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North American Power is a retail energy provider founded in 2009 to help consumers save on electricity while doing its part to provide cleaner energy options for the future. Each customer that switches to North American Power automatically chooses 25% renewable energy and has the choice to upgrade to 100% renewable energy for a slightly higher rate than the standard rate.
North American Power’s ongoing charitable initiative, Mission to Millions, allows customers to direct company funds to charities each month when they pay their bill. A customer of North American Power can become Independent Representative for the company by enrolling one new customer, completing and signing an Independent Representative Agreement, taking and passing an online training program and providing the required compensation plan payment information. North American Power Representatives earn a $7 bonus for each personally referred residential or small commercial customer with historical Kilowatt usage between 250 and 5,000 and every American Wind customer they acquire. Reps and Rep interested in offering North American Power products or working with you to build a business list on Npros. Put your information in front of thousands of prospects looking for home business opportunities. North American Power has agreed to pay $2.6 million into Connecticut's fuel assistance program to settle a two-year investigation by the state's attorney general into the company's marketing practices. North American Power, which admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement, will make "charitable donations" to the nonprofit Operation Fuel in equal payments of $100,000 over 26 months. Sunday, 16 December 2012 -- North American Power, a New England energy company that has saved hundreds of thousands of customers money on their electric bills, is introducing their retail electricity supply service to the 400,000-plus customers of PSNH. SOUTH NORWALK, Conn., June 19, 2012 -- North American Power, the energy company that has saved its customers millions of dollars on their electric bills while greening the power grid, was presented with two Gold Stevie® Awards in The 10th Annual American Business Awards last night in New York City. In its modeling, FERC studied what would happen if various combinations of substations were crippled in the three electrical systems that serve the contiguous U.S. The actual number of locations that would have to be knocked out to spawn a massive blackout would vary depending on available generation resources, energy demand, which is highest on hot days, and other factors, experts said. The truth is that we live in an unprecedented time.  We have become extremely dependent on technology, and that technology could be stripped away from us in an instant. If a group of agents working for a foreign government or a terrorist organization wanted to bring us to our knees, they could do it. The Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Smith reports that a former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chairman is acknowledging for the first time that a group of snipers shot up a Silicon Valley substation for 19 minutes last year, knocking out 17 transformers before slipping away into the night. So what happens someday when the bad guys decide to conduct a coordinated attack against our power grid with heavy weapons?
In addition, as I mentioned at the top of this article, the Internet is extremely vulnerable as well. For example, did you know that authorities are so freaked out about the security of the Internet that they have given “the keys to the Internet” to a very small group of individuals that meet four times per year? The keyholders have been meeting four times a year, twice on the east coast of the US and twice here on the west, since 2010.
What these men and women control is the system at the heart of the web: the domain name system, or DNS. Threats range from teenagers in their bedrooms engaging in adolescent “hacktivism”, to sophisticated criminal gangs and state-sponsored terrorists attempting everything from extortion to industrial espionage.
Up until now, attacks on our infrastructure have not caused any significant interruptions in our lifestyles. A new study sponsored by Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center has highlighted the prospect that global industrial civilisation could collapse in coming decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution. Click here to subscribe: Join over one million monthly readers and receive breaking news, strategies, ideas and commentary.
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Even if they knocked out these substations that would just keep energy traveling from say Los Angeles to Portland.
There are about 7000 large powerplants in the USA that operate and close to that that are mothballed. The thumbs up or down flagging system allows readers to determine if the post is, or is not, relevant to the conversation. I know it’s your site Mac, but are you in the habit of rewriting the posts of folks who comment on your site? If you don’t, the durango kidd has some lake front property in Cave Creek to sell you. I worked hard and sacrifice many years of my life so my family to include extended familyand friend to enjoy nice things.
Mind you, the Israelis aren’t advocating getting THEIR ASSES SHOT OFF, but getting OURS!
I’m not a Jew hater, but I AM a war hater and I dislike people trying to paint a target on MY country, for their own purposes.
This appears to be both Breitbart and Turnbull’s first MLM venture, with both having a long history in the natural resources sector (crude oil and petroleum brokerage).
The company offers an electricity, gas and wind energy services through third-party utility providers in the US. The North American Power compensation plan primarily revolves around the acquisition of new customers. Power you will need to enroll one Accepted Customer, complete and sign the North American Power Independent Representative Agreement, take and pass the Independent Representative on-line training program and provide all of the required compensation plan payment information. To participate in the North American Power compensation plan, you must be an Accepted Customer as well as meet all of the requirements as defined under Representative.
