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From 1975, since inauguration of Lao PDR- The Government policy on Social Welfare was to help after war Migration population to have permanent resettlement, to assist disadvantage group of people among its also who affected by natural disaster and the other to have food, shelter and some basic needs.
To develop a rational Disaster Risk Management Plan will focus on mobilization, deployment and coordination of National Resources and requests for international Assistance. Operational planning for all concerned government and non-government agencies for ensure effective response actions in time of emergencies. Make Lao society safe and could be able to reduce the negative impacts of disaster to people lives, economy, state assets and people properties. Organize dissemination of EW information to 30% of villages which are located in vulnerable areas. At the provincial level, the primary responsibilities for disaster management rest with Provincial Disaster Management Committee (PDMC), which were established in 2000 by the Prime Minister. Training course on fire response and preparedness for villagers in fire prone areas within Vientiane Municipality with Urban Research and Design Institution. Training course on Early Warning, Public Awareness and Education for media staffs in the whole country and training courses on Role of Disaster Management Organization to Emergency Relief for Chairman of Provincial Disaster Management Committee and Contact Persons on DM in all provinces cooperate with Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) Kobe, Japan. In the normal time, NDMO also close cooperate with media especially National Radio and TV to together implement the public awareness activities with aimed at road accident reduction and fire prevention. The programme is the collaboration project between NDMO and CWW in the phase of 2 years with funded by DEPECHO in the amount of Euro 188,619. The characteristic spiral banding of dense clouds and rains make cyclonic storms easy to identify.

These activities carried out by Department of Public Welfare within Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Lao PDR. 158, signed by the Prime Minister in August 1999, provide for the establishment of an inter-ministerial National Disaster Management Committee (NDMC) as a policy making and coordination body. Chairman of NDMC made order to Governor of Provinces proposed for establishing a Disaster Management Committee of Provinces, Special Region and Municipality Levels.
In addition, every year as normal procedures on preparation to meet flood during forthcoming rainy season, NDMO is increased it work with National Radio and TV for early information disseminating to communities. Project cooperation of NDMO and ADRC (Japan) helped strengthen collaboration among NDMO with media and created good working relationship with Provincial Disaster Management Committee (PDMC) in countrywide (three workshops had been held initially two but to reduce the traveling cost it had been agreed to spirited the Second workshop for Chairmen and Contact persons of DM into 2 spared with same contents, (one for the North and another for South). Vanhthong, Director of Mass Media Department and awarded participants with certificates signed by NDMO, DMM of MIC and ADRC.
The project was implemented in 8 districts of Khammouane and Savannakhet Provinces with addressed on training and providing techniques to provincial and district authorities by increasing and strengthening capacity of government officials on disaster preparedness at provincial and district levels. This organization started from central government called NDMC and down to provincial, districts and village levels. NDMO coordinated to reveal departments in provinces for selecting appropriated candidate to Provincial Disaster Management Committee (PDMC). Based on workshop report, we recognized that the first workshop was held in Thalad hotel of Vientiane province in February 04th to 06th, 2003 for media staffs which was attended by 38 participants from TV, Radio and News papers at national and provincial levels of almost sectors and provinces (accepted Phongsaly) . This project supplementary emphasized on structural institution, coordination mechanism and implementing of disaster preparedness and response, in particularly, is to upgrade skills of early warning system, information reporting and advancing community disaster preparedness.

The NDMO is played a secretariat of the NDMC and has a key function to build coordination procedures among Disaster Management Organizations and with among Government Institutions, other agencies and stakeholders such as: UN, International NGOs and Organizations. In order to be able for future making decision on local disaster management activities, the members of PDMC should include important persons in the rank of directors or deputy directors of Provincial Departments based on Local Human Resources and Priority on Risk Management in Local. The workshop used NDMO's lecturers to run the course with assistance of resource persons from ADRC and UN-OCHA and some invited resource persons.
Various trainings, training of trainers and workshops were conducted for Disaster Management Committee and contact persons on DM at provincial and district levels in the contents of Disaster Management and Community Based Disaster Management.
Linkages between environment, natural disasters and development need to be clearly established to mitigate disasters and to improve environment.(2) The main thrust should be shifted from Disaster Relief to Disaster Mitigation. PDMC is chaired by Vince-Governors or Directors of Provincial Department who is also the member of Provincial Party Standing Committee Parallel with this NDMO helped PDMC identify the location for focal point on DM and contact person in provinces and assisted on draft cooperation and coordination procedure. The workshop was chaired by Mr.Somphanh Phengkhammy, Minister of Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Chairman of NDMC. All developmental projects in vulnerable areas should be linked with and used to the maximum extent possible for disaster mitigation.
Somphanh Phengkhammy delivered opening statement with emphasized on YOKOHAMA STRATEGY 1997 and was appreciated ADRC's and UN-OCHA's generosity for its assisting to Disaster Management activity in Lao PDR by having common project with NDMO.

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