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Japan suffered its worst earthquake in a decade in October 2004, when a magnitude 6.6 quake rattled Niigata Prefecture, killing dozens and displacing 100,000 people. Guide to the most powerful forces on Earth: earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. See the Pacific atolls, mountain forests, and other natural sites that have been named by the UN as places of universal value to humanity. A giant trevally fish swims in shallow reefs in the PapahA?naumokuA?kea Marine National Monument, a vast, remote cluster of Pacific islands and atolls that are part of the Hawaiian Islands. A man stands among giant clam beds in Kiribati's Phoenix Islands Protected Area, the largest designated marine protected area and one of five new natural sites added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. An eastern diamondback rattlesnake moves across a mangrove tree in Florida's Everglades National Park. A 2009 coup d'etat paved the way for pillaging in Madagascar's northeastern Atsinanana rain forests (pictured, one of the rain forests' waterfalls)a€”earning the region a spot on UNESCO's 2010 List of World Heritage in Danger.
After two years of avalanches, earthquakes, and tragedy, climbers return to the worlda€™s tallest mountain. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". Whooper swans, a victim of the Taliban, and Bolivian wrestlers are among the winners of the 2010 World Press Photo Contest. A portrait of 18-year-old Afghan Bibi Aisha, whose nose and ears were cut off by the Taliban husband she'd fled, is the subject of the World Press Photo organization's 2010 Photo of the Year.
When photographing Aisha in an Afghan women's shelter, "I really wanted to capture the inner beauty," Bieber told World Press Photo when contacted by phone after the jury's decision, according to a press statement. For the awards, an international team of judges selected winners in ten subject areas, including spot and general news, sports, nature, and portraits, for which Bieber's image also took first prize.
A record 108,059 pictures were submitted for this year's contest by 5,847 photographers representing 125 nationalities. Carmen Rosa and Yulia la Pacena, two of Bolivia's "Flying Cholitas," entertain spectators during a fund-raising benefit for school bathrooms in La Paz on June 26, 2010.In a photo-essay, Italian photographer Daniele Tamagni captured the increasingly popular cholitas, or women wrestlers, in and out of the ring. In the shadow of an army relief helicopter, flood victims in Dadu, Pakistan, attempt to reach food supplies on September 13, 2010.The 12 images in Australian photographer Daniel Berehulak's winning photo-essay captured the devastation of the August-September floodsa€”the country's worst disaster of its kind in 80 years. Whooper swans end the day on a frozen stretch of Notsuke Bay off Hokkaido, Japan, in this picture by Italian photographer Stefano Unterthiner.Photographing for National Geographic magazine, Unterthiner revealed the migratory waterfowl in both labored flight and elegant repose. A man carries a shark in Mogadishu, Somalia, on September 23, 2010, in this picture by Somali photographer Omar Feisal.Conflict between insurgents and the Somali government have caused more than half of Mogadishu's civilian residents to flee the capital city since early 2007. Dutch photographer Martin Roemers captures life in growing cities in a photo-essay entitled "Metropolis." The world population will reach seven billion this year. Bodies pile up at a morgue in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, during the aftermath of the January 12, 2010, earthquake in the impoverished city.This winning picture, by French photographer Olivier Laban-Mattei, is one of a series taken in Haiti from January 15 to January 26.
Suffering from a disability that may be an effect of Agent Orange, nine-year-old Nguyen Thi Ly was photographed in Da Nang, Vietnam, by U.S.
Southeast Asia's bearcat has a movie-theater aroma, but it's not the only animal that smells like snack foods. A cheeky fox rests on a car in London and a bear explores a backyard in a new collection of urban wildlife around the globe. September 11, 2007—The mummy of an ancient Inca girl sits literally frozen in sleep at a museum in Argentina. The mummy, called La Doncella or The Maiden, is that of a teenage girl who died more than 500 years ago in a ritual sacrifice in the Andes Mountains.