Note that all accepted customer referrals generate a $19 commission for wind customers and $22 commission for electric and gas. Note that if the first ranked affiliate in the upline is a National Director, they earn the entire remaining $10 commission. Each of these bonuses has a base commission paid out to the referring affiliate, along with override commissions paid out to the first available ranked members found in the affiliate’s upline. There are 11 bands of payment (5 residential and 6 commercial) which dictate how much an affiliate is paid per kWh of energy used (or thermal).
Regional and National Directors who have held their membership rank for at least one calendar month are both eligible for a monthly car allowance of $1000 and $3000 respectively. North American Power are quite clearly offering an energy service through the company and pay out commissions based on the usage of this service.
The north american power compensation plan is designed to bring fantastic earning potential to individuals interested in building a marketing network. In letting their basic customer level (which is supposed to be true retail and have no involvement in the compensation plan and business opportunity), North American Power effectively eliminate true retail from the business.
You can join as a customer and not refer anyone, however there’s no differentiation between these customers and those that do, other than their own actions. In MLM you have to have retail customers otherwise 100% of the revenue generated by your company comes from company members. Given that accepted customers already earn via the compensation plan (no residuals), I’m not sure what need there is for a separate representative agreement is.
Why there’s a lack of differentiation between retail customers (non-existence is more accurate) and company affiliates is thee case I have no idea, but it casts a shadow on what otherwise looks to be a solid MLM business opportunity offering. Functionally you’ve got a service that your representatives should be selling to retail customers, yet in including accepted customers in the compensation plan, Northern American Power have changed what should be customer acquisitions to representative acquisitions. The bottom line is if you can earn via the compensation plan, you’re no longer a customer but rather an affiliate (associate, representative, distributor whatever you want to call it). Update 14th January 2015 – Sometime over the last 24 hours North American Power have terminated their MLM business operations. They are in danger of repeating what Burnlounge did: no separation between retail and affiliate.
Robert Dean and his group that jumped from deal to deal are in this one as well and that is what is probably happening here.

I read this article with great interest and respect the fact that you took the time to do your research on the North American Power and Gas, LLC. My site number is 228755 which led me to believe that there were some 228754 people in ahead of me.
This is a REAL Alternative Energy company headed by some very talented people that is choosing to make a MLM type opportunity available to those folks that want to achieve several personal goals. First off, they offer consumers a way to go Green with in their foot print and pay a small premium for 100% green or renewable energy or less for 25% renewable. I heard it said that over the last year, excluding the November-December super storm Sandy adverse effects on green electric pricing that they actually saved most consumers money on their bill over a 12 month basis. Secondly, this is a Referral Based opportunity that if one does talk to others as a customer, which is the same as a Rep, one can mitigate their electric utility costs. There are several aspects of the business that differ greatly from the numerous pure energy play deals (ambit)or consumer services deals where several products or services are offered from cell, alarm and other services (5linx).
As a non professional MLM guy, my first point of interest was the company was supporting charitable organizations with the Mission to Millions program. Here I can do good for my friends and family and sales leads and prospects by turning them on to a real deal that not only generates a real income for rep’s but also does good for the much need charities. Also, as this is a simple play, KISS principal is defined by “keep it super simple” !
So, in 40 plus States, anyone with a burning desire, with a good mentor can go from zero to hero in 24 months and make a really decent living. Why would Forbes look at this company and rank them in 2012 as on of the top 100 companies? As a special situations stock and bond broker, this type of growth and the Forbes article, the Direct Sellers News 100 would alone make me take a hard look. I can build an organization within a legitimate Power Company which will probably do over 500 million dollars in 2013 all from Orlando in my home office. I can still sleep well at night knowing that my efforts here over the next year or two will enable me to help untold numbers of friends, family and future friends to do what others have done before me, build a large 5 figure income from the comfort of my home and not have to worry about the company folding or the FTC shutting it down.
Personal Opinions expressed here in no way are from or represent the company North American Power and Gas, LLC. That’s a rather broad conclusion to draw, and subsequently fails to address the actual red flag itself. Infact despite the length of your comment, not once was the issue of retail customers mentioned. Choice does not differentiate your affiliates from your retail customers, not having access to the compensation plan does.
Signing up again for free to the same company is not differentiation between customers and affiliates.
In the compensation plan material I cited there was no differentiation between retail and affiliates. All trademarks, logos and images are copyright of their respective owners and used under the provision of Fair Use.
Should you be trying out this evaluate, odds are you are looking into North American Electricity, or NAPower, and imagining about turning into a distributor.
