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The course starts with some dodging over tyres and at approximately the 1km mark we approach our first water obstacle – a lake. What is great about this event is that it has lots of natural obstacles along the way with bendy trails throughout. After this we head over to some more forest type woods where the Wolf Run comes into it’s on light, with there being no official tracks as you make your way through the trees across a slow incline. At about 7km in we approach a rather large lake with two options – the shallow or deep course depending on your swimming or daring ability! The final 2km lead us through to some final obstacles near the finish line with lots of spectators to watch your slips ups such as a muddy pool of water with sinking mud, more hay bale tunnels and to the end where they quite cruelly (and strategically!) place some mini hills with more mud pools of water to complete before crossing the finish line and take the Wolf Run tittle! Very well oganised event with lots of mud with an interesting diverse course, across farmland and forest trails. If you don’t take yourself to seriously and not looking for a personal best 10km time, want some fun and are brave enough to get across the lakes then this is definitely for you and is perfect if you wanted to do an obstacle race or mud run for the first time. Their next event is on 22nd September and we recommend you go along for some muddy fun – see their page here or go straight to the site here.

Hay bales, water slide, lakes, mud pools, walls, mud pits, mini hills, log balancing beam and tyres. Wilderness Survival - includes what steps to take, decision making and stress management (survival psychology), signaling for help, building shelters and fires, finding food and water, and more. This was their 3rd event and first of the year with over 1,000 potential Wolfs turning up ready for what the Wolf Run calls ‘Wild Running’. Alongside one hundred others and after some warm ups and howling we get ready to set off along the course. On arrival the Marshall points to a very cold lake with thick lying mud on the bottom to make it extra difficult. So expect to weive around trees, jump over bushes and duck under low level branches along your way. Normally when you find yourself in a outdoor survival situation, it is because you were travelling and something unfortunate happened or something broke down or crashed in a remote area. WOLF Run stands for Woods Obstacles Lakes and Fields, which gives you an idea of what to expect along the 10km run.

Across the first 5km we encounter obstacles such as large fallen down logs to jump over and under, as well as a long 20m muddy pool whereby we were forced to crawl in the mud, in true Muddy Race style!
The run has lots of trail run features which is set in mother natures finest with rabbits and even wild deer crossing your path. Once out of the lake it does take a while to get back to your normal running pace but just as you recover the course features a water slide down a hill followed by some hay bales and a wall to get over. They are keen to stress that it isn’t a race, but a run, and there are no official timing systems on the day.
After this we head out of the woods across farmland and along some muddy tracks which had been filled with rain overnight to make them extra slippy!

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