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New York Daily News Stars' dramatic weight losses & gains for movie roles Celebs' dramatic weight losses & gains for roles From Charlize Theron's dramatic weight gain for 'Monster' to Matthew McConaughey's intense loss for 'The Dallas Buyers Club,' check out celebrities who've shocked us with their shape-shifting ways. Compared to the previous two seasons in the American Horror Story franchise, Coven is outpacing Asylum by 41 percent in the key demo and Murder House by a whopping 90 percent.
Looking at FX's top 50 telecasts of all time, all of which save Coven include the extra four days of DVR use, 18 of the top 20 are all Sons of Anarchy.
Joe and Samantha were the most unlikely childhood friends, growing up in a farm town where black and white didn’t mix. While their choices took them worlds apart, uncontrollable events bring them back together.
A riveting story inspired by true events will leave audiences eager to find the hope in unfortunate circumstances and unexpected places.

Watch Below for as Unconditional Clip from Clips That Move Mountains – This book needs your help. What a lovely and touching movie which embodies all the emotions and struggles of human life with a message of hope.
Ahead of Live+Seven Day ratings, both episodes are already outpacing all but one other telecast (Sons of Anarchy) in network history.
Barring a serious drop in momentum, Coven may end up rivaling the current run of veteran Sons of Anarchy as the highest-rated season of any show in the cable network's history. Sam never left the pastures of her rural county, yet found great success as a children’s author.
There a only a few very vague references to God’s love and importance of faith; so little references that it actually makes faith seem unimportant and mentioning God with no reference to scripture?

3 spots, and the most recent episode is on track to topple the premiere when Live+Seven is available for both. While renewing their friendship, Sam and Joe demonstrate their passion to right wrongs in different ways. Joe gives the little he has left to the forgotten children of his neighborhood, while Sam gives up on the good to seek revenge against the man who took her husband. O is it because some of those attributes do not appeal to our sinful hearts so we decide to set them aside and focus only on love, reducing God to nothing more than a source of comfort in our minds.

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