With regards to their products and services, North American Strength markets earth-friendly energy. The genius of marketing strength expert services is the fact you’ve an existing marketplace mainly because everyone currently uses and pays for electric power every single thirty day period.
There are lots of strategies you’ll be able to get paid profits while using the compensation approach. Success Starts With An Idea Then Is Followed Up By Massive Action Towards One’s Goals.
New technology can improve electric power system efficiency and reliability - Today in Energy - U.S. Petroleum & Other LiquidsCrude oil, gasoline, heating oil, diesel, propane, and other liquids including biofuels and natural gas liquids. Natural GasExploration and reserves, storage, imports and exports, production, prices, sales.
ElectricitySales, revenue and prices, power plants, fuel use, stocks, generation, trade, demand & emissions.
Consumption & EfficiencyEnergy use in homes, commercial buildings, manufacturing, and transportation.
CoalReserves, production, prices, employ- ment and productivity, distribution, stocks, imports and exports. Renewable &Alternative FuelsIncludes hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and ethanol. Total EnergyComprehensive data summaries, comparisons, analysis, and projections integrated across all energy sources.
Analysis & ProjectionsMonthly and yearly energy forecasts, analysis of energy topics, financial analysis, Congressional reports.
Markets & FinanceFinancial market analysis and financial data for major energy companies. InternationalInternational energy information, including overviews, rankings, data, and analyses.
The term "smart grid" covers a range of devices and systems that leverage recent advances in digital technology and communications to improve the efficiency, performance, and reliability of the existing electric power system infrastructure. A mismatch between supply and demand or a breakdown in synchronization can put stress on the grid.
Comparing data between points on an electric system is a good way to reveal stress on the system and home in on the source of the problem. Developing methods for accumulating, analyzing, and distributing vast amounts of data is a challenge throughout the range of smart grid technologies. In time, applications for PMUs may include integrating intermittent renewable generators and automating controls for transmission system and demand response equipment, as well as developing increasingly-efficient use of electric power system infrastructure. Offline, synchrophasor data are already being used to improve electric system models used in real-time operations and planning, as well as for disturbance analysis and forensic investigation. For more information on PMUs and the use of synchrophasor data, see the North American SynchroPhasor Initiative website and the recent report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (2010). I moved 3 months ago.I thought I had taken care of all the loose ends however a COLLECTION agency sent me a bill today on behalf of National Grid. National Grid - Inept service techincians and awful insensitive customer service that jeopardized our health as well as other tenants with babies. Review submitted through "Contact Us" will not get published on the site or forwarded to National Grid. Since North American Power is an energy supplier that works with local utilities, customers who switch to North American Power have no interruption in service and continue to be billed by their local utility.
Representatives are also eligible to earn residual commissions on the first 5 levels of their organization.
Click on the links for information on specific excecutive for their biography with North American Power and other companies and executives they have been associated with. We recently saw what investigators say is a sophisticated attack on the California power grid whereby individuals first cut communications lines and then used sniper fire to target the massive transformers responsible for switching electricity to residents.
The agency concluded the systems could go darkif as few as nine locations were knocked out: four in the East, three in the West and two in Texas, people with knowledge of the analysis said.
Because it is difficult to build new transmission routes, existing big substations are becoming more crucial to handling electricity. Gaining access to their inner sanctum isn’t easy, but last month I was invited along to watch the ceremony and meet some of the keyholders – a select group of security experts from around the world. This is the internet’s version of a telephone directory – a series of registers linking web addresses to a series of numbers, called IP addresses.

Though the details of these crimes remain scant, cyber security experts are clear that behind-the-scenes online attacks have already had far reaching consequences for banks and the financial markets. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. All that knocking out these substations will happen is that local utilities will need to re negociate their rates. User comments that are flagged with a thumbs down too many times in relation to a thumbs up vote will be hidden from view. Affiliates are paid commissions upon signing up new customers as well as from their use of the energy services (electrictiy, gas and wind) provided through North American Power. If a Director refers an accepted customer, they are paid $9 and the remaining $10 is split between their upline.
Accepted customers are still eligible for ARC (customer referral)  bonuses, which are paid in cash and obviously are a part of the North American Power compensation plan and thus, business opportunity. If accepted customers are able to generate an income via the company’s compensation plan, they cease being true retail customers and inadvertently become affiliates (no matter how small the commissions paid out are). Subscription to the North American Power energy service is mandatory, as is the referring of customers (who are able to earn via the compensation plan). Burnlounge ended up with 95% affiliate… TINY percentage of people are on for buying or selling music. From there in 2011 they did $125,000,000 and in 2012 somewhere around $240,000,000 in sales.
