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A nuclear power plant in the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan is under a state of emergency following the massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake that shook the nation today. Located in northern Japan, the Fukushima Prefecture has a population of 2 million and lies in an area heavily impacted by the earthquake.
525-ERK Nuclear Emergency Kit includes DSM-525 Digital Survey with pancake G-M detector, tissue equivalent scintillation detector, source, holder and waterproof Pelican Case. 525 ERK Plus Emergency Kit This Emergency Kit is basically the 525-ERK with the addition of a DoseRae 2 Digital, Alarming dosimeter. Nuclear Emergency One Kit The Nuclear Emergency One Kit is our least expensive systems but includes the essentials of radiation detection.This kit includes the auto-ranging GSM-500 Survey meter with pancake G-M probe, scintillation probe, and reconditioned Pelican case. Model 2241-2RK Ludlum Emergency Kit The 2241-2RK Emergency Response kit includes a general purpose survey & gross counting meter with G-M detector, scintillation detector, with check source and holder. AM-801 Radiation portal monitor (with touch screen) new This portal monitor features a full color VGA touch screen. Model 52-1 Portal Monitor The 52-1 radiation portal monitor features plastic scintillation detectors that cover four quadrants of the human body. GSM-500-HP Survey Meter with probe The GSM-500 HP Survey Meter with pancake G-M probe is a general purpose survey meter for alpha, beta and gamma. DSM-500-HP Digital Survey Meter with probe The DSM-500 auto- ranging, microprocessor-controlled survey meter includes a large, backlit digital LCD that automatically displays the correct reading with no user intervention required. Model 3 Survey Meter The Ludlum Model 3 Survey Meter is a basic survey meter that features manual ranging, four ranges, and compatibility with most common probes.
Dosimeters The RADOS RAD-60 (also known as the Doseguard) electronic alarming dosimeter is a precise and reliable instrument for ensuring personal safety.
HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Our HEPA vacuum cleaners are recommended for nuclear abatement in the case of a nuclear accident or attack. Just before the hydrogen explosion, an increase in gamma radiation and low levels of radioactive cesium and iodine were detected, with a signature that is indicative of an uncovered core and damage to fuel assemblies. Quote:I think what's happened is that the containment building was severely damaged or destroyed, but the pressure vessel is intact. Units 2 and 3 at Fukushima I are not out of the woods, and at least 3 units at Fukushima II 7.4 miles to the south are having similar issues. The Unit 3 reactor was manually depressurized following the loss of the high pressure injection system according to the latest TEPCO status update. Could someone less ignorant than me give us a short explanation on how the newest designs of nuclear reactors would cope with a "Fukushima"?Did we change something in the design that would make them even safer? Thanks to F16PJ and UserJoe for posting links and that simplified cutaway drawing, which make it much easier to understand.
Well, the control rods go in from below, I think to make refueling from above easier in terms of what needs to be removed (just a pressure dome, no control rod equipment to mess with.) It fits with the overall design of a BWR in its secondary containment. Science journalism seems to be, with rare exceptions, more about fitting science into traditional story models rather then accurately explaining things.
Skoop wrote:This once-in-a-millennium event will set back further nuclear power development in the US significantly. Quote:more about fitting science into traditional story models rAKA short descriptions, not enough time for explanation in depth.

