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While we try to make sure this list is as up to date as possible, you should confirm alarm registration requirements with your municipality. Please contact your local police and fire response department with any questions regarding alarm registration and user permits. This past February, the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection (GOCP) released this story about Vivint, Inc., an alarm company that relies on door-to-door sales to promote their home management and security systems.
The GOCP entered into an agreement with Vivint, where the Utah-based company agreed to bring its advertising and sales practices into compliance with the law, and pay $375,000 in civil penalties and investigative expenses. The best way to make sure you don’t fall victim to a smooth-talking summer scam artist is to never, ever open your door to someone you don’t know. While the Atlanta area probably won’t experience extreme drifts where drivers can get caught for days, a small emergency kit may help time pass more comfortably before help arrives. Clearing your vehicle before you drive off is good for your visibility and the safety of other drivers around you. It’s unlikely you’ll get caught in a massive roadside snowdrift in Atlanta, but it’s still a good idea to stay with your vehicle. We’re proud that EMC Security is a local company in the Atlanta and North Georgia area, owned by three of our state’s largest and member-owned electrical companies. The in-house service department is a good option for customers with a question that may not require a call from a service technician. Here at EMC Security, we know the importance of family preparedness in the event of any emergency.
You know it’s football season in the south when on any given Saturday morning, you spy your neighbor loading a smoker, flat screen TV, four coolers and Granny’s silver candelabras in the back of his pickup truck. A fully charged, multi-purpose ABC fire extinguisher (ABC extinguishers contain a dry chemical powder) can keep a flame-up from ruining your game day—or causing anyone at your tailgate serious injury.
Portable generators can be used to power up a TV screen, fan, or blow-up mascot, but you’ve got to use them safely. Once you’ve finished tailgating, stash away your valuables, pull down that tent, extinguish that fire, and enjoy the game.
The relevant facts to your experience—the date, the time, the product you ordered or bought and the manner in which it was delivered—are what other consumers are looking for when they read your review. One paragraph (three to five sentences) is plenty of information for a consumer on an internet search to read and comprehend. If your experience was so genuinely pleasurable that you want to tell others about it, then tell your readers the one thing that put your experience over the top and made you happy.
It doesn’t matter if you’re writing highest praise or stinging criticism–step back, organize the points you want to make, and then start writing. Once you’ve thoughtfully stated the relevant facts in a concise manner, and you’ve been honest and accurate, your opinion will carry some weight with the public.
Reviews are often written anonymously, and there is no way for a company to identify a reviewer by their reviewer name or title.
Whether it’s glowing praise or an honest criticism, we appreciate the time our customers take to write an online review. Now that all the metro Atlanta and north Georgia school systems are in swing, it’s a good time for parents to talk to their children about their school environment. If you have to provide a lock for your child’s locker, make sure it’s in a format that’s easy for your child to use. Make sure your child has the combination memorized, or that they have a safe place to keep the key. Teach them not to block the doors with an object (such as a backpack) and to let their teacher know if they see an exit door that is blocked. Become familiar with your school’s emergency procedure and notification process for fire, bad weather, non-weather emergencies (such as a gas leak,) and medical drills.
This article from the National Safety Council can help you recognize the signs that indicate your child may be experiencing bullying. EMC Security is proud to be the official alarm monitoring service provider of more school systems in Georgia than any other local alarm company!  We monitor schools in Gwinnett, Douglas, Forsyth, Hall, Walton, Paulding, and Barrow Counties- totaling nearly 500 schools and buildings among those school systems. Whether your kids are walking to school, taking the bus or riding carpool, it’s important to take proper safety precautions. It is recommended that children under the age of 10 have a parent or guardian with them while crossing the street. Always stay 10 feet ahead of the bus was crossing the street and never walk behind the bus.
When riding the bus, keep the aisles clear of book bags and lunch boxes, in case there is an emergency and you need to exit quickly. Parents, remember that it is illegal in all 50 states to pass a school bus, in either direction, that is loading or unloading children. Remember to check the backseat of your car to ensure that all of your children & riders have exited the vehicle. We hope you’ll share these tips with your family and friends.  Having an open dialogue about getting to school safely will ensure that your children are prepared when heading to or from school.

