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As a lone wolf, she confronts Yellowstone’s beautiful but merciless wilderness – extremes of cold, and rival packs that would kill her if they could.
When she gives birth to pups, she must become mother and provider – struggling to hunt alone; more like some big cats than a wolf. At age six – a good age for a wolf – the She-Wolf seems to have overcome all the challenges Yellowstone has thrown at her. I have loved wolves since early childhood and ever since I’ve been searching all media types to satiate my passion for the majestic wolf.
I was so excited about watching this show, and what an amazing tale of what an amazing wolf. What a great program!Majestic , beautiful creatures that all but eradicated in previous centuries. There will be plenty of wolves for people to take pictures of and pretend that animals have the same rights as humans for the foreseeable future.
I grew up around hunting – with a father and uncles that survived the depression by hunting to eat.
And, to respond to Chris, livestock is a worry but like everything else in this day and age, there are many other ways to prevent wolves from attacking your livestock, it’s just cheaper to shoot predators than to use other alternatives. They killed them all off years ago and had to get a bunch off Canada to even have any in your parks. I hope mother nature comes along with some terrible disease and wipes most or all of us out. Artiles of followup after the killiing of She Wolf about the rest of her pack and other collared wolves near Yellowstone.
Gray wolves, the largest canines, are known for their hierarchical social structure and iconic howl. To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option.
To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. Whatever your interest, you'll be entertained and educated with our collection of best-selling DVDs. Gray wolves have adapted to the diverse ecosystem of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains since the end of the last ice age. We’re standing on a speck of an island, eight miles west of the British Columbia mainland. A pale stick figure of a wolf steps out of the salals and picks its way down the bank to the beach opposite us. In our collective imaginations, wolves lope across the tundra after caribou or weave through timber in Big Sky country or stalk stray sheep. For decades headlines across the West have howled about wolves—their comebacks, their setbacks, the debate about whether and how to manage them.
Adonis raises his head, loses his slump, pins me with his amber eyes—and keeps coming. In the early 2000s Ian McAllister and Canadian wolf biologist Paul Paquet became intrigued when they saw coastal mainland wolves eating salmon.
The data from coastal wolves along the mainland quantified what many locals already knew: Wolves eat salmon. Despite these advantages, and despite the wolves’ impressive adaptability, their prospects are changing. Then, as if breaching from the waves, a third wolf porpoises up from below the driftwood directly in front of me—a younger, redder replica of Adonis. Tangled strands of the Rapa River flow below the slopes of Sarek National Park, one of six reserves that make up Sweden’s Laponian Area World Heritage site.
Volgens deskundigen gaat het hier om een raszuivere wolvin van zo’n anderhalf jaar oud. Van de Chihuahua tot de Deense dog: elk hondenras dat we vandaag kennen, stamt af van de wolf. Met zijn gehuil kan een wolf de rillingen over je rug laten lopen, maar de kans dat hij je daadwerkelijk aanvalt, is zeer klein.
Als wolven een prooi op het spoor zijn, hangt hun succes eerder af van hun uithoudingsvermogen dan van hun snelheid. Toch gek om steeds te vernemen dat wolven uit Oost-Europa door sommige Nederlandse wolvenhaters (en dat zijn pas echte akelige imbecielen en egoisten!) niet welkom worden geheten en bepaalde criminele Oost-Europeanen en moslimextremisten schijnbaar weer wel! Wolven vind ik hele mooie dieren en zolang ze geen mensen kwaad doen is het wat mij betreft geen probleem. Liever niet, maar slaat het Noodlot toe: liever opgegeten door een wolf dan doodgereden door een dronken automobilist. We zien dat je waarschijnlijk een adblocker of andere software gebruikt die onze banners ontregelt.
Celebrating the biodiversity of Planet Earth with leading articles from our global team of wildlife authors and photographers.
If any gray wolves are howling their discontent with a recent proposal to remove what remains of their U.S. What’s more, the technology is able to scrutinize howl recordings and throw out extra, unneeded noises like wind and water that might otherwise confuse the data. Though nowhere near the historical estimate of more than 400,000 gray wolves in the United States, now as many as 5,000 live in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, with another 7,000 in Alaska. But monitoring their populations, which remains a vital part of management, has always been an inexact and labor-intensive science.
Methods include tracking the animals based on pawprints and other marks in the snow, which works quite well-when it snows.

