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Discussion: Comic Book Legends Revealed: Did Peter David Nearly Quit Hulk Over Betty Banner's Pregnancy? 2 new creepy teaser trailers for Season 4 of American Horror Story: Freak Show, titled Sword Swallow and Open Wide, have been released.
Jessica Lange stars as Elsa Mars, a German expat managing one of the last remaining freak shows in the country. Frances Conroy and Gabourey Sidibe will also return to the cast, which includes newcomers Wes Bentley and Finn Wittrock as well as the world’s smallest living woman, Jyoti Amge. This entry was written by Marie, posted on September 5, 2014, and filed under TV Series and tagged American Horror Story. The Simpsons is an American adult animated television sitcom, created by Matt Groening and produced by the Fox Broadcasting Company. The cartoon made its debut as 60-second animated bumpers for the The Tracey Ullman Show, with the first short airing on April 19, 1987. The series currently holds the record for the longest-running prime-time sitcom in the US, running for 25 years since 1989, and becoming the longest-running program on FOX. The Simpsons Family are the main protagonists of The Simpsons series who go on adventures and do crazy incidents throughout the series and live in a small town called Springfield.
Terwilliger family are one of the main antagonists of The Simpsons series and the arch-enemies of The Simpson family and they are a family of homicidal maniacs who want to kill the son of the family, Bart Simpson.
Kodos and Kang are one of the main antagonists of The Simpsons series who are aliens that want to take over the world and destroy it and enslave the human race.
The Simpsons are a typical family who live in a fictional Middle American town of Springfield.[1] Homer, the father, works as a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, homer simpson is pronouned for being lazy and untidy as he is not a perfect role model to bart.
The show includes an array of quirky characters: co-workers, teachers, family friends, extended relatives, townspeople and local celebrities. Actor Jason Momoa is in negotiations to join Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel 2 (popularly known as Batman vs. There is no word on who Momoa may play, but based on his previous physically imposing roles, he would seem an odd fit for a random reporter at the Daily Planet.
But with the recent casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, it further confirms DC’s hope to emulate the Marvel movie plan by introducing multiple heroes that will all then appear in a Justice League movie. A source speaking to THR speculates that Momoa may be up for the role of Martian Manhunter, the shape-changing alien from Mars capable of telepathy, flight, intangibility, and several other powers. Once the casting is official we may hear more, but if he is playing a villain the identity of Momoa’s character may be withheld for a while. I Watch Stuff is a movie and video blog dedicated to bringing you the best and worst that Hollywood and the Internet have to offer and then, more often than not, making fun of it because it sucks. As some of you may remember, I made an article about what I consider to be the worst Disney Channel shows.
I know I'm going to probably get a lot of hate for not putting this show higher but I still really love it. This is one of those shows that didn't start off on Disney Channel, I think it was some show that started off in Canada.
As you may know from my WORST list, I hate the spin-off, Suite Life On Deck, however I absolutely love this show.
I absolutely love The Emperor's New Groove so naturally I was excited about this show when I first heard about it years ago and it didn't disappoint. It's hard for me to decide which one of these shows is better so I just gave them both the number 3 spot. Yes, I know a lot of people hate this show and for some reason they consider it the worst Disney Channel show but clearly they haven't seen a lot of Disney Channel shows.
There is no question about it that this is absolutely the best show to ever come on Disney Channel.
For the That So Raven ending, I hadn't seen it, but didn't it end with Raven and her friends going to college, and there was also a spin off (Cory in the House), so maybe that's why the ending of Raven wasn't that good?? I have seen a lot of Hannah Montana, because of my cousins, and I honestly don't care much for it. I've watched a feel episodes of Ducktales but I mostly just grew up with the movie, which I was obsessed with.
DuckTales was before my time, but I did grew up with the shows that were listed here (I was older with Hannah Montana).
Emma Roberts is set as Maggie, Sarah Paulson is Bette and Dot Tattler, Kathy Bates is Effil Darling – the bearded lady, Michael Chiklis is Wendell Del Toredo, Angela Bassett is Desiree Dupree; and Evan Peters is Jimmy Darling.
