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If poachers continue to reduce valuable crown jewels of a country’s wildlife without fear of a very heavy price, including forfeiting their lives, what’s to curtail this ugly business?
If a species is a keystone species, that is as the tiger, is an instrumental regulator throughout an ecosystem, its loss would negatively impact the health of many species of flora & fauna very quickly, and especially considering its value relative to its low numbers in the first instance, and its niche cannot be replaced by another species in the second.
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A great surf town is the nearly magical sum of consistent waves, inviting accommodations, friendly locals, fun nightlife, delicious food, and plenty of activities should the ocean go flat. Hanalei Town sits on the North Shore of Kauai, one of the least developed and most beautiful islands in the Hawaiian chain. The town is surrounded by diverse wave-riding spots, from the beginner-friendly waves of the Hanalei Pier (watch out for local kids jumping off the end) to expert-only reef breaks where experience and a healthy respect for the local pecking order are prerequisites.
At Rent-a-Local Kauai, beginners can learn to surf and advanced surfers can get tips on riding heavy waves from a cadre of local Kauains, including Valiere, who teaches in the mornings and drops into 12-foot tubes over razor sharp coral in the afternoon (+1 808 635 3826). According to Valiere, if you want to “grind” (local slang for “eating,” especially when you’re famished), head up the hill from Hanalei Town to the Kilauea Fish Market. Leave civilization behind and hike through the five valleys of the Napali Coast State Park. California may be one of the surfing world’s spiritual centers, but one of the surfiest towns on the West Coast of North America is far to the north. Starting in March, gray whales migrate from Baja to their summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea. Taghazout, Morocco, is a surfing oasis in the middle of a long, rugged coastline that is inundated with waves. Beginners should start at beaches like Panoramas or Crocodiles and work their way up to the point breaks, which are considered among the best in the world.
Located on the water’s edge, Surf Maroc’s Taghazout Villa is a surfing clubhouse and outfitter for anything you might want to do in Taghazout and the surrounding environs.
Head in to Agadir’s central market, Souk El Had, to pick up bottles of argan oil, a locally grown panacea that is said to be good for everything from cooking to hair conditioning. Best For: The whole family can enjoy Southern California’s signature blend of classic American beach culture with a refreshing Mexican twist.
No area of the United States says “surfing” quite like Southern California; and no SoCal town is quite as surfy as Encinitas.
For a few waves to yourself, cruise down to Moonlight Beach, which supports a wide range of surfers, from beginners on its central sandbars to more advanced surfers at its north and south ends. Lewis recommends a trip to the Meditation Gardens at the Encinitas Self-Realization Fellowship.
Encinitas is one of the few places in the world where traffic will voluntarily stop for you when you cross the road. Ireland, known among surfers as “Europe’s cold-water Indonesia” should be on the bucket list of every surfer. The water may be cold, but the pubs and locals are always warm, serving up national specialties such as Guinness and oysters to the tune of traditional Irish music.
Go September to November, when the water is warm(ish), the tourists have gone home, and the Atlantic is pumping.
A good budget option is to get a room with the Bundoran Surf Co., where you can meet other surfers and plan trips up and down the coast.
Take a day trip to Slieve League, an area of sea cliffs that are some of the most breathtaking in Ireland.
If you buy a round for the locals, which you should, expect to be drinking for the rest of the night. With 4,655 miles of coastline and an increasingly surf-crazy populace, Brazil is poised to become the next great epicenter of global surf culture. This part of Brazil receives year-round swell, but it averages slightly smaller in the summer (November to February). Nexus Surf offers equipment rental and lessons with lead instructor Ernesto Hecker, a local with extensive international experience in surf instruction. When the sun goes down, head to Confraria Club, a local hot spot for traveling DJs and live shows. If you get tired of the coastal heat, head to the highlands of Santa Catarina in Sao Joaquim National Park. The winds are highly variable and can quickly turn from swell-grooming offshores (blowing from the land) to wave destroying onshores (blowing from sea). In an entire continent of surf towns, Byron Bay stands out as one of the spiritual and historical homes of surfing in what is, pound for pound, perhaps the greatest surfing nation in the world. The town’s main wave, the Pass, is a classic right-hand point break that accommodates all levels of surfers, though it can get crowded on good swells.
At the Beach Hotel, check out the surf from your room and the live music and locally brewed beers on tap.
A two-hour drive into the hinterland puts you into the heart of Queensland’s Gondwana forests, which are remnants of prehistoric rain forests that look like something out of Jurassic Park, complete with giant monitor lizards and all types of marsupials.
Still considered the birthplace of European surfing, Biarritz is a nice combination of French high culture and SoCal surf culture, putting a decidedly surfy spin on the notion of joie de vivre.