The girl and two other children were left on a mountaintop to succumb to the cold as offerings to the gods, according to the archaeologists who found the mummified remains in Argentina in 1999.
The High Country Archaeological Museum in Salta, Argentina, unveiled La Doncella, the oldest of the three victims, for its first public viewing on September 6. The museum is displaying the mummy in a refrigerated, low-oxygen environment to reproduce the high-altitude conditions that allowed for its remarkable, natural preservation.
The mummies of the other two children remain in storage for further study, museum officials said.
Listen to your favorite National Geographic news daily, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. A giant cave column swagged in flowstone towers over explorers swimming through the depths of Hang Ken, one of 20 new caves discovered last year in Vietnam. A climber ascends a shaft of light in Loong Con, where humidity rises into cool air and forms clouds inside the cave. A half-mile block of 40-story buildings could fit inside this lit stretch of Hang Son Doong, which may be the world's biggest subterranean passage. Mist sweeps past the hills of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, its 330 square miles set aside in 2001 to protect one of Asia's largest cave systems. Going underground, expedition members enter Hang En, a cave tunneled out by the Rao Thuong River. Headroom shrinks in the middle of Hang En as cavers pass beneath a ceiling scalloped by eons of floodwater rushing past.
Like a petrified waterfall, a cascade of fluted limestone, greened by algae, stops awestruck cavers in their tracks. Moss-slick boulders and a 30-foot drop test author Mark Jenkins at the forest-shrouded entrance to Hang Son Doong. Hang Son Doong's airy chambers sprout life where light enters from above—a different world from the bare, cramped, pitch-black spaces familiar to most cavers. Navigating an algae-skinned maze, expedition organizers Deb and Howard Limbert lead the way across a sculpted cavescape in Hang Son Doong. The trickiest challenge for the expedition team was to find a way over the Great Wall of Vietnam, an overhanging mass of flowstone that blocked the way deep inside Hang Son Doong. Dubbed the Great Wall of Vietnam, a 200-foot cliff halted the advance of the first team to enter Hang Son Doong, in 2009. In the dry season, from November to April, a caver can safely explore Hang Ken, with its shallow pools. Streams of light from the surface unveil stalagmites fat and thin on the floor of Hang Loong Con. These infographics are exquisite examples of how well words and pictures can be combined to inform clearly and beautifully to engage and enlighten. I just finished going through your presentation and found it told a great story and was engaging even in the written form. Originally, I planned to recommend my own book Show Me the Numbers as well, but decided that I might appear self-serving if I did. In the meantime, I’ll send a note to Javier Errea, who runs the summit and competition, to see if he can direct us to a list.
Scientists often can say where such extreme shaking is likely to hit—but still can't tell when. The monument is one of 21 new sites added to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage list, UN officials announced this week.One of the largest marine protected areas in the world, the refugea€”formerly called the Northwestern Hawaiian Marine National Monumenta€”is the only new "mixed site," a designation that recognizes the region's natural and cultural worth.
The evergreen forests also host many species of animals and plants, 400 of which are considered rare or threatened, according to the World Heritage website.
In addition to the new natural sites added to the World Heritage list, UNESCO inscribed two natural sites to its List of World Heritage in Danger, including the Everglades, which has suffered due to "serious and continuing degradation" of its ecosystem, according to the World Heritage website.

South African photographer Jodi Bieber's picture, made for Time magazine, became controversial when it appeared on that publication's cover in July 2010. In each subject area, the judges awarded first, second, and third prizes for both individual photos and photo-essays. The image is one in a series of pictures by French photographer Corentin Fohlen.Last year's mass demonstrations in Bangkok lasted more than two months and resulted in nearly 90 deaths. They use their bills to slice through schools of sardines, which the sailfish drive toward the water's sunlit surface for easier feeding. Most of the world's 21 megacities are in developing countries and are expected to absorb much of the rising population.
One scientist says the reef has the most amazing animals shea€™s ever seen on an expedition.
Dwindling to a series of ponds during the dry months, the river can rise almost 300 feet during the flood season, covering the rocks where cavers stand. The river shortly reemerges onto the surface, then burrows into Hang Son Doong after a few miles. This unusually large collection of stone spheres formed drip by drip over the centuries as calcite crystals left behind by water layered themselves around grains of sand, enlarging over time. Climbing specialists "Sweeny" Sewell and Howard Clarke here work on anchoring bolts to the slippery, porous rock to support the weight of climbers using ropes. When explorers returned, Sewell drilled bolts for climbers to scale the obstacle with ropes.
Come the monsoon, the underground river swells and floods the passages, making the cave impassable. A survey party discovered the cave in 2010, hoping it would connect with the enormous Hang Son Doong. I was deeply impressed with several extraordinary examples of infographics that demonstrated visual eloquence both through superb storytelling and graphical design. Deep within the temple is an ornate, vaulted chamber containing the crypt of the ruler Pacal. Human activities have reduced natural water flows into the Western Hemisphere's largest mangrove ecosystem by 60 percent, the website says.
This year a "special mention" was given to a series of 12 photos taken by the Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days and rescued in October. As "Sweeny" Sewell climbs to the surface, hikers struggle through the wryly named Garden of Edam. In the jungles directly beneath roof openings, explorers have seen monkeys, snakes, and birds.
A wall of boulders soon blocked the way, but a powerful draft indicated that a large cavern lay on the other side. I and 9 other judges worked hard for 3? days to review over 1,000 print entries and 300 online entries, resulting in 7 gold medals, plus around 25 silver and 70 bronze medals for infographic excellence. Infographics can be extraordinarily powerful when used appropriately (that is, when pictures work better than words) and well designed by combining beauty (appealing and engaging form) and usability (spot on functionality), without compromising either.
And runoff pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus are creating algal blooms that could harm marine species, including the endangered manatee. Of the whole list, that's the one I'm most excited about," said John Francis, a member of the U.S. The park was taken off the list in 2007 thanks to renewed efforts to restore the ecosystema€”but those efforts have since proved less than successful.

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