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For more about shielding from someone who has spent his career doing electromagnetic shielding, see Donald R. Nuclear EMP attack is the perfect asymmetric weapon for state actors who wish to level the battlefield by neutralizing the great technological advantage enjoyed by U.S. Lately decided it was time for me to put with electromagnetic pulse nuclear protection each other warning that your employees are.
USA Today takes on the topic of electromagnetic pulse (EMT), a consequence of a nuclear bomb detonation in the atmosphere.
In his latest Washington Examiner column, missile defense expert James Carafano compares a solar-induced power surge with the man-made electromagnetic pulse (EMP), caused by the detonation of a nuclear bomb in the atmosphere. This explosion would interact with the planet’s magnetic fields, creating a pulse, which in turn would cause widespread damage, devastate the economy, and result in millions of deaths. On March 23, 1983, President Ronald Reagan gave a famous speech where he outlined his plans for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), aimed at protecting America from a nuclear missile attack using land- and sea-based missile defense systems.
The lack of public awareness regarding the disturbing implications of an EMP attack may prompt the Obama Administration to set aside proposals for addressing this problem. Since your microwave can keep the energy it generates within it's three walls and a viewing porthole, it will do the same and keep anything inside of it (your cell phone, iPad) safe from the energy dispersed in an electromagnetic pulse.
The electromagnetic discharge can permanently disable the electrical systems that run nearly all civilian and military infrastructures.
The pulse’s reach varies with the size of the bomb, the height of its blast and design.
They recommended that Congress establish March 23 as Electromagnetic Pulse Recognition Day, given the catastrophic effects of a nuclear weapon explosion in our atmosphere. I measured the holes on my microwave and they come out to 1 milimeter; small enough to theoretically block a pulse with a frequency of up to 300 GHz. Another good report on the nuclear EMP problem is this report on Electromagnetic Pulse Threats in 2010 released by the United States Air Force (originally released in 2005). The type of electromagnetic energy used in a cell tower or radio transmission will be stronger, but your microwave might make for a good barrier against it. A single nuclear weapon detonated at high-altitude will generate an electromagnetic pulse that can cause catastrophic damage across the entire contiguous United States. Computer or the Every now and then you open an end to let killed 63 individuals, injured practically. For over a hundred years now physicists have known that photons both create gravity and respond to gravity. Doctor Giese describes the mechanism very well but does not provide the fundamental cause of the refraction other than that gravity slows the speed of light and the path of light bends toward the direction where the speed of light is slower. The main purpose of this web site is to investigate whether or not there exists anything in this universe other than electromagnetic activity.
Now to get back to the fundamental cause for the slowing of light speed in the presence of matter. We can now predict that the amount of red shift in light from distant objects in space will vary according to the amount of electromagnetic activity the light encounters on its way to the observer. Electromagnetic activity in space directly determines the impedance of space which directly determines the speed of light.
Proof in support of the hypothesis are time variant changes the amount of red shift in light from distant quasars.
After decades of following the work of true physicists with advanced doctorate degrees around the world I found that only a dozen or so have a good understanding of how the universe works. Certain conditions are necessary for the workings of the universe to be as it is observed to be. Flat space-time and a non-expanding universe are necessary in order to understand the true cause of relativity phenomena. The concept that the universe has existed for a longer time than anyone can imagine and is not expanding has been termed a static universe. Gravity is an electromagnetic process as was explained by Sir Author Eddington in a paper he published in nineteen twenty.
These constants of space determine the impedance of space and the impedance of space determines the speed of light. Physicists recently discovered that the wavelength of light shifts toward the red when light encounters electron and ion clouds in space. We should expect the amount of red shift of some distant galaxies to change with time as the path of light to them changes. Current accepted notions of quantum electrodynamics have the electron as a point charge with no actual size.
When particle size is based upon the wave length of the equivalent energy of elementary particles the more massive particles have shorter wave length and so must be smaller.
Throughout history academia has clung to wrong notions about the construct of the universe. For example, academia choose the earth centered solar system model of Aristotle and Ptolemy over that of astronomer Aristarchus of Samos Greece (310 - 230 BC) who proposed a sun centered system almost identical to that of Copernicus. When we look back, we find that philosophical reality and accepted theory converge at about the turn of the twentieth century.
We each can develop our own unique understanding of the way the universe works by choosing ideas from among renowned physicists. Soon after the turn of the twentieth century, several theories attempted to explain relativity phenomena. Sir Author Eddington provided another great notion at a time when it was not possible to test it. Academia still has no clear answer to the question, "what is mass?" But a few physicists have known the answer since the turn of the twentieth century.
Doctor Robert Hofstadter of Stanford received the 1961 Nobel prize in physics for his discovery of atomic nuclear structure.
Doctor Hofstadter bombarded atomic nuclei with electrons of energy on the order of two hundred million electron volts. Doctor Max Planck discovered that electromagnetic radiation existed only as discrete multiples of its frequency times a small value.