If you want to get away from the high-end vibe, check out surrounding villages such as Ahetze and Espelette for a taste of small-town Basque France. Sylphide Surfing and Wind Surf School: Wakita’s father has been running a surf shop and school since the seventies. Oden is a Japanese specialty stew that contains various types of fish cakes, and there is no better elixir to warm you after a dip in the Pacific. Iwamoto-ro, the ryokan, or Japanese-style inn, on Enoshima Island offers some of the best views of Mount Fuji in the region, as well as fresh, local cuisine. The Hachiman shrine is dedicated to the patron god of Samurai and is one of the largest and most historically important in the area. Located in a country known for cold water, heavy waves, and sharks, Muizenberg, South Africa, is an oasis of gentle rollers, friendly locals, and beachside cafes.
The Chartfield Guesthouse in neighboring Kalk Bay has great ocean views and is a short walk to restaurants and bars.
Head to Table Mountain National Park for unparalleled views, or spend a day volunteering with Isiqalo.
The air temperatures may be hotter in the South African summer, but the water temperatures can be colder.

Best For: The surf traveler looking to step off the beaten track and experience a new culture. Uruguayos prefer to fly below the radar, which is why you probably didn’t know that their Atlantic coastline is one of the most pristine and beautiful in the Americas.
The Southern Hemisphere summer (November to February) sees smaller waves, but La Paloma buzzes with Uruguayan beachgoers and live music shows. Locals prefer beach cabanas or cabins, but luxury accommodation for less, like the Zen Boutique Apart Hotel, are also great options.
Restaurante Punto Sur is located on the sand and has a great mix of seafood and local meat fresh off the parilla (grill). Cabo Polonio is a beach community with fewer than 100 residents, not counting the sea lion colony.
Montauk used to be one of the East Coast surf scene’s best kept secrets—a place where Northeastern surfers could escape the coastal crush, surf a variety of great waves by day, and drink with salty sea dog fishermen at night. Air and Speed Surf Shop, run by Stuart Foley and his family, is a one-stop shop for anything you might need, including lessons taught by Stu and his sons.
According to Montauk local and longtime surfing journalist Russell Drum, if you want a hip option for your post-surf brunch, check out Ruschmeyer’s. Montauk is close to five state parks, including Camp Hero and Hither Hills, that offer hiking, biking, surfing, fishing, and horseback riding. There are plenty of places to rent stand-up paddleboards and plenty of places to enjoy using them around Montauk. Best For: The whole family can enjoy Wrightsville’s trademark mix of sleepy southern beach town and growing metropolis.
Wrightsville Beach is a small town tucked away between the salt marshes, sandy barrier islands, and old wooden piers of the American southeast. WB Surf Camp offers lessons and camps for kids, teens, adults, families, and women-only groups.
The southeast is a hotbed of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and Wrightsville has one of the most popular loops in the region—the four-mile, flat-water Harbor Island Outer Loop.
What do you get when you combine 13 miles of beach, 300 surfable days a year, warm water, and great fishing? Visitors should take advantage of the less crowded parts of the beach away from the inlet, including highlights like Sapphire Road, 27th Avenue, and Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park.
It’s difficult to not get some waves at New Smyrna Beach, but keep in mind that it is a spring break capital for many colleges. Surfin’ NSB’s Lindsey Baldwin, pro-surfer, owner, and lead instructor, will teach you anywhere on the beach. Spend a long afternoon at JB’s Fishcamp, located next door to the Canaveral National Seashore Park. If you don’t drop a hook and line at some point while in New Smyrna Beach, you will miss out on one of the town’s great pastimes. Best For: Santa Cruz is the field trip that all students of surfing, young and old, should take once in their lives.
You don’t have to brave ship-capsizing surf or risk either of your eyes to enjoy Santa Cruz.
Surf School Santa Cruz: Owner and pro surfer Bud Freitas is part of the current generation of world-renowned Santa Cruz surfers. After a long surf session at Pleasure Point, Freitas says there is nothing better than a slice or two from Pleasure Pizza, a Santa Cruz institution since 1975.
Check out the Surfing Museum, take a day trip to San Francisco, or go hike in the 80 miles of trails that wind through 1,000- to 2,000-year-old redwood forests in Big Basin Redwood State Park. San Sebastian, or Donostia in the local language, is the cultural capital of Spain’s vibrant Basque country. Zurriola Surf Eskola is San Sebastian’s newest surf school, with great equipment and a young, dedicated staff.
