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Architects and engineers who design buildings in areas prone to earthquakes try to create structures that will be stable if an earthquake hits. Tom Casteel is an illustrator and cartoonist with a master’s degree from the Center for Cartoon Studies. 110,000 people died in this deadly earthquake that destroyed concrete buildings and derailed trains. The most recent disaster, this tsunami claimed 227, 898 lives and is the worst tsunami in history.
The worst natural disaster of all time is the Chinese floods in 1931 which killed an estimated 3.7 million people due to disease, starvation and drowning. For whatever reason, reportage on Tropical Cyclone Oswald, which battered Australia's east coast at the beginning of this year, was relegated to a position in the UK national news agenda somewhere between stories about local bakery thefts and roundups of lower league football scores. Remember the Japanese tsunami of 2011 that destroyed 16 towns, more than 95,000 buildings and left 25,000 people dead or missing? Then there's the coastline of Guatemala, where torrential rain often causes floods and landslides that can destroy roads, houses and villages, and have killed dozens of residents in the past. That endless, regular recurring cycle of collapse and construction has made the area a goldmine for developers. Pharmaceutical companies are also quick to capitalise on the fragility of the healthcare systems that shatter in the wake of the floods.
However, more notable than any of those examples came, unsurprisingly, straight out of the beating heart of consumerism: Manhattan. Over the past few decades, the frequency and impact of natural disasters have increased dramatically.
Hydrological disasters made an average of 106.7 million victims per year between 2001-2010. The greatest famine in history killed around 45 million people in China between 1958 and 1962. In 2010, Haiti suffered the deadliest earthquake in almost 500 years, killing over 316,000 people.
The total cost of damage caused by natural disasters in the 1990s reached over $650 billion. The earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, for example, would not have had nearly the same impact if not for the poverty level of the area. By comparison, the famous San Francisco earthquake of 1906 registered at magnitude 7.8 which, because earthquakes are measured logarithmically, is more than six times as powerful.

These figures demonstrate that more than 99 percent of the earthquake’s impact could have been eliminated if Haiti had been prepared and equipped to handle it.
Aiding those affected by disasters will always be important, but it is even more beneficial to develop solutions and methods of prevention before disaster strikes in the first place. World Relief is an organization that provides crucial support to those who have been affected by disasters, but beyond that, they are invested in finding long-term solutions and preventing such events from occurring again. If you’d like to contribute to the cause beyond just providing help after it’s needed, you  can visit their website and donate to one of their campaigns. Equips pastors and leaders through resources and training and a network of peers sharing best practices.
Connect churches with Christian relief and development agencies through digital communication and regional leadership summits.
As an umbrella organization, Live58 is building a superhighway of connections between the church, relief and development organizations and the needs of the poor. Tom has illustrated several books for Nomad Press, including Natural Disasters: Investigate Earth’s Most Destructive Forces with 25 Projects. Clearly, this is a case of an organisation exploiting a natural disaster (the tsunami) to help perpetuate an environmental one (the massacre of whales), but let's leave the moral implications to one side for a second. It took three years to clear the 24 million tonnes of wreckage accumulated in Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate, which equated to three years of profitable income for the Yakuza, who quickly moved in to clear up the debris and handed out blankets and food to people in evacuation centres. Are we at a stage where capitalism exploiting any situation it can, no matter how immoral, is now expected and therefore accepted? Millions have been killed, billions have been affected, and the cost of damage has been immeasurable.
Despite this difference in magnitude, and the fact that it occurred over a century earlier, this quake only killed 3,000 people.
We may not be moved to help until we see the need, as revealed by disasters, but the truth is the best disaster relief we can offer is precautionary. Beyond one-time relief efforts, they maintain a presence in the areas in which they serve for decades, investing in solutions beyond the surface. Live58 is our generation’s call to unprecedented collaboration and conscious sacrifice to bring hope to those suffering in extreme poverty in the world today, to give up what we love for something we love more … seeing lives eternally changed. She is an award-winning author of several other science books for kids and is a contributor to dozens of publications, including Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Family Fun, National Geographic Kids, and Parents.
They often cause a tremendous amount of human suffering.Supercell Thunderstorm in Montana1Chaiten Volcano - Chana, Chile (May 2008)2Forest Fire - Dolginino, Russia (Aug.

Mount Krakatau, we need to beware also coz' the small tremor just increase these days. Of course, that seems a decent thing to do, but the cynic in me can't help but question the PR motives, especially considering the amount of companies, investors, governments and gangs that have capitalised on natural disasters in the recent past. However, it later emerged that a small portion of the funds were used to improve Japanese fishing vessels. Sotheby's, GAP, Urban Outfitters and basically every other multinational retailer you can think of capitalised on the bad weather, firing out emails, newsletters and promotional discounts based solely around the storm.
Or should we try to put an end to governments and large companies pouncing on disaster in order to make a quick buck?
In this day and age, the grand majority of injuries, deaths and property damage can be prevented through adequate preparation and sound construction techniques. You can see what it’s like when you build your own shake table and then try to create structures that can withstand the force of moving earth beneath them. The thing is, and feel free to call me a pessimistic defeatist here, who the fuck is going to do that?
Natural disasters can be upsetting to live through and an experience you think about for a long time.
If the governments that are supposed to protect you, the companies that are supposed to build you a new house, get you medicine, sell you booze and clothes, Japanese whalers and the Yakuza are out of the picture, who does that leave? Natural Disasters: Investigate Earth’s Most Destructive Forces with 25 Projects teaches readers about some of the natural disasters throughout history, what caused them, their impact on civilizations, and how people today cope with natural disasters. Estimated damage: veral institutions have developed methodologies to quantify these losses in their specific domain.
Readers of this book will make their own shake tables, create a cake batter lava flow, invent a wind tunnel, and experiment with avalanches. These hands-on activities engage readers and add depth to the text while ensuring that the learning is made lasting and fun.
1980)16Lightning Storm - Roswell, New Mexico (July 2010)17Brush Fires - Sylmar, California (Sept.

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