It's not good when everyone assumes that meltdowns are the same as uncontrolled release of radiation into the environment leading to OMG Cancer. The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is a small specialised police force that was formed in April 2005, replacing the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary (UKAEAC). PX05 AKG is a Land Rover Discovery 3 four wheel drive in a half battenburg livery used by the CNC. North Carolina's public health preparedness and response measures have included a potassium iodide program since 2003, when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) supplied states with potassium iodide tablets free of charge for people within 10 miles of a nuclear facility. Statutory authority for the administration of potassium iodide is contained in North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 104E: North Carolina Radiation Protection Act. The nuclear power plant's cooling system was malfunctioning after the quake, causing concerns, per the Guardian. Lightweight DSM-525 Survey Meter features a slarge digital meter face and can be connected to two probes simultaneously. Features include auto-ranging, integration and peak hold, and, microprocessor circuitry (analog meter face). This lightweight, analog survey meter contains an internal pancake G-M detector for general purpose survey of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. The units are compatible with Geiger-Mueller (GM) detectors, neutron probes, proportional counters, and scintillation probes operating from 500 to 1300 volts. They're venting steam to the atmosphere intentionally though, to keep the pressure under control. TEPCO has been putting out press releases on a regular basis about the status of the reactors. However, High Pressure Core Injection System has been automatically shut down and water injection to the reactor is currently interrupted.
KI is also made into a non-prescription medication that may be used to protect the thyroid during a nuclear power plant emergency involving the release of radioactive iodine. Assisted by DHHS staff, local health departments in these 10-mile Emergency Planning Zones (EPZs), ensure the availability of the pills to public and private schools, residents, workers, and businesses.
The real-time radiation dose rate monitoring allows immediate reaction in case of radiation occurrences and thus reduces the radiation exposure. If you look at video of this, there's a clearly visible shockwave.-There's been talk about using sea water as emergency coolant. Both had issues restoring cooling.But Fukushima's radioactive release looks to be significantly worse. It doesn't appear that their experts even know real experts to get good information.I think that it's fair to say that this is the case with almost any issue with core principles of physics, biology, chemistry, or geology. It now carries the CNC force badge on the front doors and the website address on the bonnet and rearmost side windows.
The light bar is also attached via the roof rails to avoid damaging the roof and therefore improving the car’s residual value. If taken within the appropriate time period and at the appropriate dosage, it blocks the thyroid gland's uptake of radioactive iodine, reducing the risk of thyroid cancer and other thyroid disorders. See a map of North Carolina nuclear power plants and 10-mile Emergency Planning Zones (JPG, 95KB).

Alarm rate is adjustable, but this portal monitor will detect a Cs-137 source as low as one micro curie. NN_Flash=0It appears that the genset were washed in by the tsunami and there are some issues.
It will be interesting to see the state of the reactor cores when they open them up.It's really amazing how bad the reporting has been for this. This example was photographed (with permission) at British Nuclear Fuel’s Sellafield site on the Cumbrian coast.
Using sea water as coolant would be pretty desperate if true.Not to sound alarmist or anything. I'm guessing there has been a prioritization of finding survivors immediately over assisting in the reactor casualty. The pressure vessel is intact, and I think they'll be able to keep it that way even if they have to continue venting steam.
Spraying in order to lower pressure level within the reactor containment vessel has been cancelled.- Currently, we do not believe there is any reactor coolant leakage inside the reactor containment vessel.So, they don't say exactly what's been done to reduce the pressure inside the containment vessel, but I wonder if they felt the risk of another explosion for Unit 3's secondary containment (drywell?) too great to spray from the primary vessel if the pressure in the primary is close to that of Unit 1's?
Mark I containments have a design pressure of ~55 psig and an ultimate failure pressure of 3 times that.If the reactor loses cooling it will pressurize and dump steam to the suppression pool (torus) through relief valves. I am also surprised, as the Wikipedia article for BWR's mention, that they would rely on hydraulics for the control rods as opposed to gravity. This will cause the reactor level to fall and eventually the fuel will uncover and heat up. Fukushima is already worse, and it's not over yet.A description of the IAEA rating system is here. If the fuel cladding heats up enough the cladding will oxidize and hydrogen will be released. I think TMI is rated higher due to the severe core damage but it is possible that the rating of this accident will be raised to 5 in the final analysis. This is a boiling water reactor and I think this means there is no intermediate heat exchanger before the steam gets to the turbines? If this is correct it means that the ducts to the turbine house are direct coupled to the reactor vessel.Correct. Since radioactive iodine and cesium were detected out side of the plant is is almost certain that significant fuel cladding damage has occurred.The venting probably was from the wetwell in order to take advantage of fission product scrubbing by the suppression pool. The hydrogen generated from clad oxidation must have reached detonation or deflagration levels in the building surrounding the primary containment.
Fukushima is already worse, and it's not over yet.Downplaying the incident over a numerical rating like that when it looks to be worse in every respect is ludicrous.
It's the worse external insult I am aware of a civilian reactor receiving, but after the explosion the only thing keeping the fission products where they are is the pressure vessel.

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