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Some neighbourhoods were temporarily plunged into darkness in January, as Newfoundland Power used rolling blackouts to deal with extreme cold. Hydro said it is unlikely there will be a problem, but it is putting its generation contingency plan in place and is requesting that customers on the island take steps to conserve electricity where possible. It said that residential customers can reduce electric heat by a few degrees, avoid drying clothes, and conserve hot water by not running dishwashers, washers, and showers. Businesses can help by reducing temperatures, only heating necessary spaces, reducing equipment use during peak periods, and turning off turning non-essential indoor lights and outdoor signs and billboards. In January, Hydro initiated a series of rolling blackouts to conserve power after tens of thousands of customers were plunged into darkness, some for several days, when the system could not meet demands.
Corner Brook artist Jackie Alcock has sewn thousands of fabric forget-me-nots onto a military blanket, to honour Royal Newfoundland Regiment soldiers who fought and died in World War I. It might be hard to thick about saving money after the recent provincial budget, but there is a way.
Volunteers, police and search and rescue crews are all searching for 17-year-old Kirby Mistenapeo. Rob Henderson of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro and Gary Smith of Newfoundland Power speak to reporters in St.
They said the shortage is most acute on the Avalon Peninsula, where demand is highest, and also where five feeders are currently off the grid.
Rolling blackouts have been instituted to deal with soaring energy demand amid an ongoing cold snap.
With wind chill temperatures in many communities plunging below a€“30 C, the extreme cold is only one of the problems besetting Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, which sells electricity to Newfoundland Power. Nalcor Energy vice-president Dawn Dalley says consumers can help deal with an energy crunch through conservation at home.
She added the extreme cold has meant Hydro is dealing with demand it usually sees in late January and February.
The utility announced Monday possible rolling blackouts during peak morning and evening hours from Tuesday to Thursday if there are sudden generation issues.
It's also asking business customers to only heat needed spaces, reduce equipment use and turn off lights where possible. Unusually cold weather in early January along with high winds and system malfunctions led to planned and unexpected power failures across the island of Newfoundland. Natural Resources Minister Derrick Dalley stressed in an interview that the conservation request is precautionary as the government monitors the situation. Dalley said the Progressive Conservative government is on the verge of announcing terms of a promised independent review of utility operations, management and related regulations to assess how the system failed. It is meant to complement and not duplicate an ongoing review by the Public Utilities Board.
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, a subsidiary of Crown corporation Nalcor Energy, works with private distributor Newfoundland Power and the independent Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities to forecast hydro loads.
But the failure to meet January power demands in the absence of a major ice storm or similar damage to transmission lines drew comparisons to hydro glitches in developing countries. Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro said Monday it has 1,575 megawatts of available electricity with peak loads over the next three days expected of between 1,400 and 1,500 megawatts. NDP energy critic George Murphy said mid-winter is no time to lose capacity because of equipment maintenance or other issues.
Newfoundland and Labrador's generating plant at Holyrood failed twice during a week-long series of outages and rolling blackouts. A week has passed since an end came to rolling blackouts and outages that knocked out power in much of Newfoundland. During a week of outages, officials with Newfoundland Power and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro urged consumers to conserve energy, to reduce demand on a hobbled electrical system that has since been repaired.
But there are also calls to make those measures, such as reducing heat and using major appliances like dishwashers at off-peak hours, a permanent thing. Dunderdale said Tuesday she understands that people are fuming over four days of rolling blackouts caused by bitter cold, a blizzard, maintenance issues and equipment malfunctions. People have pointedly noted on social media and radio call-in shows that she waited until two days after rolling blackouts started last Thursday to hold a news conference.
The power failure at its peak Saturday affected 190,000 customers in a province of about 527,000 people. Dunderdale said her ministers were available from the start and that she was working behind the scenes. Newfoundland Power said Tuesday that electricity had been restored to all but 50 residential customers.
Memorial University, College of the North Atlantic and almost all schools on the island of Newfoundland will remain closed through Wednesday due to the disruptions.
There have been reports of nine cases of carbon monoxide poisoning in the province since Saturday, including one death. Tim Powers, a Conservative commentator and vice-chairman of Summa Strategies in Ottawa, has spent hours on the air as a guest host for local radio station VOCM since the blackouts began. Dunderdale's initial response was late and has been panned for hitting the wrong tone, Powers said.
Stephen Tomblin, a political scientist at Memorial University of Newfoundland, said he was surprised that even the premier's official Twitter feed was quiet from Dec. Ern Howell, a Mount Pearl resident who says he has voted Liberal more often than not, said it's unfair to blame Dunderdale. Time will tell if what's being called the Blizzard Blackout of 2014 will damage the premier long-term. Amanda Alvaro, a public relations adviser who founded Toronto-based Narrative PR, said Dunderdale missed a crucial chance to connect with voters. Linemen replace blown transformers as they attempt to return power to residential customers in St. Newfoundland Power asks customers to conserve electricity wherever possible such as by keeping dishwashers and other appliances off. Newfoundland Power spokeswoman Michele Coughlan renewed her plea for electricity conservation this morning, with roughly 30,000 customers in the dark and rolling blackouts hitting the province. Coughlan confirmed that one of their employees was hurt last night in an accident in the Stavangar Drive area, and sent to the hospital, but his injuries were non-life threatening. Coughlan said that the utility is monitoring the weather closely because there's heavy rain the forecast for tonight and Tuesday. A rainfall warning has been issued by Environment Canada for east coast areas including the Avalon and Burin peninsulas. A freezing rain warning has been issued for Burgeo to Ramea, and Corner Brook and vicinity.

