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The line that Matthew Phillips used to describe Ducati’s original scrambler model built back in the 1960s was a tad too colorful to print verbatim in a newspaper, but not here. In fact, Ducati used that suggestive imagery in an advertising campaign at the time that was dubbed “Franco and Elvira.” It showed a good-looking couple aboard a scrambler. Phillips, who lives in Litchfield, CT knows a lot about the now-classic Ducati scrambler as he owns one. It was a few weeks ago that I ran into Phillips at Toymakers Cafe in Falls Village, CT and he asked if I’d ridden the new retro Scrambler from Ducati yet.
With the help of New Haven Powersports, which brought a 2015 Scrambler to the cafe for a day of demo rides on May 10, Phillips got to ride what has been described as “contemporary reinterpretation” of its predecessor.
Phillips rode the low-end model Icon, which has a base MSRP of $8,495. “I think it’s possibly the smoothest Ducati I’ve ever driven.
While Phillips admitted to having “sworn off big modern bikes,” he nonetheless took to the Scrambler, perhaps because it isn’t that big. As obtained, Phillips’ scrambler looked nothing like the sparkling specimen that he now rides. The finished Ducati 450 SCR is now “98% original,” and Phillips said that there’s “a simplicity, an elementalness to the bike” that is also conveyed in the Scrambler. Being a vintage aficionado, Phillips also lamented the loss of the bike’s original purpose – a “social bike” to pick up girls – in favor of modern performance. Six years ago, Moto Guzzi introduced its retro V7 model and it immediately caught my attention. This website exists for all riders - no matter your brand preference or type of bike - and encourages polite discussion.
By Phil On April 22, 2016 · Add Comment Danny Poirier overcame a series of mechanical gremlins during the 2016 season to edge his teammate and former series champion Mathieu for his sixth career regional title.
Former series champion Mathieu Morin, of Val-D’Or, Quebec, outgunned teammate Danny Poirier to sweep the Pro finals in Rockwood, Maine, at what turned out to be the 2016 ECS season finale. Morin, of Val-D’Or, Quebec, powered his Ingles Performance Ski-doo to victory on Saturday after a strong effort in qualifying. On Sunday, Morin blasted off the line as if shot out of a cannon, handling his sled like a toy on the challenging track in Maine’s famed North Woods. Former series champion Mathieu Morin (2011) rode to victory last weekend in Bennington, Vermont.
Snocross (ECS) completed Round 5 of its eight-race schedule at Willow Park in Bennington, Vermont.
Former ECS Pro Lite champion (2014) and Vermont native Hunter Patenaude earned a win at the famed Grand Prix de Valcourt. Tremblay completed his clean sweep of Pro Open action on Sunday with another inspiring performance.
Defending Pro Lite champion Cody Paolella got back up on top of the box in NY last weekend. By Phil On March 7, 2016 · Add Comment Five-time defending Pro Open Champion Danny Poirier notched his second straight sweep of the Finals at historic Bass Park in Bangor.
By Phil On January 28, 2016 · Add Comment Five-time and defending Pro champion Danny Poirier kicked off the 2016 ECS season with a clean sweep of his finals at the Clinton County Fairgrounds in Plattsburgh, New York.
By Phil On January 16, 2016 · Add Comment Led by five-time and reigning Pro Open champion Danny Poirier, the Ingles Performance Racing team is gearing up for the 2016 East Coast Snocross series opener. One of the northeast’s top snocross teams is carrying a ton of momentum into the new year, as Ingles Performance prepares for the 2016 East Coast Snocross (ECS) series season opener on Jan.
This charge of energy and enthusiasm comes not only from the potential of a greatly-improved 2016 Ski-doo MXZX 600RS, but also from a streak of strong performances by Ingles athletes in the first three International Series of Champions (ISOC) national events of the season. Within the far-reaching snowmobile industry, one name stands above the rest when it comes to manufacturing tracks. By Phil On January 5, 2016 · Add Comment The good folks at Plaistow Powersports have signed on to support the new Snow Bike class at East Coast Snocross.
