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One of the first Indian to have won the Malaysian championship, Dilip Rogger figures in the top 10 list of prominent racers in India. Dilip has blazed the Sriperumbudur tracks in Chennai, and at the European circuit and Malaysian championships and zipped across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Germany, Australia and the U.K.
As a 100 m sprinter, he represented Tamil Nadu at various championships before shifting to bike racing. Directed by Ramji, who has made a couple of Malayalam films, the film is a commercial entertainer but has a mission too.
He is set to zoom away as a wild card entrant at Moto GP, the world premier motorcycling championship. Now with KTM, the European Motorcycle Company as the sponsor he gets to race on European bikes.

The director took me to Madurai to mingle with the crowd and observe their way of life and their slang. In the entire movie, I appear wearing a lungi, which I have never worn in my life,” he laughs. I carry the udumbu, the lizard with me all through the movie and hence the name,” he explains.
The way he adapts to every character and the sheer variety of roles is amazing,” says the young actor. Racer Dilip Rogger now divides his time between his twin passions — racing and films.
The racer wants to do a film based on bike racing, something which has never been done before.

But, the difficult part was emoting, especially the dancing and romancing sequences, he says. It is similar to F1 racing and will be conducted in 18 countries,” says an excited Dilip. He wants to pick and choose exclusive championships during the racing season that runs from April to December.
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