Plus, collars are expensive and collaring requires capturing wolves first-a huge and stressful undertaking for all involved, said Root-Gutteridge.
DNA analysis of scat has its place, but it is costly and requires finding the wolves first. Now that the new technique has been shown to succeed with wild animals, the team sees it as a tool to help conserve wolves in their natural habitats. For instance, tracking howls accurately could make future wolf counts and monitoring of individuals much more precise.
The technology could also be put to use with other canids like African wild dogs and Ethiopian wolves, both of which are endangered in their habitats, said Root-Gutteridge. Photographer Paul Nicklen visited British Columbia and captured the delicate relationship between the wolves and their environment. Go behind-the-scenes with our storytellers and join conversations about photography, art, and journalism. She is born into one of Yellowstone’s original wolf clans, reintroduced nearly two decades ago, roaming the park’s richest land, with the most game. Even feeding herself is not easy as a loner; wolves hunt as packs… But the She-Wolf overcomes.
He’s young and inexperienced, and seems more interested in goofing off and play, than in the hard work of putting food on the table.
It was heartbreaking how this dominant female wolf beat the odds of survival only to be killed by a gun wielding idiot. Only man is their enemy.Hope that hunter who killed her watched that program and feels guilt the rest of his life! Maybe you should take them off your hunted species list, but they will survive and adapt anyway and like the new coywolf in the East will outsmart man in the end for survival as they adapt. I do understand the need of the people in the area to protect their livestock and families but to me this was just senseless to just kill a wolf because it is a wolf. Wooded, windswept, it’s one of thousands of islands along this storm-scoured coast, naught but a series of seal-draped rocks between this one and Japan. They’re carnivores, hunting deer, moose, mountain goats, caribou, and anything else running about on hooves.
Vancouver Island bookends it to the south, the big Haida Gwaii Islands and southeast Alaska to the west and north, respectively.
With local First Nations’ support, they recruited graduate student Chris Darimont to investigate.
Wolf scat, he means, and also wolf hair, veritable libraries of data about home range, sex, diet, genetics, and other variables.
Going in, Darimont and Paquet had assumed that the coastal wolves on the islands were simply normal wolves that moved between islands and the mainland, pushing on whenever they’d polished off the deer.
With the pipelines working at capacity, nearly every day a tanker could be making the perilous inland passage.
It slams an adoring cheek against the male’s, whimpering ecstatically, nuzzling his face from below in an exuberant display of affection.
Wetenschappers van de instituten Naturalis en Alterra hebben zich de afgelopen tijd over de wolf gebogen.
In de komende tijd zal er isotopenonderzoek worden verrichten aan spierweefsel, tanden en haren van de wolf. Het roofdier heeft nog vier andere familieleden: de vos, de jakhals, de dingo en de coyote. Zo probeert hij te voorspellen wat de prooi gaat doen door zijn ontsnappingsroutes te bepalen.
The team had previously used the method with captive wolves, but this is the first time it’s worked with wild wolf songs and all the ambient sounds that go with them.
After the shooting stopped, only about 300 gray wolves remained, skulking through the deep woods of upper Michigan and Minnesota. Linda French on Top scientists back federal plan to protect Alaska predatorsAs long as they have republicans in power in Alaska you will have hunting.
Scientists have shown that larger islands are more likely to hold coastal wolves at any given time, but another key factor is the length of shorelines—rich in marine offerings.
Unlike the more adept black and brown bears, wolves mainly fish in the mouths of shallow creeks.
This is her story; the tale of how she overcame incredible challenges to create her renowned pack. And at last, after roaming alone for most of a year, she gets lucky, and meets a mate – a young black male. But though the pack splinters from the loss of their leader, one of the She-Wolf’s daughters steps up. All you bleeding heart bunny hugging, granola heads need to realize that OUTSIDE the park, there are people making a living off of livestock. Rise of black wolf ) anyways it literally just finished and I am devastated that bastard with the gun destroyed her.
It’s tragic and heartbreaking how she was killed by a bloodthirstyhunter, seems a lot of wolves are baited with carcasses and killed senselessly by human predators outside Yellowstone Park.
I have found some articles about the collared wolves being hunted down by trophy hunters and that is greatly disturbing. Darimont narrowed his study area to Heiltsuk First Nations territory on the central coast—one-third of it water, the rest largely roadless, dense with towering Sitka spruce and cedar, and often extremely steep.
