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Like a painting filled with delicate brushstrokes, the giant star-forming nebula Sh2-239 lights up the celestial canvas in this Deep Space category award-winning image.Sitting only 453 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus, Sh2-239 is one of the nearest stellar factories to Earth. The silhouettes of onlookers stand framed in front of the yellow glow of the rising full moon on March 28, 2013, as seen from Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand.A rising or setting full moon regularly appears to change its familiar silvery color to a more yellow-orange hue due to its light refracting off countless A dust particles in Earth's atmosphere. The scorching hot outer atmosphere of the suna€”known as the coronaa€”pops into view solely during the fleeting moments of a solar eclipse, as seen here in this award-winning composite photo taken in Australia during the totality on November 14, 2012.The above image is a combination of 81 individual exposures. AA glowing green vortex-shaped aurora lights up the snowy mountains near GrA?tfjord in Norway on March 20, 2013.As clouds of charged particles fling themselves off the sun and hit Earth's protective magnetic field, geomagnetic storms can form near the poles of our planet, generating glowing sheets and aurora curtains in the upper atmosphere.
Islands of sunspotsa€”each one bigger in size than Eartha€”appear to float in a sea of hot plasma on the sun's surface, in this dramatically detailed image captured on July 11, 2012. A magnificent cosmic burst of meteors is captured in this composite image from south-central Wyoming's Medicine Bow National Forest in August 2012, during the peak of the Perseid shower.Astrophotographer David Kingham managed to capture nature's best fireworks show by collecting 23 individual 30-second-long exposures, all of them taken over the seven hours of a single night session.
Dusky brown dust lanes cross the star-studded core of our Milky Way galaxy in this mesmerizing portrait taken on July 15, 2012, by 14-year-old Jacob Marchio from the USA.In this breathtaking cosmic vista, the central bulge of the Milky Waya€”obscured by the dark rifts of dust seen herea€”is located some 26,000 light-years from Earth. This spectacular composite photo of the May 9 annular solar eclipse above Western Australia brilliantly shows the progress of the moon's shadow as it crosses the disk of the sun. The large North American deer have evolved a dual strategy to produce their bloodcurdling shrieks, a new study says. A new map shows how abnormally warm waters have damaged the iconic reefa€”and it isna€™t pretty.
Parks, green roofs, and urban trees all welcome animals, but people have to learn how to share their living space, experts say. Landscape Astrophotography: the discipline of blending Earth elements with those of the night sky in compelling photographic imagery.

Star World unveiled its new logo, a diamond star with the trademark swoosh in magenta and the name of the channel in a new font.
Although the channel shows the same programming, they mostly differ when it comes to showtimes.
Star World is available in India on Dish TV+, Airtel digital TV+, Tata Sky+, other major satellite television providers, Hathway+, You Scod18+ and other Indian cable systems. Star World is available on DWN+, PTCL Smart TV+, NayaTel+, WorldCall+ CATV, Wateen+, and all cable systems.
STAR World is available only in SkyCable+, G Sat+, Dream Satellite TV+, Destiny Cable+, Cablelink+ and Cignal Digital TV+ in Metro Manila+ (Philippine feed only).
Star World+ is available on the following pay TV platforms Dialog TV, LBN Cable TV, and PEO TV.
STAR World is available in Ho Chi Minh City (through HTVC and SCTV), Ha Noi (through VTVCab), and Can Tho (through TayDo Cable).
They have been digitally stacked together and enhanced to bring out the solar corona's filaments and waves, which resemble ghostly tentacles reaching out into the overhead sky. Dominating the foreground of the picture is a rich star-field home to countless nebulae and star clusters scattered through the plane of our galaxy. The passage produces the famous "ring of fire" effect seen in such events, where the width of the moon as seen from Earth doesn't completely cover the sun during an otherwise total eclipse. Arising from over 20 years of outdoor, adventure and nature photography, these are my favorite and most visually meaningful works of Landscape Astrophotography, available as large limited edition prints.
I focus on wild marine mammals, the California kelp forest, inhabitants of remote eastern Pacific islands, National Parks of the American West, waves and, recently, the night sky and landscape astrophotography.

It was first launched on 15 December 1991, and is a 24-hour English-language television channel showcasing international content from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia with Zee TV+ being the Hindi+ satellite television channel and its India+ counterpart was Zee Telefilm and India was Zee TV.
However, on 3 November 2008, India, Southeast Asia and the Philippines feeds received the new logo and station ID which the Middle East feed was already using. For a much broader selection of my images, please see my Natural History Photography website.
I am fortunate to have visited many spectacular terrestrial and underwater settings as well as to have encountered many threatened and endangered animal species in the ocean.
The channel mostly syndicates popular shows from the United States, the United Kingdom and sometimes Australia to appeal to English-speaking locals as well as the expatriate population of South Asia+, the Middle East and North Africa+, Hong Kong+, Taiwan+ and Southeast Asia+. But after STAR TV+ ended its partnership with Zee Telefilm, STAR Plus started telecasting the 1991 British comedy television programme series ''Mr. Bean+'' (from ITV+) with English dubbing and Chinese+ subtitles while STAR News+ showed the delayed telecasts of English news programmes. The content of this site is made available for purposes of researching images offered for license by Phillip Colla Natural History Photography.
Essentially, a star world is any n-dimensional shape that can be mapped to a sphere world of the same dimension.

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