Anyone willing to spend a few minutes at research can now prove to themselves that the cold fusion process is real.
Several hundred years ago, farmers noticed that germinating seeds transmuted certain elements into other elements.
Doctor Irving Langmuir invented a welding torch in the early nineteen twenties that became known as the atomic torch. This negative feedback property provides gravitational phenomena by restricting the speed of light in areas of massive activity. All electromagnetic activity in the universe connects to all other electromagnetic activity in the universe by instantaneous coupling of charge. The amount of red shift is generally time dependent but may differ depending upon the photon's path through space.
Photon frequency may vary smoothly from almost zero to almost infinity but the electric and magnetic field amplitude exist as sine waves that always peak at a finite constant maximum amplitude. The fields exist as crossed planes and extend instantly outward forever away from the points. Electromagnetic fields may interfere with each other to deflect their progress through space. The electric charge at the bend radius of a photon path repels itself to produce positive feedback that bends the path more in the same direction. More massive electron-like structures may form at frequencies greater than that of the electron.
Each of these shells exist only as electromagnetic activity that exists at a circumference equal to the wave length of the equivalent energy of the shell's mass. Although the force of the electric field at the circumference of the neutron is more than twice that of an electron, it measures exactly one electron force when sensed at the larger radius of the electron.
Negative feedback comes about as the two constants that determine the speed of light are modified by the presence of gravity.
Relativity phenomena comes naturally in flat space-time and a universe that consists solely of electric and magnetic change. We can describe a universe so alien from our own that no established theory that we accept today can be real.
Since its inception, this hypothesis has been ridiculed by main stream media and institutions of higher learning.
This may be a clue that the major premise of the hypothesis originated with Michael Faraday. In the hypothesis, space-time is flat in the classic sense, and the speed of light is constant relative to a fixed inertial frame that is at rest in space.
Time dilation seems to be the part of relativity phenomena that is most difficult for people to grasp.
Relativity phenomena provides the most direct evidence that all of nature consists solely of electric and magnetic activity. Einstein's theory of General Relativity predicts reciprocity for observers viewing reciprocal movement. In actual practice we do use a special inertial frame to measure the motion of the Milky Way Galaxy through space. The discovery of quantum phenomena by Max Planck in 1900 sparked a revolution in physics that gave birth to quantum theory. When it approaches a target, an individual photon will interact with electrons in the target. The Photon Theory of Matter advances the concept in relation to recent findings about nature.
According to the photon theory of matter, a residual electric field results from a bend in the path of photons. Einstein's theory of General Relativity predicts the gravitational behavior of objects in our solar system with great success. Photon theory does not rely upon exotic states of matter including dark matter or dark energy or anything else that is not observed.
Through the ages there has never been a shortage of speculation about the mechanism of gravity. Eddington knew that the two constants of space, electric permittivity, and magnetic permeability, determine the speed of light. Established theory predicts that electromagnetic activity constitutes most of the mass of matter. Physicists of the early twentieth century concluded that, "the final irreducible constituent of all physical reality is the electromagnetic field. Flat space-time and the invariant speed of light operate in a special fixed inertial frame to provide relativity phenomena.
Electromagnetic activity tends to trap itself in patterns of a size related to its wavelength by the mechanism of positive feedback and resonance.
Electromagnetic activity traps itself in many patterns that exist for a short time and decay back into electromagnetic activity. The square of the mass and charge value of the neutron's outer shell provide the mass and charge value of the proton's outer shell. Furthermore, I agree wholeheartedly with your postulate that all things in the universe reduce to light and the EM field.
The maximum E and B values of the photon field occur at two points in each photon represented by T2 and T4 in the schematic image to the left. The points are at the maximum possible value of the E and B field strength that space can support. Initially, I thought that was unstable, but then I realized this might give rise to the zero point energy, or, in other words, the constant jiggle that each atom always experiences. I suspect that a positive ion has a greater propensity to become a hydrogen atom than a neutron because the electron is stable and a neutron's outer shell is not. Assuming your theory is correct (which is how much of my thought experiments begin lately), there are 3 photons trapped in resonant loops.
The innermost shell, which has the smallest radius, highest energy, and accounting for 97.3% of the mass, rotates in the xy plane.
Finally, the protons outermost shell, contributing a mere 0.35% of the mass, is a photon orbiting in the xz plane.
I suspect that the proton has a definite structure based upon the dynamics of the fields but I am just guessing about what that structure is. It should arrange itself so that the magnetic lines of force are complete between shells like the image to the left that I use as my avatar. What is the charge of each shell, and does each subsequent shell shield the charges from all inner shells to the outside world? Before I realized that each shell is orbiting on a different plane, conceptually, it made sense that each shell had a charge that was cancelled by the next shell. The charge value of each shell is the charge value of an electron when sensed from any distance greater than an electron's radius. The force would be experienced as points of maximum amplitude passed each other in the dynamics of the bind.