Officials at East Coast Snocross (ECS) are proud to announce that Plaistow Powersports, a full-service Snow Bike kit dealer in Plaistow, New Hampshire, has signed on to sponsor the new Snow Bike class for 2016.
Make sure to stay up to date with the South Shore's #1 dealer for Kawasaki equipment as well as too many parts and gear brands to list!
Check your airbox - Make sure the air box is clean, remove any rags placed in the intake, and shoo away any animals. With insight from the GOAT Ricky Carmichael, Fox made one of the most comfortable and maneuverable boots on the market, not to mention the highest level of protection. Here are some great basic tech tips that you always need to take into consideration as a regular motorcycle rider. Left-turn treacheryWhen approaching an oncoming car that’s stopped and about to turn left, be ready. Ride in open zonesUse your bike’s power and maneuverability to ride in open zones in traffic. Use that thumbGet into the habit of canceling your turn signals often regardless of the traffic situation. Watch drivers’ heads and mirrorsWatching the head movements of drivers through their windows and mirrors is an excellent way to anticipate sudden moves. Never get between a vehicle and an offrampThis sounds almost too simple, but drivers who decide to exit at the last minute kill plenty of riders each year. Cover your brakesIn traffic you must often react extra quickly, which means not fumbling for the brake lever or pedal. Be ready with the powerIn traffic, ride in a gear lower than you normally would so your bike is ready to jump forward instantly if asked.
For those of you that have not heard, one of Massachusetts’ most decorated young amateurs, Jake Beaudoin, was seriously injured in a practice crash at Millsaps Training Facility in Georgia. While it’s true you need to keep water intake steady throughout the day, it is indeed possible to drink too much. Myth #9: Gatorade and energy drinks provide the proper hydration and electrolytes my body needs to ride in the hot sun.
Gatorade and energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine, which is essentially an oxymoronic recipe that backfires when it comes to hydration since these two ingredients promote dehydration.

To a degree, or should we say a few degrees, mesh gear will provide some relief from the heat. You see it all the time, but this is a faster route to dehydration and sun stroke than number two, not to mention sun damage to your skin which you may have to deal with later in life at the skin cancer center.
Well-built textile and leather gear with good venting provides the right amount of airflow to pass over your perspiring skin and offers some natural evaporative cooling.
Owner Don Owens considered expanding onto property the dealership already owns, but the options just didn’t seem to fit. New off-road vehicles will be in the former sporting store, and new on-road vehicles will remain in the existing showroom. According to lore (and fact), Franco and Elvira weren’t models merely hired for a photo shoot, rather Ducati employees – he a test rider and she a receptionist.
It’s a bright yellow 1969 Ducati 450 SCR “Jupiter,” which he bought out of Sturbridge, MA in 2001. It’s comparable to the BMW R Nine T in terms of smooth, comfortable power delivery,” he said. With an 803cc L-twin engine and weighing it at 410 pounds with a full tank of gas, the Scrambler is peppy, nimble and “very comfortable to ride almost immediately,” Phillips reported.
I drink Dogfish Head and Otter Creek beers and avoid barley pop products with the names Budweiser, Miller or Coors attached for the same reason. Sure, loads of movies have motorcycles in them, but movies that focus on bikes and riding …Postcards From New ZealandIt may now be spring in New England, but fall weather is coming to New Zealand. Theodore, edged Mathieu Morin by the narrowest of margins after 11 Pro Open finals were contested.
Poirier was closer to his usual form in second, yet Morin, now in the best physical shape in years, would simply not be denied. Theodore, Quebec, bounced back from the rare mechanical gremlins he experienced on Saturday to blister the field on Sunday. Battles in the Pro Lite class continue to be some of the most entertaining on the entire docket. Renheim stepped up to claim second, while Lemieux capped a successful weekend with his second consecutive podium finish.