Hike up Mount Urgull for great views of the Bahia de la Concha, or visit a Sidreria, where the Basques make some of their famous hard ciders. Safari Surf School offers lessons at Playa Guiones, a beach ideally suited to beginners, according to co-owner Tim Marsh. Just three minutes from the beach, the Casa Tucan offers great local specialties like fish and meat casados and doubles as a social hub for this small town. The Harmony Hotel offers a full spa experience while also being dedicated to sustainable development. Costa Rica is all about ecotourism, from river-rafting and bird-watching to rain-forest treks and turtle-spotting.
If you get tired of gentle rollers, head north to Playa Pelada for some volcanic reef action or to the Bocas del Nosara for heavy tubes. Most Hawaiian towns are surf towns, but none have the artsy, eccentric vibe of Paia on Maui’s North Shore. Honnold plans to free solo Taipei 101, the world’s 5th tallest building, this spring. The exact date of China’s first skiers is debatable, but Mark Jenkins tells Boyd that today, tribes in the Altay Mountains practice an ancient type of skiing that they use for traveling, hunting, and occasionally, getting air off jumps. But unlike airplanes, once submarines are as far from sea-level as they can go, they act as a window to a world full of strange animal life. Since leaving the military, Mander has applied the skills he acquired in war to protect animals to start the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. We should invest whatever’s available to insure tigers survive, and for this reason give it extra priority not less.
The following is a list of the world's best surf towns, picked not necessarily because they are home to the best waves, but because the sum of their parts makes them inviting for locals and visitors alike.
The local Hawaiians, or “Ka poe Hawaii,” maintain a strong sense of identity and connection to their Polynesian ancestry, making this the perfect place to catch some waves while learning about the long, and sometimes fraught, history of the 50th state. Tofino, British Columbia, is an old fur trading and logging town that just happens to sit in one of the prettiest spots on Vancouver Island. It’s estimated that some 40 to 50 stay around the coast of Vancouver Island until around June. This ancient Berber encampment became an outpost for European adventurers trekking into southern Morocco in the 1960s. It’s an easygoing mix of West Coast counterculture—from skaters and snowboarders to surfers—and New Age spiritualists. A nice dinner can be had at Roxy’s, where the falafel burger and their old-fashioned ice cream bar are local traditions.
Not only can you find a slice of inner peace, you can see the famous, experts-only reef break called Swami’s from the bluff.
Closer to Bundoran, Craig recommends the Donegal Craft Village “for arty folk” or even just rambling through Donegal County. Nowhere is this better exemplified than Brazil’s island capital of surfing, Florianopolis, or Floripa, as the locals prefer.
After winning his seventh ASP World Title in 2005, Kelly Slater even took the stage here to strum a few songs on the guitar.
The good news is that the coastline is very craggy, meaning there is always a beach positioned for favorable winds if you know where to look.
Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and Byron Bay and the rest of the country will enchant all age groups. Beginners should stay on the beach and more advanced surfers can head south to Broken Head, which has great beach breaks and other classic points.

The Southern Hemisphere winter barely touches Byron, with only a slight chill in the mornings and mild-to-warm temperatures during the day. Wakita advises that travelers head to the Oden Center, in front of Tsujido Beach, and sample the stews offered by the various restaurants and street stands.
If you go between the second and third Sundays of April, you can experience the unforgettable Kamakura festival showcasing traditional dances, samurai skills such as archery and sword fighting, and a perennial Japanese favorite, the light pink blossoms of the cherry trees. Although famous resort towns such as Punta del Este have long been a haven for Argentine and European travelers, the rest of the coastline is reserved for locals.
Since the Hamptons jet set has started to move in, things have changed a bit, but thankfully, Montauk remains a sleepy fishing town at the end of the Long Island Rail Road line—with just enough glamour from New York City to keep things interesting.
Late summer is hurricane season and offers warm weather with consistently above-average surf. Wait for them to pass then snag an early morning cleanup session the day after, when conditions are usually the best.
If you feel like getting schooled by some of the best surfers on the East Coast, head down to the inlet when a northeast swell is tearing in off the Atlantic, crack open a beverage, and watch the local guys soar above the lips of waves. Unless you want to share the beach with nonstop frat and sorority parties, make sure you check the semester dates of the schools in Orlando. All of her instructors have at least 15 years of surfing experience and five years of teaching experience. Not only can you get good food and cocktails, but you can also rent a kayak or find a fishing guide and make your way around the creeks and estuaries of the inland waterway. Its marquee spot, Steamer Lane, was a proving ground for aspiring West Coast big-wave riders in the 1950s.
Tucked between sea cliffs and redwood forests, this NorCal gem boasts a fantastic surfing museum and 11 surf spots, including the Californian classic, Pleasure Point.
