' and collapse, dropping you up to 2 feet [0.6 meter].
We always hit terra firma, but I kept thinking, I hope this next collapse isn't connected to the lava tube!

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