I wouldn’t mind trying to offset that and I know most people are not aware of that fact.
And again, choosing not to recruit is not a valid differentiation between retail customers and affiliates. Making a decision in one’s mind is not good enough if all members have access to the income opportunity (making them affiliates).
Prior to you be part of, I need to motivate you to go about this complete evaluation in order to make an educated determination concerning the enterprise and option. According to the data over the corporate web-site, the corporate can conserve the common client can save some money by switching above to their electrical power service which 25%-100% of their energy use can assistance the production of cleaner vitality from resources like water and wind. You might be generally supplying clients precisely the same service they currently use for your little considerably less than what they by now purchase it.
So as to come to be a distributor, you can get commenced for as little as $49 and it really is actually totally free to receive started for anyone who is a university pupil. There is certainly instant cash flow while in the kind of one-time customer bonuses, where by you may get paid a $15 reward for personally getting a residential consumer and also a $40 bonus for personally obtaining a business account. They’ve got a good administration staff, a provider that everybody previously utilizes plus a great compensation prepare. You need to be generating at least 15-20 fresh laser targeted leads from people who are interested in you North American Power business on a daily business. In the United States and Canada, there are four large electric systems, called interconnections, that underpin the provision of electricity service to all consumers. PMUs monitor the characteristics of electricity flowing through a particular location, for instance, at the point where a generator connects to the bulk power system, or at a substation.
All PMUs across an interconnection are kept in precise time synchronization using GPS, leading to the term "synchrophasor data" (in this context, the term "phasor" comes from the mathematical representation of the measurement). For example, the investigation into the causes of the 2003 Northeast Blackout required many person-years of labor, but the investigation of the 2011 blackout in the Southwest is proceeding much more quickly, in large part due to the availability of PMU data.
They claim they are unable to do anything about their mistake, nor do they apologize for it, and say I must now deal with a collection agency. Members of the Navy SEALs say this attack was carried in the same way they would have executed it.
All have long backgrounds in internet security and work for various international institutions. Without these addresses, you would need to know a long sequence of numbers for every site you wanted to visit. The first ranked Area Director gets $5, the second ranked Area Director gets $3, the first ranked Regional and National Directors get $2 each. The business relies in Norwalk, Connecticut and presently operates in a few states (Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania). It’s also convenient to be a customer considering that there is no expense to switch companies and you simply can switch back at any time without any penalties.
You could also bring in $100 every last time you personally sponsor a new human being and guide them purchase 5 buyers in their 1st 30 times. By partnering with them, you can position yourself to require gain from the electrical power deregulation revolution. Leads are the lifeblood of your business, and without them you will not be able to sponsor new reps or be able to sell the products.
This synchronization provides the capability to easily compare system data among geographically dispersed units, creating wide-area visibility across large power systems, which was not previously possible using older technology. Officials called it the most significant incident of domestic terrorism on the power grid in America’s history. They were chosen for their geographical spread as well as their experience – no one country is allowed to have too many keyholders. As energy will get deregulated in other states, the company will much more than probable increase into every single state.
This ease is good from a advertising and marketing standpoint, which is significant if you’re contemplating about becoming a distributor.
On top of the fast cash flow, you’ll be able to also get paid residual profits by building a base of vitality buyers.
On the other hand, it really is essential to mention that all those items aren’t good enough to guarantee your success. Now consider what might happen should such an attack be coordinated around key grid access points. The business is led by two individuals using a combined 50 several years of knowledge in enterprise.
Although possessing a credible prospect is clearly significant, on the conclude of your day, your success will rely in your capacity to sponsor distributors, marketplace their products and services and establish a effective group. It wouldn’t take much to bring our country to its knees as noted in the report below. The primary particular person is Kerry Breitbart, that has more than twenty several years of knowledge with yet another power firm which was bought in 2005. You will find also a $5 consumer bonus override you can obtain when specific folks within your group acquires and activates a client.
To do this, I like to recommend that you just leverage a powerful attraction advertising and marketing procedure that allows you to manufacturer oneself and produce sales opportunities.
If such an attack were to actually happen the repercussions would be felt from coast to coast as people quickly run out of food and essential services become non existent. The next personal is Carey Turnbull, who has about thirty a long time of experience inside the energy current market. In general, the compensation prepare looks pretty fair and will be quite rewarding for the right particular person.
In the event you can incorporate offline team developing routines with on the web lead generation, you could pretty perfectly be in your way to developing a wildly prosperous small business.
With two leaders which have the kind of knowledge that Breitbart and Turnbull have, it looks like North American Strength has the leadership to experience upcoming development.

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