Though not as renowned for waves as its northeastern neighbors in France, it more than makes up for it by being a center for music, cinema, and molecular gastronomy for all of Europe. The waves are better in the fall, but the city hosts numerous excellent festivals in the summer, such as the Amstel Surfilm Festibal. For a sit-down meal, head to the Michelin-rated Arzak, the restaurant of one of Europe’s greatest chefs, Juan Mari Arzak. Warm water, friendly locals, endless beaches, powerful river mouths, long point breaks, and virtually year-round high swells make it a veritable surfing Disneyland—without all the lines and overzealous parents.
Surf-wise, the only differences during the dry season are larger crowds and smaller waves on average.
Submarine pilot and National Geographic Explorer Erika Bergman shares what life is like 2,100 feet under the sea off of Honduras’ Caribbean coast.
Clayoquot Sound, compromised of nearly 350,000 hectares of land and ocean, is cool, misty, full of wildlife, and utterly spectacular. Everyone else will appreciate more warmth and sunlight in exchange for slightly smaller waves. And throughout that same period, surfers “discovered” the region and set up shop in Taghazout. Aside from having some of the oldest and most well-respected surf shops in the country, it is also the home of La Paloma Theatre, which in its 84-year history has premiered countless surf films.
Afterwards, either catch a movie at La Paloma or get a drink at the other Encinitas institution, the Daley Double Saloon. If the outer world is more important to you than your inner one, take a studio tour with local eco-artist Rodney McCoubrey.
This centuries-old fishing village catches just about any swell that steamrolls through the North Atlantic and onto a smattering of beaches and reefs that suit different levels of surfers. The main surfing beach is Tullan Strand, but if you want to venture out, ask locals about the surrounding reefs and beaches, which work on a variety of swells. There are 42 different beaches to suit all surfing tastes, from the novice-friendly Barra Da Lagoa to the heavier Joaquina Beach, where they sometimes hold professional surfing competitions. You won’t get as many waves as you would at a beach but can easily get the best wave of your life.
They then bought the land and built a palace on the beach, which made Biarritz one of the hottest resort towns in Europe.
If it gets too crowded, local Cape Breton transplant David Hanguehard recommends checking out surrounding beaches such as La Cotes des Basques, Anglet, and Guethary. But its west coast is home to hundreds of miles of dark-sand beaches, and its craggy coastline hides reefs, points, and river mouths for all level of surfers. But now it’s one of the capitals of surfing for the entire country because the waves are good and it’s only an hour away from Tokyo.” The change started in 1955, when the Japanese author Shintaro Ishihara published Season of the Sun, about a group of Japanese teenagers living in rich hedonism on the sands of Shonan.
La Paloma is a dusty little beach town where Uruguayans go to surf, drink mate tea, and grill large hunks of grass-fed beef over open flames. With the exception of Biarritz, France, there is no other surf town in the world where you can surf great waves all day and rub shoulders with movie stars on patio bars at night. If you want to avoid what locals call “the scene,” have a quiet pint at O’Murphy’s Pub & Restaurant. For a more sedentary time, charter a fishing boat from Philip Thompson at AUI Charters, or take the kids out with Stuart Caulder at Gold Leader Fishing. The seasonal tourist center is famous for its consistency and for its steep, wedging waves that break near its inlet. Men like Peter Cole, Ricky Grigg, and the Van Dyke brothers rode giant winter swells here on wooden longboards—sans leashes and wetsuits—in order to practice for the even more powerful waves of Hawaii.
Just take your time, have fun, and be aware of the people around you.” Also, remember that it’s called Steamer Lane, not Steamer’s Lane. He tells Boyd that he regularly takes the elevator to the observation decks of tall buildings whenever he travels, but this time, he will use the building’s window sills as hand and foot holds and will reach the top floor under his own power. Dungey says that people should try to find out about recycling opportunities before the needles start to fall off. Although winters can be harsh, the spring and summer bring warmer air temperatures and almost nonstop markets, festivals, and cultural events.
Today, there are a lot of French and Spanish surfers mingling with the native Moroccans and Berbers in what still feels like a frontier town on the edge of the desert. Screenwriter Peter Viertel brought France its first surfboard in 1956, when he came to shoot location shots for The Sun Also Rises. While it didn’t describe any surfers, Wakita’s forefathers started riding waves soon after.
When hurricanes or the much-loved nor’easter storm systems batter the coast, there is no better place on the Eastern seaboard for a surfer. They offer perfect ramps for aspiring East Coast professionals and hot local talent to do all manner of trickery. It was this penchant for wintertime surfing that lead Jack O’Neill, who lost an eye in an accident at the Lane, to develop the modern surfing wetsuit. The scenic area is included in National Geographic Traveler's 2014 Best of the World issue, currently on newsstands. The waves are almost always long-period ground swells—which means great shape and plenty of power—and the winds consistently blow offshore.
Do expect hundred-year-old temples, local festivals, and scenery right out of a Hokusai wood-block print.

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