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SUNDAY OneHeadlightInk is partnered with Videotero and Shelley Carney Productions to put on a FREE actors workshop on how to shoot your own video audition. Two huge movies “Independence Day 2” (rumored) “Ridiculous Six” (CONFIRMED), at least 4 TV series (Better Call Saul, Night Shift, Manhattan, LONGMIRE) and countless indies! Sirens Media, a television production company with offices in New York City and Washington D.C., owned by ITV and Leftfield Entertainment, two of the largest non-fiction programming powerhouses in the world, is currently casting a new television series for a major cable network all about the Albuquerque rockabilly scene! BIG CONGRATS TO NM TALENT Catharine Pilafas, Jackamoe Buzzell, Frank Sandoval, Alma Sisneros, Marc Comstock, Jim Burleson and stunt woman Rebecca Hill Casey!! We are looking for a fair skinned 10 year old blonde female to appear as a featured extra on an upcoming reshoot. On Saturday December 7, as a part of the three day New Mexico Film Industry Tune-up, local talent is invited to participate in the first NEW MEXICO SIZZLE REEL shoot in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Meet and Greet and chat with the people who make buying decisions for major motion pictures. A local production team (which includes an award winning screen writer and producer) is looking for a non-SAG female comedic actress 55-65 years of age with grey or salt-and-pepper hair color. The winning actress should be a whiz in subtle, comedic, non-verbal communications…able to convey through facial expressions and body language a multitude of thoughts, expressions and reactions. The lead for this web series will have an adventurous spirit and able to commit to filming nine 3-5 minute short films that will be posted to the internet. Saying they always need fresh Military Faces, new Character Faces and Cowboy Looks with big mustaches. Synopsis: Set in Savannah, Georgia 1963, and inspired by a biblical story from the book of Daniel, the tale is told through the innocent eyes of Danny, a 12-year old boy, who tries to discern the cause for hate and the difference of race. Please make sure you include pictures and descriptions of your family as well, explaining what makes them funny and unique! Casting director Elizabeth Gabel is looking for MALE drivers for a scene to be shot tomorrow night (May 23, 2013) – cars cannot be white, red, black or a pickup truck. Meanwhile on Craigslist Albuquerque via local actress Cynthia Lockard Benning, “Great stand-in opportunity! And as always we recommend doing as much research as possible on any and all casting notices you’re interested in! The comedy, “Abe Makes A Movie” is currently casting lead roles in this funny film about an underachieving want-to-be filmmaker who assembles a ragtag crew of misfits to help make a movie and enter it into a local film festival in hopes of winning his ex girlfriend back.
This will be a Sag Ultra-Low Budget film shooting early to late fall 2013 in Albuquerque, NM. Local casting director Elizabeth Gabel is looking for a jug player, washboard player and a wash tub bass player. Robert Baxter is now casting for the second season of Longmire filming in Northern New Mexico. A few very pretty 30 to 40 year old women, country girl types for the Red Pony saloon, which reoccurs weekly and requires use of the same people weekly (Cheers like). Detectives (with own suits), Coffee Shop Patrons, Bowling Alley Patrons (make sure you have bowling listed as a special skill in your OLC profile), Gang types, Bartenders (with experience), Uniform Police (prefer previous military or law enforcement experience), Little League Players and more! HOW TO SIGN UP: (*If you are already in the OLC database, DO NOT create new profile -just make sure your current profile is up to date!
Edit House Productions, LLC will hold auditions on Monday, April 1st (9am to 6pm by appointment) and Tuesday, April 2nd (Open Call from 2pm to 5pm), for actors for an upcoming video production.

