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The rifle features aluminum bedding blocks, Savage Accutrigger-style adjustable trigger and four round rotary magazine.
Ruger will sell truck loads of these rifles and by the end of 2012 there are sure to be a variety of models with stainless and camo finishes.
Gunblast recorded a number of Ransom-rested 1″ (or a tad under) groups in 30-06 with mediocre storebought ammo.
Now, how soon can we get bigger mags for it, bolt a longer picatinny rail on there and brew up a ghetto scout-oid?
It does look very similar to the Savage models and if it performs as well I’ll be pleased to add another Ruger to my collection. Did Ruger’s marketing department call in sick from work the day they decided to pick a name for this thing?
Right now the sub-$400 budget rifle market is so overcrowded with options and models, it seems questionable for Ruger to attempt entry. If I ever got into hunting with new manufactured stuff, this would be on my short list I think.
If Savage could pull off the above, I predict with their barrels, triggers, and accustocks, they could knock Remington off their high horse from 1200 meters.

It looks to me like a cross between the Browning A-Bolt and the SIG SHR 970 with a few minor changes thrown in. Yeah, this thing’s pretty much an exact rip-off of the Browning x-Bolt, sans the quad-screw scope mounts.
The magazine release clip looks a lot like those on tv remotes, in my experiance that setup tends to break more often than it should. Yes, shame on Ruger for initially targeting a measly 90% of the market for a bargain basement low-profit-margin rifle. Bought this rifle in 308 August this year and have sighted in for 100 yds.I have a small hunting lease,280 acres and cannot wait for deer season to open here in ALABAMA. Until now they have neglected the budget bolt action market, preferring to sell mid-range and high-end rifles instead. The American is priced about the same as the Mossberg ATR 100 and has similar features, including a Accutrigger-style adjustable trigger. Those talks broke down but a deal can still be made.As we discussed on the latest episode of the Screen Rant Underground podcast, crossovers are inevitable and represent the next evolutionary step for the genre. Definitely not impressed, unless a customer specifically asks for Ruger, I try to steer them away.

Need I even bring up the Savage action that looks like it was made by a poor chinaman in his back yard.
There will be a day when Spider-Man stands alongside Marvel Studios-owned heroes in The Avengers.
The Ruger American rifle appears to have a forged handle and I like the stock to receiver bedding system. It’s just a matter of when that happens.We know Sony has a Spider-Man summit planned for January where Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal, fellow executives and producers will meet to discuss and plan out what’s next for their prized superhero film franchise.
Sinister Six Art by Aidan CasserlyThe Amazing Spider-Man 3 lost its 2016 release date (and writer-producer Roberto Orci) while mixed reports pointed towards the possibility that Venom and Sinister Six might be cancelled as the studio searched for other ideas. That was supposed to be the big selling point of Sinister Six.All this is to say that Sony’s Spider-Man future looks a little bleak, or at the very least, in a state of flux and uncertainty. With production beginning early next year, a lot of things can change though, so we may have to wait to see what Sony comes up with in January in light of the hacks.

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