Theodore, QC, slotted into second at the start of Saturday’s 12-lap Pro Open final behind early leader Tyler Adams.
The Team Southside gang celebrated several times on Saturday, as Kassie Thibodeau claimed the Pro Women final and Bruce Gaspardi Jr. 1, 2016) — Five-time reigning champion Danny Poirier powered his way to a second straight sweep of the Pro finals over the weekend, as East Coast Snocross (ECS) completed Round 2 on the nine-race 2016 race schedule at historic Bass Park in Bangor.
Theodore, Quebec, grabbed the holeshot in Saturday’s 14-lap final and led from wire-to-wire. The big crowd on hand at Bass Park roared with approval as the Pro Open riders aired it out over the table-top. Newman powered his new ZR6000R to victory Saturday ahead of teammate Jared Gessner, with Jamie Vanderra rock-solid in third. Officials at East Coast Snocross (ECS) have announced a new partnership with Camso (formerly Camoplast), the worldwide leader in snowmobile tracks and ATV track systems.
Championship points will not be tallied during this initial season, yet this new class will still run two qualifying heats and a final each day during all ECS race events. The first race of the year will be hosted Sunday March 25th at Capeway Rovers in Middleboro, MA. It may sound a bit strange, but mice and other critters have been known to nest in the airbox of very expensive motorcycles. Remember, you can always bring your bike in to our expert service department and rest assured that your bike is getting the proper treatment. Your brights should be on so the driver can see you (during the day), but don’t rely on this to save you.
But they’re also light, narrow and hugely maneuverable, so you might as well learn to exploit their strengths when things get ugly, right? If the bonehead coming toward you from the left or right is going to blow the light, better they hit the box van next to you, right? In traffic, always buttress your mirror-generated rear view with a glance over the appropriate shoulder. To minimize reach time, always keep a finger or two on the brake lever and your right toe close to the rear brake pedal.
Ride with your high beam on during the day (as a courtesy, turn it off when sitting behind someone at a light), and wear brightly colored gear, especially your helmet and jacket. Stay left (or right) When traffic slows suddenly, stay to the left or right of the car in front of you. Jake was in a coma for several days, but signs are looking good that Jake will make a full recovery.
If every time you pee, your urine is clear like water, you may have peed out all your electrolytes and you’re now on the verge of the same symptoms as sun stroke bundled with organ damage. If you’re looking to increase your intake of electrolytes, use an electrolyte additive and mix it with your water, juice, diet soda or any other beverage you like. Many utilize all sorts of chemicals to block the sun’s UV rays and keep the product affixed to your skin.
If you’re not up to speed on ways to cool your body down, you may be thinking that there is reality to this.
Keep as much of your skin covered when you ride to reduce sun damage and road rash and help stay cool. Moisture is released through the surface of your skin and transfers excess heat away via the airflow. The stuffy pair of blue jeans or otherwise can make wearing over-pants a little uncomfortable and provide too much insulation at a time when you don’t want it. Existing parts and service departments will stay where they are, as will the customer entrance. It quickly dawned on me that it might be instructive if he rode the Scrambler and compared the new against the old.

The company’s marketing the Scrambler as a stand-alone line with the Scrambler name (the “S” uppercase) front and center and the Ducati name sublimated, and may have more variants to come. And that’s where RIDE-CT …Can You Pass This Motorcycle Test?Are you a skilled rider? Paolella and Ontario native Scott Vandeborne made it a 1-2-3 sweep in Pro Lite final points for Team Southside. Both Adams and teammate Mathieu Morin came off their sleds on the opening lap, handing Poirier a gift he converted into his fifth victory of 2016. 25, 2016) — Five-time and reigning northeastern regional champion Danny Poirier swept the Pro finals over the weekend, as East Coast Snocross (ECS) completed Round 1 at the Clinton County Fairgrounds.