Patti LaBelle will also appear in a four-episode arc, with Matt Bomer set for a guest stint. The main characters are a satire of a working-class family, consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. The shorts were then expanded into a full-length 30-minute television spin-off by 20th Century Fox, first airing on December 17, 1989. Groening submitted crudely drawn sketches of the family to the animators, assuming they would clean them up in production. These were: John Swartzwelder, Jon Vitti, George Meyer, Jeff Martin, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky.
Rather than hire more actors for voices for the Simpsons animated shorts, the producers asked both Castellaneta and Kavner to provide the voices of characters Homer and Marge. The casting director of the cartoon was also casting director of The Simpsons, and Hank signed up for the role of Moe Szyslak. The creators originally intended many of these characters as one-time jokesters or for fulfilling needed functions in the town. Lex Luthor seems an obvious inclusion (and has already been established in that universe thanks to plenty of LexCorp mentions in the previous film).
Three of the most important roles have already been cast – Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, and now Gadot as Wonder Woman – and introducing more is a definite possibility. The Manhunter, also known as J’onn J’onzz, has frequently been associated with the Justice League in the comics. The filmmakers have been tight lipped on who Batman, Superman, and now Wonder Woman will be punching in the face, so if Momoa is one of those bad guys, it may be a story spoiler the filmmakers hope to withold. Because this is still American Horror Story, that of course all looks fairly ridiculous, Jessica Lange seems mean, and for some reason the witches appear to be designed by Robert Palmer.
This show was pretty funny and it's weird since it's one of the few shows on Disney Channel without a laugh track. I love that all of the kids are different types of kids with their own distinct personalities; the leader and mischief maker, the jock, the hard core tough girl that everyone is scared of, the huge guy who's also peaceful and against violent, the nerdy girl who's the smartest of the bunch, and the wimpy military kid.
I was absolutely obsessed with this as a kid and would always try to make sure that I saw an episode of it when it came on. I mean the humor is great, the action and fighting is fantastic, it's clever, it's fun, and just awesome.
Both have amazing adventures, awesome characters we know and love, suspenseful conflict, interesting villains, and the characters are portrayed perfectly.
Just watch all of the shows from my WORST list and if you still think Hannah Montana is the worst you're obviously lying. No show has ever topped it and I don't suspect there ever will be because Disney Channel sucks now. Back to the Disney Channel shows, yeah those shows are lesser known than others, especially now that we have those awful shows. I wish I could of seen more of Recess, The Aladdin and Little Mermaid series, and American Dragon. Recess (which you put way too low, the show is so good, I even enjoyed it even though I was way past the target age, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid aside, there have been so many great Shows. These shows has morals that are fully carried through, and they were not all about pop, style, and music like it is now (though That's So Raven and Hannah Montana helped).
Hannah Montana definitely wasn't the worst, I guess people just hate it when something is aimed for family and children when they grow up.
I understand it's not some people's personal taste but to me it's one of the best of the Disney Channel shows.
As of 2015, 26 seasons of the series have been produced, with the 27th season premiering on September 27, 2015.

He named the characters after his own family, and substituted Bart for his own name; as it was an anagram of 'brat'. However, the animators just re-traced over his drawings; that is why the Simpsons appear crudely drawn in the shorts. Newer Simpsons writing teams usually have 16 writers and episode ideas are thought of and proposed in early December. Yeardley Smith originally wanted to play the role of Bart, but the producers found her voice too "girlish". A number of them have gained expanded roles and subsequently starred in their own episodes.
There is no word on who Momoa is in talks to play, but that won’t stop the Internet (us included) from speculating.
To many he is fondly remembered as Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis, but it was his turn as Khal Drogo on HBO’s Game of Thrones that really propelled him into the spotlight. Beyond that though, the speculation has ranged from Brainiac to Doomsday, and everyone in between.
They could have just given them all the same personalities like some animated shows do, which does also work because it means they're kindred spirits, but this gives us more variety.