I suspect that the neutron occupies the same plane with the other shells and spins contrary to the outer shell of the proton so that magnetic lines of force are complete.
If the electron is this fixed value and energy, and each shell is also fixed, how do the different energy levels of a hydrogen atom (or any atom really) fit into your theory? I have thought a lot about the dynamics of the energy levels of atoms but have not arrived at conclusions I am satisfied with. We can show with mathematical certainty that this universe consists of electric and magnetic activity alone provided only that Maxwell's equations can solve for the speed of light.
According to Maxwell the electric and magnetic constants of space determine the impedance of space.
The Lorentz version of relativity phenomena easily agrees with the electromagnetic contribution to gravity described above. Institutions of education accept Einstein's account of relativity over the Lorentz account. When we accept the Lorentz version we arrive at the notion that physicists realized back then. Material things that contain electromagnetic activity must gravitate toward massive objects. The electromagnetic spectrum encompasses a continuous range of frequencies or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, ranging from long wavelength, low energy radio waves to short wavelength, high frequency, high-energy gamma rays. Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell's (1831–1879) development of a set of equations that accurately described electromagnetic phenomena allowed the mathematical and theoretical unification of electrical and magnetic phenomena.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, German physicist, Maxwell Planck, proposed that atoms absorb or emit electromagnetic radiation only in certain bundles termed quanta. The region of the electromagnetic spectrum that contains light at frequencies and wavelengths that stimulate the rod and cones in the human eye is termed the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Like colors in the visible spectrum, other regions in the electromagnetic spectrum have distinct and important components.
Microwaves range from approximately 1 ft (30 cm) in length to the thickness of a piece of paper. The wavelength of radiation is sometimes given in units with which we are familiar, such as inches or centimeters, but for very small wavelengths, they are often given in angstroms (abbreviated Å).
The electromagnetic spectrum is typically divided into wavelength or energy regions, based on the characteristics of the waves in each region. Please include a link to this page if you have found this material useful for research or writing a related article. Your email address will be altered so spam harvesting bots can't read it easily.Hide my email completely instead? I found this information informative but it did not completely answer my question which was Do other colors than infrared produce more or less heat when absorbed by a surface? Just i was traveling time and thought to see this.Well good luck world for the Judgement Day. Iam a teacher of physics, Mathematics and computer at Huruma Girls secondary school DODOMA TANZANIA, iwould like to share with you any new information about science Please keep in contact with me Your sincelly Chibaite. The name is not " Maxwell Planck" for thr German who proposed the Planck constant h, but simply Max Plank. Also see the new Directory of EMP Protection and Solar Rooftop Products now under development by Don White. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to defend the United States and Canada against EMP attacks. Naysayers say such a scenario would be suicide for the country that launched such an attack; nevertheless, an EMP scenario definitely is possible. America has a duty to protect its citizens, and as long as EMP attacks are possible, Congress should alert the public of the danger and shore up our defenses against it, even if it sounds like science fiction. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a wave of energy that follows nuclear detonations and threatens to fry your personal electronics.
In the event of an eminent EMP attack, wrapping your electronics in aluminum foil might provide a modicum of protection.
The resulting electromagnetic energy would interact with the earth’s magnetic fields, creating a pulse, which in turn would cause widespread damage, devastate the economy, and result in millions of deaths.
As a result of this detonation, an electromagnetic field radiates down to the earth, creating electrical currents. As cell phone calls are transmitted using a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (bands in the range of 850 MHz to 1.9 GHz), this is a simple demonstration of a Faraday cage in action. Despite repeated warnings, Congress has taken virtually no action to prepare or protect against an EMP attack. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a super-energetic radio wave that can destroy, damage,or cause the malfunction of electronic systems by overloading their circuits.
However there has never been a clear understanding about just what it is that causes gravity.
In accord with the old idea that has never been falsified, all of matter consists of electromagnetic activity. Accepted theory is that light is repeatedly absorbed and emitted by electrons in atoms, but this does not work here. The reasoning is this: The gravity provided by the electromagnetic activity of photons on the way to the observer may change the momentum of objects in space.

They are not widely known because they know the reality of nature and word of this is forbidden. Physicists of the past did understand this but those of them who embraced Einstein's special relativity gave up that understanding.
Doctor Albrecht Giese arrived at this notion independently and explains the process at his web site. The mechanism of that red shift may be a gravitational interaction between photons of light and particles in space.
When we consider that the electron would comprise one complete wave cycle, there would be a positive half cycle and a negative half cycle. They are very slow to adjust as new facts are discovered and tend to work the new factual discoveries into their wrong ideas. The Big Bang creation theory is only now being questioned after about a hundred years of embrace by academia. We only know of the Aristarchus proposal because Archimedes described it in his book, "The Sand Reckoner".
At that time the prevailing notion about physical reality was that the electromagnetic field comprised all of it.