On Sunday, Roscoe kicked it up a notch to finish second, while former CSRA standout Scott Vandeborne hit the box in third during his first weekend with Team Southside.
12, 2016) — In most forms of motor sports competition, momentum is often what carries a specific team to a streak of consecutive wins or even championships. 5, 2016) — Among the hot topics being discussed in race shops around New England as the 2016 snocross season approaches is the addition of a class for Snow Bikes. It is amazing how the winter just flies right by and all of a sudden it is time to go racing again!
The octane level in gasoline can drop as much as 10 octane points in a week, so get some fresh 110 or at least 93 in there. Also, if you do find flat tires when you go to take the bike out of storage, don’t immediately think you need to change the tubes. Doing so will separate you from four-wheelers, give you additional room to maneuver and allow you to keep away from dangerous blind spots. For the same reasons, don’t lunge through an intersection as soon as the light turns green.
Do it quickly and you’ll add an extra measure of rear-view and blind-spot knowledge to your info-gathering tasks. Passing on the right is generally a no-no, but in this day and age it’s sometimes necessary.
When that cell phone-yakking dorkus cuts across your path trying to get to the 7-Eleven for a burrito supreme, you’ll be ready. His family need our help now more than ever, and luckily the New England motocross family is a community like no other.
Wearing a cool tie or otherwise only partially cools down the arteries going to your brain. Keep the water flowing throughout the day in reasonable amounts, but refrain from drinking a few liters of water every hour. You have the tools on board to fix it but it’s going to take 20-30 minutes to do so.
And amidst all this chemistry lie certain ingredients that burn the eyes if they get in there via sweating or just using your finger to try and clear your eye of dirt. But keep in mind that your thyroid is attempting to regulate your body temperature at 98.6 degrees. To remedy this, simply wear nothing but a pair of wicking skins and over-the-calf socks and notice how much more mobility you have and how much better you feel when the heat comes on.
But by midsummer, that space will be enclosed to connect the buildings under a unified outer design, expanding the dealership to over 50,000 sq.
It turned out the flywheel was damaged and that became one of the more difficult parts to renovate,” Phillips said. “Most of the parts came from an organization in Italy that promotes and supports the preservation of these bikes. Congratulations to our six-time champion and his teammate for their historic one-two finish in points.
In the sport of snowmobile snocross, having momentum on your side builds confidence in both riders and the skilled mechanics who set up and maintain the sleds. It provides flotation over the white gold we call snow, and directly connects the power under our hoods to the trail below.
But make sure that before you hit the race track, you cover the essential steps to make sure the bike is race ready. Use your sense of smell, too; often you can smell spilled diesel fuel before your tires discover how slippery the stuff is.
It will also help keep you from becoming a hood ornament if the car behind you fails to stop in time. Look for sunscreens that have few ingredients yet yield a high SPF rating and then test a few out. Riding into a wall of 90 degree plus air won’t provide any cool options with which your thyroid can work with.
With full coverage gear, you won’t wick all that moisture away like you would in shorts, a t-shirt or mesh gear. A lot has changed since then, not least the size of the vehicles on the lot: Dothan carries vehicles not envisioned 15 years ago, including the new side-by-sides, the Polaris Slingshot and even a few GEM electric cars. Amici Della Scrambler can supply replacements for all but the largest components like the frame and engine cases. Even though it has been sitting idle all winter, you still need to take the proper precautions or risk not even making it to the first turn.
Riding along with the flow can make you invisible to other drivers, especially in heavy traffic. They look a little fogey-like but it’s best to carry a full brimmed hat that was designed to be worn in hot sun.
But there’s another way to increase your evaporative cooling ability which we will discuss in #6. Smith’s front yard could be a lot better than centerpunching the Buick that turned left in front of you. An evaporative cooling vest with a nominal amount of airflow will assist your thyroid and body with keeping your blood at a far more acceptable temperature than a wet neck tie.

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