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To build her disaster response model the author conducted several interviews with disaster relief managers involved in the 2004 tsunami.
One caveat I would like to mention, even though the study and the model are backed extensively using related literature, I was missing a broader empirical foundation of the work. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Nonresident Senior Fellow Beth Ferris focuses on the international community’s response to humanitarian crises, with a particular emphasis on the human rights of internally displaced persons.
More than 26 million people around the world are currently displaced within their countries by conflict, human rights violations, natural disasters and climate change.
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Along with January renewals and analyzing whether existing policies offer sufficient coverage, the new year is a perfect reminder to review company-wide emergency plans. Washington, DC, New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego are among the cities most at risk for drought-induced water shortages, according to a report from the Columbia University Water Center, in conjunction with Veolia Water and Growing Blue, a collaboration of NGOs, water companies and industry groups.

Joining the metro areas on the list are the “breadbasket regions” of Nebraska, Illinois and Minnesota, which produce almost 40 percent of the nation’s corn, the report says. Columbia developed the NDC as a risk metric for evaluating historical periods of drought, using more than 60 years of precipitation and the current water use pattern for US counties.
The groups say the findings highlight the importance of “blue growth,” an approach to water management that ensures water remains an enabler of economic growth, not a limitation.
The UN has warned economic losses linked to natural disasters — including droughts and floods — are out of control, soaring past $100 billion annually for three consecutive years, and will continue to escalate unless risk management becomes a central piece of business investment strategies. Last year, a survey by the World Economic Forum ranked water supply crises as the leading global risk when considering crisis likelihood and impact. The compliance challenges that entities such as chemical, energy, or mining companies face are seemingly endless – and endlessly complex. Five interviews (as in-depth as they may be) just are not enough to build a reliable model.
At the same time, regional organizations have worked out different mechanisms for encouraging collaboration, including frameworks for disaster risk reduction, regional military protocols, joint training exercises and regional insurance schemes.

While 2013 may have been a relatively light year for catastrophe losses, there’s no reason to assume 2014 will be, too.
And while industry only accounts for 18 percent of direct water use, industrial supply chains may have more water risk because of climate change, the study says. Columbia says this means the NDC measurement tool reveals a more accurate depiction of the discrepancy between water use and water availability. In a study published last week, the UN said direct losses from floods, earthquakes and drought have been underestimated by at least 50 percent. And because the word “compliance” means different things to different people, there are various ways to consider the state of being in compliance. Frequently too, the assessment teams sent by humanitarian agencies to determine the needs of the affected population do not include logisticians.

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