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This effectively marks the successful implementation of all basic natural disaster countermeasures, including ground settlement problems. KIAC will continue to maintain a safe Kansai International Airport that exceeds the expectations of our customers. KIAC would like to thank the supports and valuable advices from the late Toru Shibata, emeritus professor of Kyoto University (Geohazards), Tomotsuka Takayama, professor of Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University (disaster prevention), Masaki Kobayashi, the expert member of Coastal Development Institute of Technology, and a lot of others. One of the great things about the modern American electric grid is that power almost always flows when we need it. First, never, ever plug a portable generator directly into one of your home’s outlets—unless you have had a licensed electrician install a “transfer switch” in your home. In addition, portable generators create carbon monoxide, the odorless, colorless gas that can quickly become deadly if the generator isn’t exhausted outside.
Other things to keep in mind: Plug appliances directly into the generator using heavy-duty, outdoor-rated extension cords, but don’t overload it.
Any major disaster could temporarily overwhelm Police, Fire and Ambulance and First Responders.
There are many daily conveniences that we all take for granted; running water, electricity, gas, telephones, getting cash from an ATM machine, or even running to the grocery store to pick up milk and bread.
All of us face the possibility of natural disasters, accidents, power outages or intentional acts to disrupt our daily lives.

Preparedness is a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluation and improvement activities to ensure effective coordination and the enhancement of capabilities to prevent, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other man-made disasters. In the preparedness phase, emergency managers develop plans of action to manage and counter their risks and take action to build the necessary capabilities needed to implement such plans. Proper maintenance and training of emergency services, including mass human resources such as Community Emergency Response Teams. Learn how to prepare for your family and at your workplace, explore many links to resources and see what to do for your pets.
However, these problems have been overcome through various efforts in terms of investigation, planning, construction, and maintenance. Given our dependence on electricity, it’s understandable why portable generators are popular when the power goes out and stays out for a while. In honor of Electrical Safety Month, recognized each May, I want to give you a few safety tips to protect yourself and our linemen who are working to restore your power.
If you don’t have a transfer switch, power provided by the generator can “backfeed” along power lines, which can electrocute a lineman working on those lines. Attached garages with an open door don’t count—the carbon monoxide can still seep indoors and poison inhabitants.
Contact us at 800-726-3953 if you’d like to learn more about how to properly install and use a portable generator.

Both the Red Cross and FEMA recommend that you try to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours (3 days) following a disaster. Power outages can close grocery stores, put ATM machines out of order and prevent you from doing simple things like putting gasoline in your car.
We cannot control the weather or prevent disasters from happening, but there are steps you can take to minimize risks from known hazards. Professional emergency workers are rapidly overwhelmed in mass emergencies so trained, organized, responsible volunteers are extremely valuable.
Basic measures against torrential rain, groundwater problems, high waves, and other recent natural phenomena, were completed in 2006.
Generators must go outside in a dry area, which might mean you’ll need to rig a canopy to protect it from precipitation at a safe distance from your home’s windows, doors, and vents.
Shut off the generator before refueling, or a fire could start—and it’s a good idea to have a fully charged fire extinguisher nearby, just in case. Organizations like Community Emergency Response Teams and the Red Cross are ready sources of trained volunteers.

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