Eddington surmised that the path of light must always bend toward the direction where the speed of light is slower. In a universe where all things consist of electromagnetic activity, material objects radiate massive amounts of the fields.
That notion was that starlight must warm space debris and provide a black body radiation temperature of about 3.18 K. The great French mathematician, Jules Henri Poincare noticed that pulses of light had the property of momentum. It has wormed its way into the open through hysterical and deadly opposition from academia and established institutions. Doctor Louis Kervran published, "Biological Transmutation" in which he described several such processes. Hydrogen squirted through an electric arc produced temperatures close to four thousand degrees. All movement in this inertial frame is relative to a special inertial frame that is at rest in space.
These two properties represent the ability of empty space to transport electric and magnetic activity.
Massive objects comprised solely of electromagnetic activity provide islands of massive electromagnetic activity and affect the speed of light in close proximity to them.
When this gravitational phenomena causes a change in momentum of any object in space, conservation demands an exchange of energy. Paths that traverse very energetic regions may red shift differently than paths that traverse less energetic regions. This finite constant maximum amplitude provides the quantum nature of electromagnetic energy. Since the area of a plane increases as the square of distance, force field amplitude decreases as the square of distance. This deflection may occur such that the electric plane occupies the radius of the bent path. At one certain frequency, complete stable patterns may resonate to form an electron and a positron.
The pattern spins at the speed of light in the primary direction and spins in a secondary flat-wise direction to form a sphere. Four of these may be stable when arranged in sandwiched shells such that each subsequent shell mass and electric charge is the square of that of the next shell out. Measurements of particle size for the proton and neutron were not correct because researchers used probe energy that was too high.
Shell one, the neutron's outer shell, must contain the mass, energy, and charge difference between a proton and a neutron.
This is because the force diminishes as the square of distance away from the source and the electron size is about five times the size of the neutron's outer shell. Electrons can not simply orbit oppositely charged nuclei because charge interaction would slow the electron and drive it into the nuclei. Sandwiched shells each face off against like charges and find equilibrium with smaller, more massive, inner shells.
The force seems to increase with distance for a very short distance then disappear altogether. Hidden in Einstein's General Relativity, the mechanism of negative feedback goes unnoticed. So gravity modifies constants that determine the speed of light and the speed of light determines the amount of gravity. Yet try as we might, we can devise no test that can distinguish this hypothetical universe from the universe that we sense around us.
A London newspaper in the 1800's published a cartoon depicting a prominent physicist attempting to unify the forces of nature by use of the hypothesis. No matter who originated the notion, it stubbornly resists falsification even though most established theory can not possibly be real if the hypothesis is real. The equations could be solved for the speed of light with no consideration given for the speed of the inertial system that contained the light. Matter that is held together by a light-like substance must distort with movement because of the constant speed of light. The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation occupies an inertial frame that seems to be the same throughout the universe. Quantum theory was coupled with statistical probability and the uncertainty principle to describe a version of nature that was accepted by academia and is still taught as the greatest advancement in physics to date. First, all quantum phenomena develops from the fact that the electric and magnetic amplitude of the E and B fields of photons are constants. Individual electrons in the target interact with an approaching photon depending upon phase relationships.
Pair creation of an electron and positron happens when a local concentration of energy exceeds the equivalent energy of their mass.
All of the new ideas derive from similar notions held by renowned physicists of the past and of the present. They exist at a circumference equal to one wavelength of the equivalent energy of the particles. So the charge created by the bend in the path of a photon acts upon itself to bend the path more in the same direction. We also know that any gravitational source must provide energy to change the momentum of any object in space. Among the speculation, Sir Author Eddington provided a version that is mathematically certain provided only that Maxwell's equations hold true. Those two properties are modified by the presence of electric and magnetic activity such that more activity increases the effect.
Photon theory predicts that electromagnetic activity constitutes all of the mass of matter. One certain frequency forms a stable pattern by itself to produce an electron or a positron. The square of the mass and charge value of the proton's outer shell provide the mass and charge value of the proton's middle shell. The greater charge amplitudes of the inner shells measure one electron charge when sensed at the greater radius of the electron. Furthermore, it seems that the alternating charge ratio is what initially attracts each shell together. Without that shell the proton would be unstable and would release all its energy as gamma radiation.
So, yes, I suspect that the orbit of each shell interlocks with the fields of the next shell. If so, how does this couple with the fact that each shell is orbiting along a different plane? Is this value, always measured from a radius greater than the outermost shell, the value of the outermost shell, or the value of the sum of the 3 shells? If the 3 shells of the proton occupy the xy, yz, and xz planes, what does that leave for the outer shell?
I knew that the relationship between shell masses would necessarily be exponential in order to equate to proton and neutron mass. When a hydrogen atom is 1 quantum level above the ground state (1st excited state), what has happened?
His equations provide several solutions including one that uses only the electric and magnetic constants.
