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Gwendolyn Baxter-Oakley, principal of Arnn ES, congratulates Rushton Kovaleski, fifth grader and winner of the 27th annual school-level National Geography Bee, held at Arnn ES Jan.
Ten students from fourth through sixth grade compete in Arnn ES's 27th annual school-level National Geography Bee held Jan. Fifth graders, Josue Santana and Rushton Kovaleski, compete in the final round of the 27th annual school-level National Geography Bee held at Arnn ES Jan. Ten students from fourth through sixth grade pose with geography mediators after competing in Arnn ES's 27th annual school-level National Geography Bee held Jan.
Fifth graders, Josue Santana and Rushton Kovaleski, give each other "a job well done" after competing in the final round of the 27th annual school-level National Geography Bee held at Arnn ES Jan.
Rushton, along with 10 other students, including one alternate, participated in the 27th annual school-level National Geography Bee Jan. The 10 finalists and one alternate student from Arnn's fourth through sixth grade had about one month to study geography bee packets sponsored by the National Geographic Bee Society. Rushton said he prepared by looking in his geography bee books, using the packets and study-guides while studying with his sister, who also participated in the geography bee. Josue said he thinks the questions were not too hard, except for the ones he didn't get correctly, of course. The overall competition consisted of three six-question preliminary rounds and a championship round, which was broadcast live in the classrooms allowing fellow classmates the opportunity to cheer on the finalists. Ben Greenman, literacy support specialist at Arnn ES, said events like geography bees are ways the school systems can measure how well-rounded students are. Many of the students have background knowledge and experiences from some of the places mentioned in the geography bee, he continued. Rushton will take a test to qualify for the state competition, and if he succeeds, he will qualify of the national competition, which will be held in Washington, D.C.

The finalists beat out nearlyA 4 million students in their age group who competed in local competitions before rising to the national bee.
The final question: If built, the proposed Grand Inga Dam would be the world's largest hydroelectric dam. Menon bested runner-up Shriya Yarlagadda, 11, of Michigan, who missed only one question through the entire contest (about the Sea of Azov).
The competition was hosted by journalist Soledad Oa€™Brien and will be televised on National Geographic Channel and Wild, starting on Friday night. The finalists qualified for Wednesday's championship in a preliminary round on Monday that included 54 contestants from state and territory-level bees.
Seven of the 10 finalists were repeat state winners, including two who are competing in the national bee for the third time. This week, the youngsters boned up on maps and textbooks and nervously explored National Geographica€™s campus and the city. This yeara€™s finalists included Kapil Nathan of Alabama, Sojas Wagle of Arkansas, Nicholas Monahan of Idaho, Patrick Taylor of Iowa, Abhinav Karthikeyan of  Maryland, Lucy Chae of Massachusetts, Shriya Yarlagadda of Michigan, Shreyas Varathan of Minnesota, Karan Menon of New Jersey, and Tejas Badgujar of Pennsylvania.
During one nail-biting moment Menon challenged the judges after he answered taconite when O'Brien had wanted iron ore for the name of a mineral-rich deposit in the Mesabi Range.
National Geographic started the Bee in 1989 to improve geographic literacy among young people. Can You Answer The Question That A 12-Year Old Just Nailed To Win The National Geographic Bee? The answer is actually not "the top of Mount Everest"--which was the answer that sprung into the mind of this 47-year old simpleton.
Because Earth bulges at the equator, the point that is farthest from Earth's center is the summit of a peak in Ecuador.

By getting that and many other questions right, Sathwik won the Bee, a $25,000 scholarship, a trip to the Galapagos, and a lifetime subscription to National Geographic.
That's one of the "sample questions" listed on the National Geography Bee web site and offers a great example of how smart you must be to do well in the competition. As it so happens, a sixth-grader from Ellington, Anne Fulton, won a recent qualifying competition at her school -- The Grammar School in Somersville -- and is now going to move up the ladder in pursuit of what could be a $25,000 college scholarship.
That's Anne at the far right, along with a fifth grader named James (who also advanced) and Paul Mengel, who oversees the school.
14, inside the school's library with 11 students, including one alternate competing for a chance to advance to the state-level competition. But Karan Menon, 14, answered specific questions about those places to win the National Geographic Bee championship in Washington, D.C.
Four million students competed in local geography bees this year from 11,000 schools, representing roughly 12 percent of U.S. A recent survey found that three of four American eigth graders lack basic proficiency in the subject.
Today, the community has pulled together to make Alderson a town they are proud to call home.More >>A month ago, trash was pouring out of homes and onto yards in a Greenbrier County town. Rowling's series, "Harry Potter," would gain one student the chance of advancing to compete on the state-level and possible national-level geography bee? For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy,, Terms of Service, and Ad Choices, and Mobile Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

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