Instead the data showed that wolves can spend their whole lives on outer islands that have no salmon runs and few or even no deer. At the same time multiple shipping terminals for liquefied natural gas from Canada’s fracking fields are on the drawing board, promising even more tankers in these waters.

Ondanks het intensieve onderzoek van de wetenschappers is haar exacte herkomst nog steeds niet bekend.
A new, more sophisticated method for analyzing sound recordings of wild wolf howls can, with absolute accuracy, tell individual wolves apart-and may even help save the old dog, according to a new paper in the journal Bioacoustics.
Endangered Species list and let states do as they please regarding hunting, better monitoring could over time help determine if it was too soon to strip away those last protective rules, as many conservationists argue. But her pack is struck by a series of calamities, and she is forced to leave the only world she has known, in a quest for a new beginning.
With him by her side, she can finally start to realize her goal; raising a family, and creating her own pack. But she faces a terrifying problem: elk numbers, her prey, are down in the park, and she can’t find food. But if NAt Geo hadn’t told the story, no one would know the stories behind the struggles.
I understand protection of livestock, family and pets but the inherent hatred of wolves that these types of people have has been in their families for decades. Just horrible!understan some ranchers have cattle and such but that’s the risk you take living by wilderness areas! But aside from Homo sapiens, there are few mammals more adaptable or more diverse in their habitats than Canis lupus. Darimont and Paquet ditched the traditional approach of collecting blood and hair directly from the animal. They favor posting their messages conspicuously, especially at trail intersections, where one missive gets twice the readership.
The oily specter of the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Prince William Sound haunts many on this coast. Vermoedelijk komt de wolvin uit een gebied langs de Russische grens dat loopt van de Baltische Staten via Oost-Polen tot Griekenland. Van de wolf die in Nederland gevonden is, wordt gedacht dat deze ongeveer 900 kilometer heeft afgelegd om de Noordoostpolder te bereiken. Zodra het gajes de wolvenhaters zullen gaan beroven, aftuigen en met de dood bedreigen wil ik nog eens van de laatsten horen aan wie ze hier daarna de grootste pest gaan hebben! She is forced to take a terrible risk: leave the sanctuary of the park and head out into the alien world outside. She finds a mate and, a year later, gives birth to her own litter; the She-Wolf’s grandkids.
I’m very supcious how almost all of the collared wolves are the first to be targeted and killed. This is just one example of why the human race on a whole is a piece of s**t and may not be worthy of life itself. Before us, a gravel tide bar some hundred yards long connects our little island to another. The two touch muzzles, turn to the gravel bar, and begin to plod across its tide pools in our direction.
On the outer coast of British Columbia, whole generations of wolves have never seen a mountain goat or a moose.
But glaciers raked deep fjords here during the last ice age, gouging a steep-sided labyrinthine and fingerlike tidal coastline.
In a rare display of accord, dozens of First Nations bands officially opposed the Northern Gateway project last year. Kunnen ze overigens niet een plan bedenken om allochtoonse criminelen en moslimextremisten voorgoed uit Nederland weg te houden? If we can ALL just tolerate and respect all life forms a little bit more this world would be much better. Ensconced in our bony nests, we scan the far island’s twisty green-gold Sitka spruce and cedar, the bladder wrack and eelgrass. The other wolf, an alpha male, is an Adonis—tawny, with a loose mantle of black-tipped fur. Ze kosten de autochtoonse Nederlanders meerdere bakken met geld en onze veiligheid dan de oprukkende wolf!
There are alternatives to killing wolves, these people have to want to make changes though. A misty temperate rain forest of conifers shrouds it all, from waterline to Coast Mountains crest.
Once common throughout East Africa, the species has suffered a devastatingDelbert Smith on Top scientists back federal plan to protect Alaska predatorsRefuges are funded only one way and that is from Hunters. Preservationism is not goodBrenda Robinson on POLL: Is it time to close our zoos?No animal wants to be confined. He steps down to the beach, lies down near his offspring, and gazes out across the wild gray Pacific Ocean, where food comes from.
Your comment about punctuation was alsoSuzanne Lane on POLL: Is it time to close our zoos?Bree Dalling the poll is still open.
Some people don't have time to answer the very second it shows upBree Dalling on POLL: Is it time to close our zoos?Nicki Stevens Ara you know you guys are responding like 5 days late, right?

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