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Beasts of the BorealStep into the world of writers and photographers as they tell you about the best, worst, and quirkiest places and adventures they encountered in the field. Enter the deep forests of Finland and meet the misunderstood wolverine: shy, playful, and opportunistic. Naturalists who study wolverines and have seen their bared teeth and flashing claws understand the roots of these exaggerated tales. Rodents, fish, reptiles, and birds are favorite prey, but wolverines usually prefer carrion. In More to Explore the National Geographic magazine team shares some of its best sources and other information. The University of Michigan adopted the wolverine as the school mascot in the earliest days of its history. If you are a comic book or Hugh Jackman fan, chances are you are familiar with the X-Men character Wolverine. Winner: Wild wolverine wins the meat-sicle chow down!  Our man, Wolverine had better figure out how to build a fire and thaw his food. Harsh winters with deep snow are excellent habitat for wolverines which with their incredible sense of smell and powerful claws are able to dig for buried animals.
Wolverines can run in the snow, wrestle with agility and use their semi-retractable claws to climb trees as well as defend themselves.
I think it’s safe to say that in the contest of wolverine against Wolverine, our furry friend on four legs wins!

The real question is who would you rather have dig you out of the snow… Hugh Jackman or Casey Anderson? Confirms my belief that super heroes are just really lame attempts by men to impersonate animals. Casey is respectful and seems quite in tune with nature, much preferred to watch than other shows where guys are loud and destructive for an outdoor show.
Casey AndersonGet to know the host of America the Wild (and how he became best friends with a bear).
Yet this carnivore, which weighs up to 45 pounds (20 kilograms) and is the largest terrestrial member of the weasel family, would rather run up a tree or duck into a den than fight anything its size or larger. The superhero, Wolverine has retractable claws, an adamantine skeleton, the power to heal quickly and when played by Hugh Jackman, the power to make women swoon. This structure helps it crunch through frozen meat and bone, which is critical when you live in a land that is frozen most of the year. While humans pose the greatest danger to wolverines in the wild, we’re pretty sure the superhero with his enhanced sense of smell will retreat after going nose to tail with the skunk bear! You show the predetors chasing the pray, then you cut the film(Sensor) the parts of the kill that shows how the animal is being eaten while is still alive. Having observed this wary creature in the forests surrounding Kuhmo, Finland, for 15 years, photographer Antti Leinonen provides rare glimpses of the true wolverine—a shy, secretive opportunist with a penchant for play. It has large feet that keep it on top of the snow and claws that work like crampons for traction, allowing the stout mustelid to storm through the snow at top speed.

Much of the wolverine’s food is carrion which during below freezing nights becomes rock-hard.
It is also not uncommon for elk and moose to be trapped in avalanches during harsh winters and the wolverine takes full advantage of this buried treasure. The superhero Wolverine could also sniff you out and with his adamantine claws and incredible endurance could dig you out with ease. Wolverine the superhero has enhanced agility and reflexes as well as the ability to heal quickly. Wolverine, the superhero, has to wear snow shoes to stay on top of drifts and with his adamantine skeleton he weighs 300 pounds. Wolverine, the superhero, however, has teeth just like you and me and if he gobbles down an ice-cold meal too fast, he might get a brain freeze. Yost decided he wanted live wolverines to attend football games in 1924, he had to search far and wide. With well-developed musk glands, the wolverine can raise it tail and musk enemies in defense much like a skunk. Three years later the Detroit Zoo obtained ten wolverines and lent two to Yost before each football game.

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