Coughlan said as soon as they get the juice from NL Hydro, they'll feed it into the system. From a utility perspective, customers are homes or businesses, so many more people than that are affected by the outages.
A trip at the Holyrood switchyard last night plunged 110,000 Newfoundland Power customers into darkness. Stavangar Drive, Ramea, Corner Brook St.
When there is a plea to conserve and rolling blackouts, record temperature lows and an unreliable power source is that not the criteria of a crisis.
Should all levels of government facilitate refugees being enabled to work in their respective professions?
The strain on Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro's resources caused residents in central Labrador to lose power on Wednesday night.
Suzanne Ford's children and their stuffed animal huddled around candlelight during Wednesday evening's power outage in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Some residents of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and nearby communities were without power in bitterly cold weather for more than four hours. Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro said a trip at its terminal station caused the outage, and that a heavy load on the system caused delays as crews worked through the night to restore power.
Hydro officials said the cold weather has put demand at extraordinary levels, with energy usage beating a record set back in 2006. Hydro also had a problem with a generator at its Holyrood station this week, which left one unit at half capaticy. The weather across the province has brought very cold temperatures, with Wabush recording a wind chill early Thursday morning of -52 C.
The federal weather agency has issued warnings about the wind chill for Newfoundland's northeast coast and for much of Labrador, including the north coast.
Blair Sparkes, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said the frigid temperatures have been caused by a cold front from the north.
Meanwhile, the province is being told to brace for yet another storm, the latest in a series that have covered the province in snow, sometimes in record-breaking amounts for this time of the year. A storm gathering force on Thursday is expected to deliver blizzard-like conditions on Friday night and into Saturday over the Avalon Peninsula. An early winter cold snap, trouble at the Holyrood power plant and two unavailable backup generators led to rolling blackouts in Newfoundland Thursday night.
Blackouts became necessary as there was more demand for power than there was power to be supplied.
The outages are likely to be necessary again during the peak period this morning, according to Newfoundland Power and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.
On Thursday, power usage was 200 megawatts higher than the highest demand recorded for the same day over the last five years, Dalley said. According to Environment Canada, the temperature in?St.?John’s moved between -14 C and -17 C, running to -30 C with the windchill. To start, one of three generators at the Holyrood power plant, Unit 3, experienced a failure on a fan motor, meaning the unit could not be run at maximum capacity. Hydro asked the same — power generation, with less usage — from Corner Brook Pulp and Paper. With the decision made, both Newfoundland Power and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro staff took to traditional and social media in an attempt to get out an immediate call for energy conservation. Newfoundland Power spokeswoman Michelle Coughlin said the rolling blackouts are to be employed at peak periods as needed and continue as long as the island’s power demand exceeds its available supply. Prior to The Telegram’s deadline, some customers were on social media stating their outages were running longer. Any real security in the system is unlikely to be achieved until Hydro has the capability of producing more power as required.
It is expected to be two to three weeks before Holyrood is back online at 100 per cent and all of Hydro’s backup turbines are available. That said, temperatures are supposed to warm this afternoon, with the hope being energy demand will drop as temperatures go up. There is no estimate available yet on the potential costs associated with the outages or, for Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, the repair of the unit at Holyrood. The cold temperatures also had Hydro Quebec asking its customers to conserve energy in peak periods. If the outages were only 30 mins or so we could handle it BUT that was not the case last night. So Fortis is purchasing all this equity in the US driving down its value and it leaves us to cope with its inability to provide power in the province that spawned it. What kind of nincompoops do we have in charge of our Energy Strategy who thought it was a sane idea to take generators offline in an historically cold winter!? How can we trust these same people with the multi-billion dollar Muskrat Falls project if they make such obviously foolish decisions? I find it unacceptable that people are being asked to reduce power by the government for basic daily function, when power has yet to be cut from the Christmas lights at the Confederation building! I totally agree and support the theory or rolling power outages to help reduce the demand on the power system that last between 30 min even up to two hours. They already had a couple of years to fix this Holyrood issue.They're not going to convince me that they are short on power and that they need the big sink hole, namely Muskrat Falls.
I swear i used more power re-heating my house after being in the cold for 5 hours, than what they saved! An incident on Sunday night in the switchyard of hydro generating plant in Holyrood knocked out power for much of Newfoundland. Premier Kathy Dunderdale said Sunday afternoon that she didn't think the power outages across the province constituted a crisis. About 190,000 households, businesses and other customers were without power at the peak of the outage. The fire began hours after a blizzard hit the region, dumping up to 40 centimetres of snow.