The gold bar on the right links to our gravity page where we show that objects whose mass derives completely from electromagnetic activity must gravitate toward increased electromagnetic activity. However, our GPS system must be adjusted for relativity phenomena using a special inertial frame of reference. Another way of saying that is: All of nature behaves exactly as if all of nature is made of light. We observe that our Milky Way galaxy and all nearby galaxies move through this special frame at the rate of about five hundred miles per second toward the constellation Leo. The electromagnetic spectrum is traditionally divided into regions of radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet rays, x rays, and gamma rays. When Maxwell's calculated speed of light fit well with experimental determinations of the speed of light, Maxwell and other physicists realized that visible light should be a part of a broader electromagnetic spectrum containing forms of electromagnetic radiation that varied from visible light only in terms of wavelength and wave frequency.
German physicist Henrich Rudolph Hertz regarded Maxwell's equations as a path to a "kingdom" or "great domain" of electromagnetic waves. In his work on the photoelectric effect, German-born American physicist Albert Einstein used the term photon to describe these electromagnetic quanta. Radio waves, with wavelengths that range from hundreds of meters to less than a centimeter, transmit radio and television signals. The atoms in food placed in a microwave oven become agitated (heated) by exposure to microwave radiation. Cosmic rays are not a form of electromagnetic radiation, but are actually high-energy charged particles with energies similar to, or higher than, observed gamma electromagnetic radiation energies.
Because the properties vary on a continuum, the boundaries are not sharp, but rather loosely defined.
Remember that in a complete solar photovoltaic system, the inverters and battery chargers, as well as the solar panels, need to have proper shielding and transient protection. Ideally, a Faraday cage would divert the energy from an electromagnetic pulse and prevent damage to the electronics within. Faraday cages are containers made of a conducting material, typically copper or aluminum sheets or mesh, with the conducting material altering the alignment of electrical charges inside to counteract the incoming energy pulse. But, in a pinch, an unplugged microwave serves as a nice deterrent to an electromagnetic pulse, and this attempt at debunkery fails. We can provide the fundamental cause of the slowing of light speed and break out of that circular argument.
Since that idea precludes most accepted theories, the falsification of it should be a high priority, but it is hardly ever even mentioned in mainstream scientific media.
It is just a small step forward then to hypothesize that electromagnetic activity provides the mechanism that slows the speed of light. Why should it be that the impedance of space determines the speed at which atoms absorb and emit light?
This change of momentum requires energy that must come from the photons providing the gravity. What we do find published are reports about quasars that become normal galaxies over the space of a few years. These physicists know the true cause of gravity, relativity, mass, quantum, unification of the forces, and many other things academia deems unknown.
It is necessary that time plods on at a constant rate and does not vary as academia suggests. Lorentz and the group of physicists that developed the Lorentz transformations knew the true cause of relativity phenomena and kept the knowledge current.
This would be most likely to happen with the most distant galaxies and should occur in steps as some debris fields are omitted from the path and others added.
Atomic structure and electron scattering are better understood using the classic electron size. This provides two maximum charge half cycles, one negative and one positive, that would be observed to have a spin state of one half. Quantum electrodynamics and indeed the entire notion that all the forces are transferred by particle exchange also must be questioned. Academia's role is to select from among those who know, that set of known things that most likely represent reality.
The presence of electromagnetic activity alters the two constants such that the greater the activity, the greater the constants, and the slower the speed of light. This is close to the measured value of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation of about 2.725 K.
Academia has not yet accepted a shell model and Hofstadter never developed his hypothesis further. The scatter pattern also indicates the size of the particle from which the electrons scattered. Since frequency is infinitely variable, the actual energy value is also infinitely variable.
Governments around the world still oppose it even though it will solve much of the world's energy problems. This was one of the first methods that could produce temperatures hot enough to weld tungsten. Based upon Langmuir atomic torch results, users should expect an order of magnitude gain in output energy over input energy. Objects experience time as a count of repetitions of patterns in atoms that comprise the objects.
Electric and magnetic activity affect the two properties such that the presence of electric and magnetic activity impede additional activity by slowing the rate of change of electric and magnetic amplitude. Each galaxy produces very energetic beams that spew out perpendicular to the galactic plane.
The electric and magnetic fields of all electromagnetic activity contain points that peak at this amplitude. Changing amplitude throughout the fields couple instantly to drive the points through space. When the electric plane occupies that radius the negative and positive electric fields can not be symmetrical. When this shell one mass and charge value is set to 2.549920405 electron masses and electron charges, the rule works to provide the masses and charge values of all subsequent shells. With this model, charge interaction from atomic nuclei snaps the larger electron onto the nuclei so that the electron engulfs the nuclei.
Positive feedback operates to enhance a process and negative feedback operates to oppose a process.
