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As a pre-schooler, Madhavan Krishnan can be seen in a YouTube video naming all the state capitols.As a pre-schooler, Madhavan Krishnan can be seen in a YouTube video naming all the state capitols.
Madhavan Krishnan is one of 54 finalists in grades four through eight in which a $50,000 college scholarship is at stake. The winner will also receive a lifetime membership in the National Geographic Society and a trip with a parent or guardian to the Galapagos where they will have an all-expenses-paid ride on the National Geographic Endeavour ship. The contest starts Monday and the top 10 competitors will advance to a final round on Wednesday. Madhavan can be seen in a YouTube video that has received more than 1 million views naming all the state capitols in less than three minutes.

He said his strength going into the competition is world geography and in particular countries in Asia and Africa.
He had entered competition at the state level in fourth grade, but didn’t make it out of the preliminary round. He’s been preparing by looking through online geography maps on his iPad and checking out books from the library. Madhavan moved with his family from Chennai, India to San Diego when he was 3 years old and then to Cupertino when he was 9 years old. Lakshmi Sundararaghavan, Madhavan’s mother, said her son learned how to read at a very young age and is a fast learner.

Seven of this year’s finalists are returning to the competition for either a second or third time.
They ask the questions in the books I get or ask quiz questions I find online,” Madhavan said. Lawson Middle School in Cupertino and would like to attend Stanford University in the future, but is still figuring out what he would like to major in.

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