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In the cut-throat, dog eat dog world of Hip Hop dance crews and battles, we often find (and this is said rather begrudgingly) that there is simply too much of the same, over and over again. Therefore, it came as a massive breath of fresh air when I was let onto the phenomenon known as the JabbaWockeeZ a few years ago; during their stint on America’s Best Dance Crew. They have since moved on to bigger and greater things, headlining in a host of premier events, even making a cameo appearance in a Hollywood blockbuster film and numerous music videos of major artists.
Despite its less than shining reputation, the humble cockroach has inspired the design for a robot being created by a pair of scientists at the University of California at Berkeley. The industrial Revolution of 1750-1900 had created a fully industrial society at the dawn of the 20th century.
Ci-dessous, vous trouverez pour chaque lettre de la langue francaise sa traduction en langue des signes. Maybe slightly different incarnations and variations yes, but ultimately if you’ve seen one move, you’re guaranteed to see it at least fifty times over again, by fifty different crews. Having an avid interest in crew battles, there was no doubt that while there may have been a good few talented crews participating in the contest, there was one crew who stood light-years ahead of the rest in my humble opinion: The JabbaWockeeZ. Their ultimate achievement though, has been the fact that they are the first dance crew to debut their own live stage show in Las Vegas! In many ways, a great deal of change has occurred, particularly in terms of lifestyle and technology, but yet there are still many constants. Il est utilise pour epeler les noms propres ou les mots n’ayant pas encore de signes en LSF.

Certaines langues des signes utilisent un alphabet qui presente des similitudes avec celui de la LSF, par exemple les alphabets de la langue des signes americaine (ASL) et de la langue des signes quebecoise (LSQ). Un poing ferme, tous les doigts replies contre la paume, le pouce est droit, aux cotes de l’index. Perhaps it was their now-signature masks and gloves, combined with matching outfits to represent a united front?
They rose to stardom when they entered America’s Best Dance Crew, and subsequently went on to win the season – proof of their talent and massive popularity garnered during the course of the show. It proved to be so popular, that not only was the original show extended, but they were since invited to perform at various other resorts and casinos within the Vegas strip, taking the production as far as Australia. Successive governments over the years have created a welfare state, and yet despite these changes, massive inequalities still exist based upon wealth, gender, race and other factors. Tous les doigts sont partiellement plie avec les bouts des doigts index, majeur et l’annulaire touchant le pouce entre le jarret et la pointe.
Pouce est partiellement plie et le bout de pouce est de toucher la pointe de l’index.
With every member wearing the same “emotionless” mask, your attention is diverted away from the members, and focused directly onto how they translate their original soundtracks into movement and dance.
With such a phenomenal global following, it can arguably be said that they are indeed one of the best crews to date – watch the video below and decide for yourself! Whilst the 1930s almost seems like a world away, in some ways, one could ask has much really changed - are the life chances of the masses really much improved despite all that has gone on?

La main est incline de telle sorte que plus les doigts sont a l’horizontale et pointant vers la gauche. Whatever it may have been which caught my attention, there is no doubt that they ARE the most talented dance crew I have seen – ever. Think of it as finding a way to chew on a smell; that’s the best way to describe just how tangible and accessible they make their sequences appear. With the ability to tell an intrinsically-detailed story that you can understand, purely by means of physical movement and without them having to say a single word or for the backing music to be completely lyric-free, is a massive feat in itself – and one that commands respect, no matter how much of a sceptic you may initially be. La main est tourne vers la gauche et tordu de telle sorte que plus l’index est le doigt du milieu est horizontale et pointant vers le bas.
Le doigt du milieu est courbe vers le bas et vers la droite a travers du pouce (ca fait mal!).
Toute la main est tournee vers la gauche et incline de sorte que le pouce et l’index sont orientees vers le spectateur et pointant vers le bas presque.

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