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Deschutes County in Oregon has updated its plan for dealing with natural disasters, including the potential Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake that recently received national attention.
The updated Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan contains nearly 20 new suggestions for emergency preparedness, including new risk-reduction measures in the event of a large offshore earthquake.
The last quake from the Cascadia Subduction Zone was a 9.0 magnitude and created a tsunami that hit the Oregon coast in 1700. I wonder who had instruments in 1700 or if there were anyone but Indians living there in 1700. While each of the coverages below can be important, which coverage do you find most necessary for your "emerging affluent" (e.g.
In this Contingency Plan for Disaster Management in district, basing on past experiences, prevention and mitigation strategy has been developed in Pre, during and Post Disaster days. DCR [Emergency] (SOP of DCR in Page-), Head of Line Departments, Sub Collectors, ROs, GPUs. Collector, Additional Collector, Sub-Divisional magistrate at Sub Divisional level, Line Deptt.
To reach immediately after abatement of calamity with helping hands for development of confidence among affected people. Meeting Officers of both District level and Field level in every 24 hours to take stock of the situation. For better coordination and cordial carrying of every kind of relief operation and to ascertain the progress thereof. Triangular linkage between Field, District and State Control Room and other State level Officials for taking further follow up actions on war footing. On Wednesday, representatives from different Chittenden County towns reviewed past hazards so they can update their all hazards mitigation plan. Perkins wasn't there to talk about weather patterns, but about disaster planning in general.
Disclaimer: This website is an officially authorized and remunerated associate for recommending high quality products found on this website. The campus emergency management plan is available on Sharepoint for anyone with a UT Knoxville NetID and password. A hazard mitigation plan is the result of a planning process which identifies policies and actions that can be implemented over the long term to reduce the risk and future losses resulting from hazard events.
University Plan will address a comprehensive list of both natural and man-made hazards likely to impact the University.
The campus community has an opportunity to provide valuable input to assist the planning team to accurately identify hazards and strategies for mitigating the impact of an incident. You can review the UTK Hazard Assessment 2015 results and the complete public flyer (click on image) for more information. Key response personnel participated in this course which included a functional exercise of a fire and terrorist attack on a national college campus.
Emergency Services Coordinator Workshop included a TEMA-run table top exercise designed to test state emergency response for hazardous materials release in Nashville.

OEM acted as an evaluator for the Regional Medical Coordination Center Mass Casualty Exercise. The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System and partner in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway.
Tropical Storm Floyd in September 1999 devastated much of central New Jersey and was the costliest natural disaster in New Jersey’s history, damaging 70,000 homes and businesses and causing six deaths. In one 21-month period, major flooding along the Delaware River caused the highest peaks along the main stem since the Flood of Record in August 1955.
In April 2005 Governor Cody formed a Flood Mitigation Task Force to address the recurring flooding along the Delaware River. To aid flood victims, the Task Force recommended that the position of Flood Ombudsman be created. The City of Lambertville in Hunterdon County, a Delaware River community, has been hit hard by three rounds of flooding in less than two years.
Getting in the proactive mood, the City engaged the services of the United States Department of Agriculture—Natural Resource Conservation Service to study the possibility of installing a flood gate and pumping station in the worst damage area.
Because the city was not covered by a Hazard Mitigation Plan, a prerequisite to applying for FEMA grants, a consultant was hired to work with a team of official and citizen volunteers to prepare a plan. The Task Force also looked at floodplain mapping, which in much of the state is decades old and does not show the current state of flood risk.
FEMA’s grant programs can help municipalities with flood mitigation activities, such as building elevation, buyouts, and relocation or small structural projects. On a more positive note, another FEMA grant possibility is the Flood Mitigation Assistance program, and 29 municipalities have plans that qualify for this funding mechanism. A new grant program is about to be released for Severe Repetitive Loss properties, and, although this will also require a local match of 25 percent, OEM is attempting to reduce the non-federal match to 10 percent with a modification of the State Hazard Mitigation Plan.
To find out whether you have any Repetitive Loss and Severe Repetitive Loss properties in your municipality, contact Sgt. Being competitive in the hunt for grants is something that Jeff Ward, a self-employed Mitigation Specialist, knows something about.
The second annual NJAFM Conference on October 26-27 in Somerset, New Jersey, will feature discussions on reducing flood losses and a learning tract focused on local education designed for code officials, municipal officials, planners and leaders of the community. There is no absolute cure for flooding, but being prepared can help stave off the worst in a disaster. The plan details how the county and cities of La Pine, Redmond, Bend and Sisters can reduce the destruction caused by disasters like wildfires and winter storms. Seismologists say there’s a 1 in 10 chance for a similar earthquake in the next 50 years. Flash Flood, Landslide, Fire Accident is some major Natural Calamities, which are experienced in the district very often. Over the next year they'll meet with town staff to assess what areas might be prone to natural disasters. Multiple agencies and UT departments respond to a scenario with a tornado strike at Neyland Stadium.

Multiple agencies and UT departments conducted a TTX for a tornado scenario to evaluate plans and procedures.
Given the variety of disastrous events that could trigger massive flooding in regions of New Jersey, as well as an ever-expanding floodplain, a program of proactive planning and flood mitigation is essential. For the April 2005 flood alone, an estimated 3,500 homes were evacuated, forcing 5,500 people in New Jersey river towns from homes from as far south as Trenton to as far north as Montague. The Task Force includes municipal, state and federal officials, nonprofits, agency technical experts and consultants with specialties in hydrology and floodplain management. At the end of July, this plan was adopted by the City Council and submitted to NJOEM and FEMA for review and comment, making Lambertville only the third municipality in New Jersey working on a plan.
For the Delaware River along the New Jersey side, progress is being made between the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and FEMA on studying unmapped sections and restudying previously mapped sections. Certain federal and statewide regulations were endorsed to protect health and safety for new development and redevelopment. The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (Presidential disaster declaration required and money available based on FEMA assistance and flood insurance claims) and Pre-Disaster Mitigation (nationally competitive) are the main programs, and a Hazard Mitigation Plan is absolutely required to submit applications. The Mitigation Unit is working with other state agencies to explore funding options for the match.
The conference will provide information on programs, actions, and ways to be competitive in applying for grants. Even if you are outside the Delaware River area, your municipality should be active in the map modernization efforts in your county. The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (OEM), under the State Police, will work with counties and municipalities on qualifying and obtaining FEMA assistance toward hazard mitigation. The NJDEP Green Acres Program has been used in the past to provide the 25 percent match for acquisition projects in Wayne, Harmony, and Pohatcong Townships. Combining a thorough, up to the minute knowledge of each mitigation program and aggressively pursuing any and all viable grant opportunities.
Additionally, prior to being submitted, the draft plan will be circulated for public comment. Its goal is to ensure all municipalities within the state possess approved Hazard Mitigation Plans so that they can qualify for mitigation funding. Repetitive Loss properties excessively burden the federal taxpayer and these sites are the highest priority for FEMA. The Flood Ombudsman would be activated during the event and be available for follow-up long after FEMA units have moved on to the next national crisis. Local leaders need to remind the governor of the importance of making an appointment to this position. The more you participate, the more likely your flood mapping will accurately show the flood-prone areas in your town.

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