One thing that's really awesome, though it doesn't really have too much to do with the show, is that Jake and rose are voice by Dante Basco and Mae Whitman, the voices of Zuko and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender (BEST SHOW EVER). Sure, the main character is Casey and the second biggest character is Derek, but they're not always the main focus. It kind of has a reverse roles from Superhero stories, instead of the girl constantly getting in distress it's the guy constantly getting in distress and having to be saved all the time by our heroine.
The characters are all great, I really love Malina and I wish they had found some way to put her in the first movie, like make her Pacha's daughter who travels with him and Kuzco. The humor is hilarious, the characters are great (except for Jackson and Oliver), the acting is good, the songs are awesome, and the messages they sent are amazing lessons. Although I dont think Miley looks like a model at all, but yeah Raven Simone is an AWESOME character.
The characters went through character development, and all of the characters were their own and not plain copies of each other. I love the humor, the fighting, I loved the main heroine, I loved the sidekick, I loved his pet, I loved the villains, I loved it all!!!
Para quem conhece a narrativa da Guerra Civil dos quadrinhos sabe que o cabeca-de-teia tem importante papel na trama, com o Homem-Aranha tomando partido (e mudando de lado) na briga que se estabelece entre Steve Rogers e Tony Stark.Mais Soldado Invernal, menos Homem-AranhaSe os estudios vierem a fechar algum tipo de acordo sobre um “emprestimo” de licenca de uso do personagem, sugere a fonte, sera apenas para uma rapida participacao. When Simon left in 1993, he arranged a deal to be credited as executive producer as well as get profits even though he no longer works on the show. The main writer writes the first draft and the group changes it, adding in jokes and removing parts they don't like.
He followed that up by playing the titular role in Conan the Barbarian, an attempted reboot of the Conan brand. It could be someone from Superman’s personal rogues gallery like Parasite, or it could be someone from the larger DC universe that Superman has come across. They had great humor, enjoyable characters, good life lessons, real stuff, talented people, awesome cartoon, and they even had shows that were based off their movies. It also means that no matter how different some people are they can still have things in common and be best friends. The show focus' on the other members of the family too and sometimes they're even the main focus of the show. I love how they actually teach good lessons while they capture the experiments while not forcing it or making it cheesy, it's just so natural. Speaking of Kim, talk about the most unlikely character to be the most heroically bada** fictional character in existence, I mean a girly girl and a cheerleader at that. The animation is pretty good, especially when you compare it to some other shows based off Disney movies.
I mean there's lessons about how lucky people are to have their parents because some are shipped over seas, people with diabetes, standing up against bullying (which is really important because before she was famous, Miley Cyrus was bullied), being honest, not cheating, being a true friend, never turning your back on your family, and eventually being able to let go of something no matter how hard it is. Her and Miley are like the Disney Channel versions of Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy, only not as funny but still absolutely hilarious. Also I didn't say that you would like Hannah Montana, I said it's CLEARLY better than the shows on my worst list. And after the first movie came out and the second season with its slightly improved animation, I loved it even more!! Isso porque a Marvel e conhecida por fazer filmagens adicionais e manter o processo de producao fluido, permitindo adicoes de ultima hora. In 1989, a team of production companies adapted the Simpsons into a half-hour primetime series for FOX. Bart was voiced by Nancy Cartwright, who originally auditioned for the role of Lisa but decided to be the voice of Bart instead after finding out that Lisa had a lack of personality at the time, while the character of Bart was "devious, underachieving, school-hating, irreverent, and clever". Some of these didn't start off on Disney Channel but later were added to the channel because they were so awesome and successful. It's a great mixture and even though it has two main characters it doesn't only focus on them, it's a good family show. I mean she's always so funny and I love her voice so much, too bad she's only in season 1 and the last episode.
