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Everyone is in search of food, but the winter weather is making the hunt difficult for some.
An allegedly 21-foot saltwater crocodile captured alive in the Philippines could be the biggest known croca€”but some experts are skeptical.
Extinct in Stockholm less than a century ago, the rebounding rodent is damaging the city's treesa€”and at the same time charming locals. Harmless snakes can strike their prey just as quickly as venomous vipersa€”putting a legendary Wild West tale to rest. Before Chicxulub, people had some odd theories about what caused the demise of the dinos, including low libido and caterpillars run amok.

The 16,48-foot volcano has been erupting intermittently since October 1999, but more aggressive activity this week prompted the authorities to raise the security alert from "moderate" to "high" this week.
Carlos Sanchez analyzes samples of volcanic ash from Tungurahua in BaA±os, Ecuador, on August 21, 2012.Sanchez, 70, calls himself the a€?Volcano Watcher" because he helps volcanologists by observing Tungurahua from a tree house that is located less than a mile from the volcano's crater. David Rumsey spent decades collecting more than 150,000 maps, and a new center lets the public explore them like never before.
In the Blue Ridge Mountains, Thorn struggles to find even a trace of wildlife to turn into a meal. Close by, Tony and Amelia battle the cold, making use of any meat they can get their hands on.

Down in a river-swamp in Georgia, Colbert shows his expertise when he catches a large beaver near his home. And across the country, in drought-stricken central California, Gabriel sets his sights on small game.

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