Actors with prior experience in on-camera speaking roles will be considered, with a sample script provided at check-in.
An open audition for those not affiliated with a talent agency will be held on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2-5pm, also at the Edit House Productions office. Due to the nature of the project, applicants who are selected must have no felony arrests or pending criminal charges. Two non-union open casting calls for several roles in Buffalo in the Room will be held, on April 5th and April 6th, 2013. Buffalo in the Room is a series sitcom with an expected run of 15 episodes, that primarily features Native Americans and the often comedic expectations and stereotypes when dealing with the entertainment industry. Executive producer Brian Vallie created and co-wrote Buffalo in the Room along with Brian Young, a Yale graduate filmmaker and actor for a predominantly Native cast and crew.
The series will be directed by Allistair McCray who has been involved in the film industry for many years. Most roles require Native ethnicity, but there will also be several other roles requiring nonnatives. Thomas last week launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie of his cult TV show, which was canceled after three seasons in 2007. The resounding, immediate success of the crowd-funding campaign sent shockwaves through the movie business. While the emotional side is surely the biggest motivation for most donors, they’re also paying for tangible goods. Typically in film financing, any investor has the chance to earn his money back and potentially share in the profits.
Thomas says he’s been in daily contact with Warner Bros., which approved the plan in advance.
Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler, too, declined to comment when asked through a spokesman about whether corporate involvement compromises Kickstarter’s mission. Since being founded in 2009, Kickstarter has raised more than $500 million for some 35,000 creative projects. PLANT NURSERY GARDENER #1(NON-Union) – male, Hispanic, age range 34-44, rugged, outdoors type. PLANT NURSERY GARDENER #2 (NON-Union) – female, Caucasian, age range 34-44, rugged, outdoors type.
With the incredible base of talent, expanse of land, abundance of top facilities, and hard working film industry officials always hard at work striking deals and building YOUR film industry from the inside out, more and more productions are rolling into the Land of Enchantment! If you or anyone you know is in a car club, rockabilly band or is just a part of the scene are encouraged to submit.
They are asking for individuals with multiple tattoos, piercings, and punk rock hairstyles. Also 3 males and 1 female 20 to 40 years old for a reoccurring role as Texas Ranger Office Staff and 4 Males 30 to 50 years old for a reoccurring role as Texas Rangers.
Please email multiple headshots (if you have multiple), resume, measurements, and availability. If you constantly question why cameras aren’t following you and your family, we want to hear from you.
Classic American-old school dad who believes in hard work and earning an honest dollar… but plays the lottery religiously.

We’re looking for a male and female, both to appear about 50 to 60 years of age, as an upper-middle-class married couple. The video production is estimated to be completed in mid-May in Santa Fe, likely a full day production.
Appointments will be scheduled with those respondents, for Monday, April 1st, at the Edit House Productions offices, 918 Pinehurst Rd SE, Suite 102 in Rio Rancho. The pilot is being pitched to broadcast TV networks, and will initially commence as a web series. Vallie wanted to see more Native productions with comedy, so he wrote a lighthearted comedy sitcom based on actual characters and events. It met its stated goal of raising $2 million in less than 11 hours, meaning it would be greenlit to begin shooting this summer.
They will get the movie they craved, as well as the proud feeling of having played an essential role in the show’s resurrection. He’s still hopeful that will happen, but says funding is already lining up more traditionally. More money means being able to shoot in Southern California (where the show was set) and gradual boosts in production value. Prefer those with real hunting experience (it will be an Elk Hunting ad but any hunting experience is acceptable) but not required.
Submissions MUST include a RECENT (taken within the past 3-6 months) COLOR PHOTO of what you currently look like, height, weight, hair color, first & last name, contact number and any outdoor experience you have. Served in the reserves and never saw any action, though he would lead you to believe otherwise.
The location is the Northwest corner of Highway 528 & Southern Boulevard in Rio Rancho, between Walgreen’s and New Mexico Bank and Trust. Executives for its digital wing, which is planning a limited theatrical release followed by video-on-demand early next year, declined to comment.
The screenplay, of which he has 37 pages written, features a 10-year high school reunion for Mars’ Neptune High _ a gathering that will include inevitable strife.
Actual film industry buyers, the people who spend movie millions, will be in attendance to network with your local film related businesses and services.
Actors outside of New Mexico who cannot make it to the auditions can email (below) to submit a video audition. Buffalo in the Room is a production that can give them that chance, both cast and crew,” said director and producer, Allistair McCray. And the production schedule has been built to include two days purely for Thomas, Bell and others to sign the thousands of movie posters and other items they’ve promised their Kickstarter backers. Classic wannabe filmmaker, wears the right filmmaker clothes, knows the right filmmaking terms and tells everyone about it. Grew up in a small town, had his aspirations crushed early in life, gave up on his bowling career and settled for a 9-5 job spending his lunch hour talking sports and how once he was a big deal.

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