This proves that you don't have to be a tomboy or a hard core tough girl to be strong and tough. Miley Stewart is my favorite character, actually my favorite of all Disney Channel characters. Also, did The Emperor's New Groove, That's So Raven, and Kim Possible ever have real endings? I admit, in the second movie, I was blown away when Kim and Ron kissed but it did take a bit for me to get used to them as a couple. Contudo, o personagem nao vai fazer parte da trama central.Homem-Aranha tem papel fundamental na trama da Guerra Civil nos quadrinhos. FOX was initially nervous to air the Simpsons, as there hasn't been a cartoon in primetime since The Flintstones, and that they were unsure if they could keep the audience's attention for the duration of the episode.
Up until 2004, the head of these groups was George Meyer, who apparently wrote a lot of the best lines from episodes. The family owns a dog, Santa's Little Helper, and a cat, Snowball V, renamed Snowball II in "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot". It was later scrapped when the former governor of California decided to reclaim the Conan mantle in the proposed, upcoming The Legend of Conan. While the family does have their problems it doesn't go over the top with it or come across as dysfunctional like Good Luck Charlie or a lot of the other new Disney Channel shows families. It even has some good emotional stuff, though not as much as the movie, like the episode revolving around the day Lilo an Nani's parents died. The characters are all entertaining and great, though Zack can be a little annoying at times. I mean she's gorgeous, smart, sweet, cares about her friends and family, has an amazing voice, and is absolutely hilarious.
I love all the situations Raven gets into where she has to wear disguises, I love the voices and the the way she acts when she's in disguise.
They proposed doing three seven-minute shorts and four specials until the audience adjusted, but the producers gambled for thirteen half-hour episodes for the series. If there's a show that's not here it doesn't mean I think it's bad, unless it was on the worst list.
Lizzie and her family act like a real family; the fighting siblings, the mother always trying to help, the dad trying to help as much as he can but of course when it comes to girls problems he's awkward with it. It's a pretty funny show too, it's no Avatar: The Last Airbender or anything but still pretty funny.
My favorite would have to be Maddie, she's such a sweet girl but also is funny, sassy, smart, and isn't afraid to speak her mind.
I also really love the wrong lever joke and the first over the top plan the Kronk criticizes, though neither are as good as the ones in the first movie. The Little Mermaid Series is a believable prequel, unlike that awful Ariel's Beginning, and if only it had an episode that talked about Ariel's mother it would be a perfect prequel, but she still gets a small mention.

She's so hilarious that when Miley Cyrus played in The Last Song I found it kind of hard to take her serious in a serious film because I'm so use to her in comedy. The Simpsons was originally to premiere in the fall of 1989, with "Some Enchanted Evening," but when the episode came back from animation in Korea, it had major, major problems with it. Despite the passing of yearly milestones such as holidays or birthdays, the Simpsons do not physically age and still appear just as they did at the end of the 1980s. If you want to know what I think of the shows not listed here please ask and I'll tell you in the comments, but don't have that be the only thing you talk about. Okay maybe that's not everyone's family but it's definitely more believable than Good Luck Charlie. Finster is a pretty epic character and while she's mean and grumpy she has her soft side too. I can believe everything about it, I believe that they have conflict but they do love each other. She's sassy, smart, pretty, funny, makes some mistakes, and is fully capable of taking care of herself. It's not just with her, it's like if Lucille Ball played Katniss in The Hunger Games, I know that's impossible but just imagine, I wouldn't take her seriously because she's so hilarious on I Love Lucy. I would love that show is every situation wasn't based off of music and if the songs were better. This show is actually pretty unique, since it's one of the few that's just about a regular kid trying to go through real life. I especially got interested in season 2 because there was also some drama too and really good development. I also love how this show had crossovers with other shows; An American Dragon, Recess, The Proud Family, and Kim Possible. For example there's this one episode where Maddie is told she has chicken legs and London is told her butt is huge.
Like this one about a foreign family and how at the end of the episode their house gets vandalized with words saying "GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY" and later Penny gives a speech about how different cultures, all the struggles they go through, how amazing they are, and how there are those who are prejudice to them. I think this show does perfect justice to the movie and I don't think they could have made it any better. Her bodyguard, Roxy is the also hilarious "Roxy like a puma!" and "I've got my eyes on you!".