The provincial utility is trying to bring power back for some by unplugging other areas on the system, according to Cowan.
Amid criticism on social media that she hadn't spoken about the situation earlier, Dunderdale said the situation was not serious until Saturday. Nalcor President Ed Martin said all resources are focused on repairing problems at the Holyrood plant to get people back on the grid. He said of the three generating units at the site, one is fully operational, a second is partially running while awaiting a part replacement, but there have been problems with the third unit since Saturday night.

Government announced on Sunday afternoon that all K-12 schools, Memorial University and College of the North Atlantic campuses on the island portion of the province would stay closed on Monday and Tuesday. According to O'Keefe, it would be best for the city and the school board alike if that extra time was given to allow the city to work on clearing sidewalks near the school, which he said wouldn't be completed until Wednesday at the earliest.
O'Keefe said parents and buses trying to get children to and from school could also pose possible dangers in less-than-ideal driving and walking conditions. Mayor O'Keefe said water will be sent to the homes if it can't be done, while further repairs are done to the site. Vickie Kaminski, the CEO of Eastern Health, said power outages are impacting health centres in Burin.
She said the health authority will have to be certain the power is back for good before it decides to reopen the centre. The facilities in Carbonear have also been dealing with some issues after leaking forced the closure of one of the operating rooms.
Newfoundland Power's 60-minute rolling blackouts resumed on Sunday to conserve power to help restore services to more customers. Coughlin said Newfoundland Power is advising companies to conserve as much energy as possible while the company works to restore power to other customers. She said if residents notice their neighbours have power but their home is still without, it is likely an isolated incident that the company needs to look into and to contact them at 1-800-474-5711. Newfoundland Power is bringing in workers from Prince Edward Island on Monday to help assist with restorations. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. But it's asking residential customers to turn down thermostats, conserve hot water and not use clothes dryers over the next three days from 7 a.m. They work together based on those assumptions to then strike a balance between maintenance, upgrades and reasonable rates. She said Nalcor is reviewing the extent to which more capacity must be added to meet needs before up to 824 megawatts come online in 2017 from the Muskrat Falls hydro project in Labrador. He blames the province's power woes on a failure to manage a residential building boom and other major construction.
Take Charge, a campaign developed by both Newfoundland Power and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, has been up and running since 2008, promoting rebates for such measures as upgraded thermostats and heat-recovery ventilators.
Ontario Hydro, for instance, charges its consumers less for using appliances during off-peak hours. When she did speak Sunday, she has been accused of initially downplaying a major system collapse by saying it was not a crisis. But the company was still urging conservation as another winter storm hit parts of the province with high winds, freezing rain and water buildup from melting snow.
Absolutely anything that people can do to minimize power usage would be useful to get more people back on the grid.
Hydro said that the rolling outages will likely continue through the day, due to a lack of electrical supply to meet demand.
Nalcor has been increasing its spending in its quest to keep the province’s energy facilities in good running order.
It means Hydro has to conduct maintenance on the turbines in the “shoulder season” — between the heavy summer and winter demand periods. It asked Newfoundland Power to contribute as much generation as it could from its own, smaller turbines.
They asked people to turn off Christmas lights, not wash laundry or dishes during peak demand periods, not use clothes dryers and reduce the temperature in their homes by a degree or two if possible. Nalcor AKA Hyrdo and NL Power sent out the wrong messages as many many people lost power for 2 or more hours!
To decide to do routine service power generators during the winter is an indication of what we can expect from the same people making decisions on the billions of OUR dollars for Muskrat.
You wenr't off for six hours because they decided that was the feeder they wanted to do it to. That number climbed back up to 35,000 within a few hours, as increased demand strained the system. They are also warned that the conservation effort could continue for weeks as the system stabilizes.
We have two great utilities in this province who understand the generation and supply of power to customers," she said. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe said he supported keeping schools closed until at least Wednesday. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines.
And how a leader performs can either win a heart share (of voter support) or it can be the final nail in the coffin. John's, Labrador City, Gander and Happy Valley-Goose Bay, said CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon. It also asked that utility to see if load from some of its larger, industrial customers might be curtailed.
Their argument is that they've been able to provide sufficient electricity in the past so that they couldn't have expected an increase in demand that would overwhelm the electrical infrastructure (such as it is).
John's International Airport were also back to normal after yesterday's service interruptions. I would have thought that these 'experts' would have realised that the number of homes has been constantly increasing and each of those homes requires electricity.
Simply because something worked in the past doesn't mean it'll continue to fulfill the requirements. The system was designed years ago and everyones homes have been upgraded to 200 Amps and even as high as 600 Amps for residential from 100 amps. Of course the assumption that old technology and antiquated systems will continue to work indefinitely helps explain the lack of maintenance that has caused all the recent mechanical breakdowns.
As other people have suggested, who plans to take generators off-line in December and into January?

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