The Lorentz version of relativity phenomena also contains the mechanism and it is unnoticed there as well. The notion has been around for about two hundred years and seems to have originated before the time of Maxwell. This ended any reasonable notion that material things might consist of anything other than electromagnetic fields.
In order to understand how it works we must remember that it is local time and not time in general that experiences distortion.
Each twin experiences time dilation relative to an inertial reference frame that is at rest in space. All the nearby galaxies move through the CMBR toward the constellation Leo at a rate of about five hundred miles per second.
We know this because the amplitude of the E and B fields are not part of the equation for photon action. The photon will bypass electrons that have an unfavorable phase to interact with electrons with a favorable phase relationship. All components of atomic nuclei are routinely created in electron-positron collision experiments.
Probe energy is much too great to sense the subtle electromagnetic fields that mark the outer particle boundaries.
Probes of energy levels designed to detect field reversal structures where the electron's outer negative charge abruptly changes to its inner positive charge will successfully measure the correct size for the electron. They convert matter to energy in stars and stars to energy in a super-massive ionic soup at galactic centers. Einstein was not alone and maybe not even the originator of the notion that light creates gravity.
Published in his 1920 paper, Eddington ascribed refraction of light as the mechanism that produces gravity.
The result is that the speed of light is slower where electric and magnetic activity is greater.
Given that electromagnetic activity creates gravity, what else can there be that creates gravity? Although a photon moves through space at the constant speed of light, the spatially extended field structure does not seem to be swept back but moves right along intact. Physicists will eventually see that Quantum Theory is flawed at its philosophical foundation just as many of its original founders did.
The square of the mass and charge value of the proton's middle shell provide the mass and charge value of the proton's third and final shell. The sum of the charge values of two of the proton's middle shells and two of its outer shells produce the strong nuclear force.
Why can't the outermost neutron shell take various values based on energy like the electron in the hydrogen atom? Also, over the years I have come to suspect that the shells occupy the same plane so that the magnetic field lines can complete.
I haven't done much with the dynamics except to notice the strange dynamic that force seems to increase with distance for a very short distance then disappear.

The first thing I tried was to start with the neutron's outer shell and square each subsequent shell.
Several others who agree with the primary concept that all of nature is comprised of EM fields alone hold that the structure is much more complicated than I present.
The path of light must bend toward greater impedance just as a car must swerve toward the side that hits an impeding puddle of water. The gold bar links to an excerpt from Eddington's 1920 publication where he describes how refraction must contribute to gravity. Frequency is defined as the number of wave cycles that pass a particular point per unit time, and is commonly measured in Hertz (cycles per second). This conservation is achieved by the emission of photons when an electron moves from a higher potential orbital energy to a lower potential orbital energy.
A nanometer (10−9 m) is the most common unit used for characterizing the wavelength of visible light.
As wavelengths contract toward the blue end of the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, the frequencies and energies of colors steadily increase. Within the radio band, FM radio waves have a shorter wavelength and higher frequency than AM radio waves. Infrared radiation comprises the region of the electromagnetic spectrum where the wavelength of light is measured region from one millimeter (in wavelength) down to 400 nm. An alternative way of describing a wave is by its frequency, or the number of peaks which pass a particular point in one second.
Rouge states and terrorists could use any missile, including short-range missiles that can deliver a nuclear warhead, to exact a catastrophic EMP attack on the United States. Franks introduced a new, bipartisan backed bill, Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIPA) to prevent widespread power failures. That mechanism is that the presence of electromagnetic activity increases the impedance of space. Clouds of ions and space debris move in and out of the light path, and red shift varries accordingly. As we will elaborate below, relativity phenomena results from the constant light-speed of the most elemental constituents of matter. We can see this happening as galaxies churn matter into energy and squirt it out into huge bubble-like halos that exist around galaxies.
Basically, the presence of matter increases the value of the so called constants of space.
This would be evidence against the standard model and so would not be published by any peer reviewed journal. But a proton construct that consists of multiple single-photon shells can not be detected by that method. For example, it is not possible to construct an electron orbit of atomic nuclei using the point charge concept. Before Aristotle the Greek Aristarchus of Samos proposed a sun centered system similar to the Copernicus model we accept today. Physicists who understand the true nature of the universe must whisper among themselves lest they be destroyed by academia. So when we say we just don't know, we really mean that academia has not yet selected from among the many competing theories, that set of ideas that explains the unknown subject. Scholars even suggest that Einstein and Schrodinger were senile because they did not accept Quantum Theory. This set of equations, known as the Lorentz Transformations, still predicts all of relativity phenomena.
Current day physicist, Doctor Albrecht Giese of Germany, independently arrived at that same notion about gravity. So we accept Eddington's idea and reject the idea that the CMBR represents the remnants of a cooled down Big Bang.
