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By Kitson Jazynka In honor of International Polar Bear Day, National Geographic spoke with Steven Amstrup, who has been studying polar bears in the wild for 35 years. Renowned polar explorer Borge Ousland has had more than his share of run-ins with polar bears.
By Xander Zellner for National Geographic Polar Bear Watch A recent study found that greenhouse gas emissions remain the number one threat posed to polar bears.
By Kitson Jazynka for National Geographic Polar Bear Watch When you’re on an expedition in the Arctic, National Geographic Explorer Paul Rose says, you should always be prepared for polar bears.
Despite Arctic marine mammals being icons of climate change, little is known about their populations across the Arctic. By Emily Shenk National Geographic Imagine you’ve drawn a line across a jigsaw puzzle, and you’re following that line from beginning to end. It’s the first-ever glimpse of life on Arctic sea ice through the eyes of a polar bear. In the Arctic Circle, grizzlies roam throughout the Ni’iinlii Njik (Fishing Branch) Territorial Park in the Canadian Yukon. Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo catches twin cubs opening their eyes—the first such video ever recorded.
Paul Nicklen, a wildlife photographer for National Geographic, witnesses a male polar bear attempting to mate with a female in Svalbard, Norway. Polar bears are an icon of the Arctic realm and an indicator of changes taking place there and globally.
On Thin IceThe Arctic is warming so fast that by 2050 it may be largely ice free in summer.

National Geographic VideoJoin photographer Florian Schulz as he seeks to capture a dramatic image of a polar bear.
Traveling between time zones is more and more common but can still trick even experienced travelers. From the 16th century until WWII when the wristwatch became popular, pocket watches were a common part of the well-dressed man's attire. Watch National Geographic Inside the Pentagon movie online for free, Download National Geographic Inside the Pentagon full length movie. The trinity knot is an archetypal design that, for many people, helps them connect to their tribal roots—be that an Irish or Scottish family background, spiritual beliefs both Christian and pagan, or simply a desire to connect with the world on an instinctual level.
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It’s a good idea to have cooking pots ready to bang together, or a flare gun to discourage a bear from coming near.
In a first ever global review of Arctic marine mammals, published last week in Conservation Biology, an international team of scientists provides a circumpolar range assessment. Photographing the animal was a mixture of luck and perseverance for photographer Peter Mather, who spent a month trying to capture an image of one in the Canadian Yukon.
This 2,500-square-mile ecological reserve is home to a significant population of grizzly bears, as well as chum salmon, gray wolves, bald eagles, moose, and caribou.

This classic stainless steel and brown leather dual-time watch lets you keep track of two time zones at a glance, so you'll know just when to call home. This mechanical steel alloy pocket watch features a Celtic knot etched into the pewter-finished case. You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website. It is intentionally challenging to access the case in order to protect the mechanism and increase its water resistance. Finally, morsels of frozen, skinned seal float into view as the hunter gnaws down on her meal. A rotating stainless steel diving bezel and tachometer frame a classic face featuring National Geographic's distinctive logo. Displays both 12-hour and 24-hour military time, day of the week, digital date, and seconds. Cheaper pocket watches are out there, and more and much more expensive pocket watches are out there; The Celtic Pocket Watch is competively priced and seems to be very well made.

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