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Variety reports the documentary Je suis Charlie will come to Netflix on the one year anniversary of the attack on the office of satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, which saw twelve people killed. Featuring archival material from the slain cartoonists, new interviews from the survivors and footage of demonstrations following the attack, the film follows the staff of Charlie Hebdo as it prepared its special post-attack issue.
Daisy Johnson has assembled her Secret Warriors and tonight they take the leap into battle… literally. The top ten is in flux for March, as the #50 issue landmark lifts Superman into 4th, and cements Batman into first place, as Boom’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 takes second place and Star Wars takes third. This is a glimpse of Beachhead, a new story by Grant Morrison and Benjamin Marra, appearing in the next Heavy Metal Magazine out in three weeks time, April 27th. See BasementRejects reviews of the nominated movies by clicking on the links below the films.
From her and Lincoln Campbell giving what sketchy information they have to Joey Gutierrez and Elena Rodriguez to making the quick inspirational comment just before jumping out of an airplane, this is now Daisy’s team completely.

The book is set to ship on July 20 with a regular cover by Hughes, a blank sketch cover and then 23 variants. The original is a classic with scores of fans, and plenty have been hoping for more ever since. The documentary, telling the tale of the Egyptian Revolution, has already won awards from the Sundance Film Festival and Toronto's International Film Festival -- an Academy Award would seem fitting for the film.
While this is the first Netflix Oscar nomination for the service, the company is no stranger to winning awards. The DVD rental turned streaming service certainly has no problem getting people interested in their service and the Netflix Oscarn nomination only gives viewers more reason to sign up.While the Netflix Oscar nomination certainly is an important milestone for the company, they're not out of the woods yet.
Craigslist is suing PadMapper, a service that plots Craigslist apartment listings onto a map, because it doesn't want the service using its data. For those that are hoping to watch all of the Academy Award nominated films before Sunday March 2, you may have to wait a bit before you can throw on "The Square." The Netflix documentary is currently not available with the service but will be released online worldwide on January 17, according to Cnet.

The companies, Apple and Samsung, have battled in the consumer market for years, but this will mark a very important milestone in each of their market dominance. The Oscars official site recently released the list of motion pictures nominated for an award. The app had already been released for the Google Play store and Apple App store, but the newest edition has been specifically designed for the Kindle Fire. Check back March 2nd to see if your favorite won!What do you think of the Netflix Oscar Nomination?

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