He quantified the momentum of light as equivalent to mass with an equation that stated that mass equals the frequency of the light divided by the speed of light squared. We can propose a shell structure for elementary particles consistent with Hofstadter's work. Higher energy levels detect smaller particles and miss the subtle electromagnetic structure. Although governments around the world and academia around the world are still doing everything they can to prevent it, cold fusion has arrived and is doing well. The repetition rate of patterns in atoms slow with movement because the most elemental constituent of all physical reality must always move at the invariant speed of light relative to a special inertial frame of reference. Comprised solely of electromagnetic patterns, massive objects must migrate toward the direction where the speed of light is slower.
Photons that pass through these beams may shift frequency more than photons that do not pass through the beams. Which ever field occupies the outside of the bend dominates to produce an electric charge that originates at the radius of the bend.
The dual nature of pair production comes from the necessity for equal interference energies.
It forms a structure such that one polarity faces toward the outside and the opposite polarity faces toward the inside.
Elements with more than one nucleus may form when the two most inner shells of a proton punch through the outer shells of another proton.
Trapped inside the proton's outer shell, the inner shells must pass through like charges to separate.
Unreasonable notions of that early period do continue to flourish and still command the main body of established theory. All physical reality is related to the speed of light because all physical reality is made of light. We can show cause for the phenomena when we consider that all motion must be relative to a fixed inertial frame that is at rest in space.
In the paradox, each twin sees the other experience time dilation but sees no time dilation for themselves.
Although institutions of learning teach against the fact, natural intuition has already correctly placed the CMBR as the special inertial frame that is at rest in space. We can apply those laws and standards to all of nature and arrive at a certain understanding of the general process of natural events.
That is the simplistic explanation of why we can never predict the exact position of photon interaction with a target. Because sensed charge amplitude decreases as the square of distance from the charge source, sensed charge amplitude of a single bend is a constant value.
Positive feedback coupled with resonance can trap a photon in a stable pattern to produce an electron and a positron. Sir Author Eddington showed a mechanism by which light must create gravity in his paper of 1920. If the planes of force propagated at the speed of light, they would trail behind and so be swept back from the leading point of the photon.
A growing number of physicists have returned to this alternate view of nature's reality and developed new insights into it.
With this construct, the physical laws of nature forbid the Big Bang and Black Hole scenarios.
Since their wavelength is the greatest, the size of their patterns is the largest of all the elementary particles.
Both use the Lorentz transformations to describe distortions in space and time as sensed between different inertial frames of reference.
One was starlight from our local galaxy and the other was galactic light to warm intergalactic space. A decade later, Wilhelm Röent gen's discovery of high-energy electromagnetic radiation in the form of x rays quickly found practical medical use. Accordingly, light is emitted only at certain frequencies characteristic of every atom and molecule. Still higher frequency radio waves with wavelengths of a few centimeters can be utilized for RADAR imaging.
Pfaltzgraff, Jr., wrote an 18-page white paper on electromagnetic pulse (PDF) published by the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis. We can think of this as negative feedback provided by electromagnetic activity upon itself. All stars contribute with constant streams of positive ions that accelerate away from positively charged stars. This fact is not accounted for in either Newton's gravity or in Einstein's general relativity. High energy electrons punch right through the outer shells of protons and bounce off the more energetic inner shells. However, over a thousand years would pass before academia grudgingly accepted the Copernicus model. Most new hypothesis are wrong to some extent but among the thousands of wrong ideas those that depict the true nature of the universe grows stronger as they are nurtured by those few physicists willing to think for themselves and whisper their thoughts to each other. A sun centered solar system was gradually and grudgingly accepted after Copernicus showed the mathematical beauty of it.
Philosophers said from the beginning that Quantum Theory was philosophically unsound at its foundation. Nothing observed in nature rules out the notion that electromagnetic activity accounts for all of it. Doctor Giese shows with mathematical certainty why it is that the path of light bends twice as much as the path of material objects bend as each passes a gravity source. Substitute the word, "is," for the equal sign and we have the answer to the question, "what is mass". Such a structure has atomic nuclei comprised of sandwiched shells such that each shell mass is the square of the mass of the next shell out.
Humans transmute nitrogen into carbon and oxygen to form carbohydrates that add to their nutrition. This concept not only predicts but demands all observed phenomena including relativity and all the forces of nature. Objects in motion thus experience time as moving slower than objects at rest because their most elemental constituents must move through a greater distance to complete their patterns.
The Milky Way Galaxy and all the neighboring galaxies move through the background toward the constellation Leo at the rate of about five hundred miles per second. Free photons moving through space produce gravity and experience a gradual frequency shift toward the red end of the spectrum as the gravity they provide causes momentum change in other space entities. When interaction does happen, phase dynamics between interacting entities determine the exact location of the interaction. The charge amplitude relates to the bend radius such that the smaller the bend radius the greater the charge amplitude.
Electrons and positrons thus formed exist only as their electric and magnetic field structures. The outward facing positive charge of the proton's outer shell faces off against the inward facing positive charge of the electron's only shell. The inner shells then find equilibrium between their outer facing negative charge and the inner facing negative charge of the proton's outer shell.
