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Now You See Me is a great film, if you sit back and let it entertain you.  Pick it to pieces and I’m sure there are gaping holes but just do yourself a favour, and don’t. Pin Now You See Me (2013) to pinterest.Below are more Now You See Me (2013) Phots and Pictures for you.
Playing one of four stage magicians who pull off unbelievable Robin-Hood-like robberies during their performances, Franco may be lesser-known member of the cast, but he’s been grabbing a lot of the critical praise.
I sat down in Chicago last week with the charming and likable 27-year-old actor to talk about making bigger films like Now You See Me, about the smaller films he hopes himself to direct some day, and how his grandmother reacts to his Funny or Die videos. Dave Franco: I think the moment I realized how big it actually was when we were on Bourbon Street in New Orleans during the first weekend of Mardi Gras.
We had this giant crane in the middle of Bourbon Street and had Mark Ruffalo standing on top of a cop car while people were pelting him with beads. Franco: The four of us really worked hard at learning some of these tricks, so as much as possible we could have “real magic” in the movie, as opposed to using CGI.
You didn’t do a “ride along” with street magicians, like you do with police when you’re making a cop movie?
With this and Warm Bodies, and 21 Jump Street last year, it feels like your film career is right at the take-off point. Franco: The overall plan is to just work with talented people, especially talented directors, regardless of how big or small the role is.
When I do jump onto a project, there are always risks, but I at least it want it to be something where there is a likelihood it will succeed.
To avoid the boredom and getting anxious, I work on my own projects and feed my creativity. So what happens when your older relatives or your mom’s friends see some of the really raunchy stuff you do on Funny or Die? But when people approach me and bring up the video “Go F**k Yourself,” it’s hard to know how to reply, because I know they’ve seen me literally have sex with myself. These days with the Internet and niche cable programming, it seems easier for an actor like yourself to be both very, very subversive and cutting-edge in one place, and then turn around and do big, mainstream films. Franco: It’s interesting, when I release a new Funny or Die video these days, people know to brace themselves and expect something different and shocking and twisted.

I’d done primarily comedies up to this point, so I don’t feel like I’ve been able to really show what I can do on the dramatic side of things. As for your directing plans, I assume we’re not going to see a 90-minute Funny or Die film. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The inevitable twist at the end packs a fair and unexpected punch.  Well done for rising above mediocrity. One thing I took away from that research process, was that I was trying to pinpoint what makes the best magicians better than the second-best. Their whole set is an act, but again, the guys who really pull it off, the best ones are where it doesn’t feel like an act.
I just want to be around these guys I admire, because I do want to make my own films one day.
On the flip side, you take someone like Selena Gomez, who’s known in films and TV as this sweet Disney girl. It’s tough on me, because I want to keep topping myself because I know the expectations are higher.
Because of who he is, we had to tone down all the raunchiness and the swearing—he has little kids who follow him and look up to him.
Whether it is your Style that makes you different from the others or it is the Quality that appeals you or the affordability that you’re looking for, Supreme Couture is the ultimate answer to every need of yours! Supreme Couture offers you with the best Quality of Movie Leather Jackets and Prices that speak for themselves. Sadly, they aren’t George Clooney, but because they keep using delicious sarcasm and entertaining rivalries they’re just as entertaining. I looked around and thought, “Okay, this is more than just a little movie.” We filmed in New Orleans, Vegas, New York, and Paris. But I had a lot of fun – I’ve played sports my whole life, so to be able to use some of the skills in acting was a dream.
All the guys regarded as the best are obviously all very technically sound, but the ones who are running away with it as better than the rest are the ones who have the personality as well, who are just genuinely likable people you can relate to, who you can root for.

You want to work, and sometimes you take jobs for the wrong reasons, not because you love the project, but because you’re bored. Then about a year ago we did a video that was more of a short film, with a narrative and character arcs. You created the content and it’s a good representation of who you are, and you can say whatever the hell you want.
But then there’s my grandma, who’s also really cool and hip, but when I’m telling Chris Mintz-Plasse how much I want to have sex with him, Grandma doesn’t quite grasp why I would do a video like that.
You have to not care a little—obviously I wouldn’t be doing these things if I was so concerned about what people think.
Take a look at our exciting range of Fashionable, classic designs that will redefine your personality.So what are you waiting for? For example, I would rather be an extra in a Paul Thomas Anderson movie than the lead in some big National Lampoon movie.
He’s not as cocky as my other characters—he’s kind of the underdog, a little wide-eyed, wants to do his best. The movies I envision myself directing, in terms of tone, would be like The Duplass Brothers’ films, where it feels very naturalistic and real and improvised.
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At this point they tell me to go off, go do my thing, and they’ll help pay for production costs. I’d say those qualities are more in line with who I am than my other characters, but still not me. Smaller stories that are simple, but you care about the characters, and it’s all about the characters.

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