Most specifically are the one where Raven is told she can't model her dress because she's not thin and another where Raven doesn't get a job just because she's black. Brooks was extremely dissatisfied with the product and called for many parts of the episode to be redone. I mean you have your super stars, psychics, world hero, nanny, dancers on a show, TV stars, etc. The conflict is entertaining and I think it's interesting it reminds us all of a simplier time when we went to school and always looked forward to Recess and playing with our friends. The romance between Jake and Rose is great, I always keep wanting them to get together and every time something gets in the way I get angry and almost pull my hair out. They don't just have one specific love interest for either of the main characters that's always there throughout the show. There's another that shows the true meaning of Christmas, ironically it's showing it through the African Holiday, Quanza.
I was so sad when the show finally ended and I was surprised when Miley finally revealed she was Hannah Montana. First of all raven is a very unique Disney Channel girl because she's not thin or the supermodel gorgeous type like Miley, Lindsay (before the drugs), or Hilary. The producers then decided to just go ahead and air "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," on December 17, 1989 as a Christmas Special.
They date several people throughout the show and this makes it real and unique, especially for a Disney Channel show. Just like in the first movie, my favorite character is Lilo, talk about a relate-able, hilarious, and epic character.
Also going on is Zack's diet changing because he eats too much sugar and Chef Palo's diet is also changing because in his blood test they found bacon bits in it.
People care too much about presents, money, and the material things with Christmas but this shows the true meaning and beauty of the holiday; family, the people you care about, being grateful, and showing love and compassion for others, even a stranger.
Shego is an awesome character too, talk about a character who should have been the main villain the whole time.
If these shows just had good animation they'd be absolutely perfect, though make the Aladdin Series longer and give The Little Mermaid Series more mention of Ariel's mother and how Ursula became who she is.
However she's still beautiful in her own way and shows you don't have to look like Miley for example to be beautiful. Lizzie is my favorite character and Hilary Duff is great for this role, I wouldn't choose anyone else to play her.
First of all it's awesome that they're addressing something serious like eating disorders, not just about trying not to eat but also about stuffing your face too.
Besides those reasons I think the others are better because they're so hilarious and are two of my top 10 favorite shows.
I mean a hamster that doesn't even look like a hamster but instead a fat rat with rabbit ears. Maddie and London later accept themselves the way they are and realize that they are two very beautiful women who don't need to change who they are. It's not higher because the other shows are more serious and less goofy, but don't get me wrong, I love the goofiness, I just prefer others. Although we probably wouldn't have gotten all of her entertaining sarcastic and witty comebacks. Casey is naggy, a kill joy, thinks all the things that aren't fun are fun, and really up tight, though she kind of likable, kind of depends on what mood I'm in.
There are other villains who are cool, and others that are lame, but let's face it Draken and Shego are the only ones worth mentioning. As for the other one I wanna say first that this show is awesome because, with the exception of Chelsea's actress, it's an all black cast.
I mean with other relationships on Disney Channel shows they were more interesting and engaging but it's still nice. I think they should have had the first two seasons be when they're in middle school, which they did, but have the animation style from the first season and not be as serious as it was in season two.
I think it should have had four more season with them in high school and get more serious, while still having good humor, and then change the animation style.
Eating a bunch of junk isn't good for you, eating in moderation is a better life choice, which this episode shows.
He's just a comic relief and I don't even find him very funny, he's kind of just the useless sidekick who always needs to be saved. It's great that they tackled a lesson about how there are still racist and prejudice people out there and we need to fight against them. This show could have had the qualities of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which managed to have all the perfect qualities in just three seasons. This show not only has great humor and characters but great life lessons without being forced. I'd explain that further but I already explained it in My Top 10 Biggest Animated Dumba** Damsel's In Distress. I'm sad that the movie planned for this like two or three years ago was cancelled but let's hope it'll come back into production. I wanted for a long time for Kim and Ron to get together and was so happy when they did in the movie.

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