A new phase in phone technology is giving rise to an old problem in Georgia: scam artists trying to take your money.
September 5, 2014 By: SusiecommentThere were some great trees in our campsite, last summer. False alarms cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year, and distract law enforcement from other duties or more pressing emergency situations. While the article doesn’t come right out and say that the door-to-door salespeople were making outrageous offers, it’s easy to imagine that unscrupulous sales reps could dangle “free” equipment or service offers in front of a homeowner just to get in the front door.
Is that stranger at your door claiming to have “inside” knowledge of neighborhood break-ins? Scam artists may tell you your system is out of date, or your monitoring company is about to be sold to “their” company.
Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, and when the temperatures do plunge and the nightly news weather calls for a “wintry mix,” you can better believe most Atlantans will not want to relive last year’s “Snowpocalypse.” In our highly car-dependent city, how can you be prepared?
And turning on your lights increases awareness of you and your vehicle to other drivers in situations where visibility is limited. And by running the engine every hour, you’ll be able to charge your phone to let family and friends know you’re okay but need help. No matter where you are—be it the parking lot, the store or an escalator–be aware of who is around you, where the people you are shopping with are located, and where the exits are located.
Not only is there safety in numbers, but it also means there are extra hands to carry all those packages. Check for skimmers over the card slot by jiggling the card reader; if it wiggles or pops off, that’s a skimmer ready to steal your number. And once you’re home, follow our EMC Security blog posts and learn how to keep you, your family and your home safer and cheerful during the holiday season.
There are two critical steps to preparedness: assembling a disaster emergency kit, and formulating a family communication plan. At your planning “meeting,” identify an out-of-town contact (friend or relative) for household members to notify that they are safe. Keep this food temperature link handy (on your cell phone, maybe?) to be sure you’re grilling those bratwursts and burgers correctly. And because a non-flammable substance remains, a dry chemical extinguisher reduces the possibility of the fire re-igniting. Small Business Advisor, online reviews will become increasingly important to both consumers and small businesses. Unless the weather, your mood or your clothing is important to your experience, don’t include those details. And conversely, if your experience was genuinely awful, state the critical fact that made you want to share the caveat with other readers. Inaccurate statement of facts, such as the wrong location or employee’s name, can render both positive and negative reviews outdated and pointless. It gives us an opportunity to hear from you and to make the services at EMC Security better.
As you can tell from our prior blog about a break-in at a middle school,  we take the business of keeping Georgia’s children safe seriously.
Ask them if they’re familiar with the procedure, and talk about why it’s important to practice in case of emergencies. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, riding a bus to school is 13x safer than riding in a passenger vehicle and 10x safer than walking to school. Children are unpredictable and are often very comfortable in their surroundings near the school bus stop.
You’re shopping in the garden department, raking and prepping flowerbeds, and clearing winter debris from the yard. Greeting Card Available in 0 colors Item# EFC-599 As low as $0.79 each! 5 Stars   Thank You! Canning is a great way to use and preserve your fruits and vegetables in a variety of ways.
By registering the alarm, local police departments can keep better track of the number of alarms received from one location, and help reduce the number of false alarms.
Call 770-962-0305 to find out how your home or business can get 24-hour protection with no hidden costs or long-term contracts. Be skeptical—in all likelihood, they are trying to trick you into signing a contract on their equipment or services. Just be careful not to let fumes accumulate inside the vehicle; crack a window to get some air. According to the National Retail Federation, over 92 million shoppers hit the bricks on the day after Thanksgiving in 2013. It may sound paranoid, but in a crowded rush, you’ll function more safely if you’re always aware.

Cover the keypad with your hand as your enter your PIN to block prying eyes or cellphone cameras. Credit card thieves often use cards for small purchases to avoid detection and extend the usable life of the stolen credit card. Our local UL-listed, 5-Diamond certified central station is state-of-the-art, and provides our customers the fastest response time available.
We at EMC Security make sure that our call center staff has received the highest certified training possible and are always ready to help. And don’t forget, we’d love to chat with you on non-emergency topics via our Facebook page. Both steps can become a family project, and can help all family members feel more confident in the rare instance that an emergency occurs.
Program that person’s number into cell phones as “ICE” (in case of emergency.) While a long-distance phone call may have a better chance than a local call of getting through in a disaster, it’s also a good idea to text that contact person as well.
Tell us how you assembled it, or how you’re getting the family involved in National Preparedness Month.
In honor of the new college football championship playoff system, here are the top four tips to keep your tailgate party safe for everyone—even your team’s rival fans!
And since most tailgates feature a diverse feast fit for your team’s defensive line, make sure the cold food is on ice and the warm food is kept warm. You’ll have less post-game cleanup, and more importantly, you’ll have a safer area to walk and drive your vehicle—no worrying that you’re going to run over or step on glass bottles. And exercise common sense when setting up your tailgate–all generators and fuel should be kept a safe distance from cooking appliances. Re-state any caveats of your particular experience, and (if you’re willing,) offer to discuss your experience offline. Leave a question or comment on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages, or write a review on Kudzu. Here are some tips to discuss with your child about how to be safe once they walk through the school doors. Learn more about our alarm systems on our website, or if you’re on social media you can chat with us on Facebook, Twitter,  or LinkedIn. If you do not register your alarm system, you may incur costly fines or risk lack of help should the police need to respond to a false alarm at your home or office. These are all red flags that the scam artist is attempting to frighten you into buying, and possibly signing an expensive long-term contract. If you’d like to learn more about our services, call us at 770-963-0305 or visit our website. Bargain-hunters that spend a lot of time scouring websites newspapers for a bargain-hunting strategy need to have a plan to shop safely, too.
Tired, confused shoppers may become frustrated in crowds—and that’s when an accident can happen. However, we also offer another level of service—a service department where a live person can help you with non-emergency questions about your system. By having our in-house technician walk you through a few steps before a service tech may need to be summoned, it can save you money and time spent waiting for someone to arrive at your house.
Make sure that all adults and children recognize your area’s emergency notification signals (a weather radio or tornado siren) and know how to react accordingly. Keep all food out no longer than 2 hours (one hour if it’s 90 degrees or warmer) and discard leftovers.
And if you use a charcoal grill, check your school’s tailgating or game-day website for directions on where to dump your post-cookout coals. Exhaust from portable generators contains carbon monoxide and generators should never be used indoors or in enclosed spaces.
So how do you write an online review that reflects your authentic experience—good or bad—without sounding like a cheerleader or a whiner? It’s also a good time to point out why your experience was unique, and that other reader’s experiences may vary. From there you can request an in-home consultation with one of our experts, who will come to your home at a time that’s convenient for YOU. FEMA offers a kit for family emergency preparedness that helps families organize all their important contact information and procedures in one place. Greeting Card Available in 0 colors Item# EFC-601 As low as $0.79 each!   Thanks For All You Do!
So, the entire savings realized by ordering a fairly large quantity was gobbled up by having to go to an office supply store and buy envelopes that fit so the cards could be mailed.

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