After the inside shells pass through the outer, the forces, although still there, are not sensed as anything other than the normal electric proton charge. Just recently we noticed that there is a negative feedback system at work in the force of gravity.
Physicists in the time of Lorentz pondered that concept and produced a set of equations that we know as the Lorentz transformations.
The time experience of any object is the count of repetitions of patterns within the object. The reality of relativity departs from the theory of relativity in that reality demands a fixed inertial frame at rest in space.
Each should then see the other as being older than himself when the twins are brought back together. But, no matter the amount of data applied, it is composed of individual events each of which behaves in accord with its own set of natural laws. The value is always equal to an electron's charge when sensed at a distance away that is greater than an electron's radius.
While in this pattern, the photon retains all its properties including the production of, and response to, gravity. If gravity propagated as a spherical force, it should diminish as the inverse cube of distance. Behold, the mechanism of relativity as explained by Doctor Hendrik Antoon Lorentz and many others in the early 1900's. The outer shell of the neutron contains the mass-energy difference between that of a neutron and a proton. Correspondingly, atoms and molecules absorb only a limited range of frequencies and wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, and reflect all the other frequencies and wavelengths of light. Just above the visible spectrum in terms of higher energy, higher frequency and shorter wavelengths is the ultraviolet region of the spectrum with light ranging in wavelength from 400 to 10 billionths of a meter. If, just for one day, Congress simulated even a fraction of the impact such an attack would have, the scope of the danger would be clear.
The amount of red shift is directly related to the amount of debris fields through which the light must travel on the way to the observer.
This prevents investigation into radically new concepts because no matter the validity of discovery everyone knows that the discoverer will be destroyed by their peers. So particle structure of protons and neutrons can not be detected by present methods of measurement. Published just before his death in 1543, his ideas were immediately trashed and ridiculed by academia.
However, the notion that the final irreducible constituent of all physical reality is the electromagnetic field, is not compatible with Quantum Theory. We select from among renowned physicists, ideas that bring back causality and philosophically sound notions to the description of reality. Academia still accepts the notion of a Big Bang, even though physical laws of nature must be violated to arrive at that notion. Since amplitude is not part of the equations, the amplitude of the E and B fields must be constant.
Advocates for Einstein's version of relativity explain that one of the twins may experience more acceleration than the other. Fritz Zwicky used the concept in 1933 to account for evidence of "missing mass" in the orbital velocities of galaxies in clusters. This loss of energy by photons in space shows up as a red shift in the spectrum of energy in space.
Since it exists as multiple plainer forces, it diminishes as we measure, as the inverse square of distance.
These reflected frequencies and wavelengths are often the actual observed light or colors associated with an object. Ultraviolet radiation is a common cause of sunburn even when visible light is obscured or blocked by clouds.
Further, Congress should demand that the Administration develop, test, and ultimately field defenses against EMP attacks, including improved ballistic missile defenses capable of countering short-range ballistic missiles that can carry EMP warheads. Impedance governs the rate at which electromagnetic amplitude can change and so slows the speed of light. The absence of this property may produce errors in calculations of galactic spin rate and elliptical orbits of planets.
Classic calculations of particle size based upon the wavelength of constituent photons produce a much more likely correct size.
It would completely engulf atomic nuclei and be stable without violating the electrostatic principles that would cause an orbiting point charge to crash into the nuclei.
It seems that when reality does not agree with Quantum Theory, academia suspects that reality is wrong.
This constant amplitude of the E and B fields must be a fundamental constant property of space.
This is true, however, even though one twin experienced more acceleration than the other, acceleration does not matter in Einstein's theory.
It makes sense that the saturation amplitude of the E and B fields of photons is the maximum electric and magnetic amplitude that space can support. Photon theory advances this notion only slightly by stating that photons and only photons create and respond to gravity.
X rays are a highly energetic region of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from about ten billionths of a meter to 10 trillionths of a meter. Let's answer this question as we look at the nature of electromagnetic pulses and if your microwave could prevent damage from an energy attack. Once thought to have little affect, these fields now seem to be the dominate force in the universe.
When spin rates and orbits are adjusted for this gravitational negative feedback, dark matter is not needed. Patterns repeat more slowly relative to the fixed inertial frame in space because components that repeat in the patterns must move through a greater distance when the containing object is moving.
The ability of x rays to penetrate skin and other substances renders them useful in both medical and industrial radiography.
An electromagnetic pulse would give off energy with a variety of frequencies, but your microwave should block the bulk of them. Comprised of light, massive objects must migrate toward the direction of greater impedance.
Doctor Robert Hofstadter working with the particle accelerator at Stanford University detected particle structure this way. Gamma rays, the most energetic form of electromagnetic radiation, are comprised of light with wavelengths of less than about ten trillionths of a meter and include waves with wavelengths smaller than the radius of an atomic nucleus (1015 m).

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