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The subject of hedge fund operational due diligence is one that has risen to the forefront for both hedge fund managers and investors in recent years.
Historically, there has been a general lack of transparency within the hedge fund industry; larger funds, in particular, often balked at investor inquiries. Due diligence, as a process, did not gain significant importance until just a few short years ago. Hedge funds managers and investors are now taking due diligence seriously and making conscious steps to maintain open communication and increase information-sharing. Operational excellence has become one of the most important factors to hedge fund investors today as they determine where to allocate their money. What service providers are you engaged with and how do you determine their quality of service? Investors need to understand why hedge funds have made each of their operational choices, including when it comes to technology. Investors have become much more aware of technology and how important a role it plays in the day-to-day operations of a hedge fund.
Hedge funds should be prepared to recover from both short- and long-term disasters and be prepared to outline their processes and procedures (in writing!) to investors.
Hedge fund operational due diligence is an opportunity and a marketing exercise – one that funds should undertake with educated personnel and a willingness to be open and transparent.
Show investors that you have a 3+ year budget for working capital without any performance fees. Make sure to properly allocate expense and investment opportunities if you decide to launch a single investor fund or separately managed accounts.
When it comes to seed arrangements, pick the right partner and put parameters around potential issues that could arise. Become familiar with the changing expectations on the cybersecurity front, from both investors and regulators. The Cybersecurity Interpretive Notice applies to all membership categories--futures commission merchants, swap dealers, major swap participants, introducing brokers, forex dealer members, commodity pool operators and commodity trading advisors.
But whatever approach is taken, the Cybersecurity Interpretive Notice requires Members to adopt and enforce an information systems security program (ISSP) appropriate to its circumstances. Description of ongoing education and training related to information systems security for employees. NFA recognizes that some Members may face a significant challenge implementing ISSPs by the March 1, 2016 effective date, and any programs that are adopted will be refined over time. Eze Castle Integration’s Cybersecurity Practice Team is available to create Written Information System Security Programs for firms. Operating capital may be limited in the first few years after your launch, so careful budgeting and long range planning will serve your firm well. Governmental oversight of the financial industry has evolved dramatically in the last decade.
Apart from registration, you should also determine if there are any legislative implications for your new firm.
Since 2014, cybersecurity preparedness is also a critical area of focus for regulatory bodies.
Cloud services offer more flexibility than traditional infrastructure models and, beyond cost-savings, can reap rewards for new launches. Of course, one of the greatest benefits to using an outsourced cloud service is professional management and monitoring. Beyond infrastructure safeguards, it is critical that firms implement policies and procedures to protect firm and client assets. While the list of considerations is surely long for new hedge fund managers, we've whittled it down to 10 Keys to Launching a Hedge Fund Successfully - a guide for new startups to use when setting off on their new journey. With offices, colleagues and clients spread across the world, firms need to consolidate data in an organized fashion. As the regulatory environment continues to intensify, RMS has evolved into a vital component in establishing a complete compliance strategy at investment firms. Industry-specific RMS dives deep into the complex layers of investor relations, enabling professionals to monitor interactions, track communications and identify accounts that deserve further attention.
Unlike generic solutions, RMS tailor-made for alternative investment firms presents data in an instinctive manner apropos to the industry. RMS empowers companies to evaluate operations and establish best practices, foster relations, attract investors and fuel returns. Marc Berger’s opening statements emphasized the extent of the cybersecurity threat currently facing firms across a wide swath of industries. Where there is reliance on third-party service providers, the AAM is NOT relieved of its cybersecurity risks but rather, has the obligation to assess and monitor the provider’s security policies and procedures and conduct adequate due diligence.
While the SEC has issued various Risk Alerts providing guidance on areas of focus, the guidance and rules are not prescriptive. Only 39% agree that their organization has ample resources to ensure all cybersecurity requirements are met.
Last year, cybersecurity took center stage across the investment community, and there is little doubt that it will continue to dominate in 2016. Previously a non-factor for hedge funds, marketing is now a critical element to any firm’s success. One trend that we noticed in 2015 that we may see extend into the New Year is the transition some hedge funds are making into the family office spectrum.
The Securities and Exchange Commission took major strides to regulate investment firm cybersecurity practices in 2015, with the release of multiple guidance updates (Click for the September 2015 update). In December 2015, we participated in a Wells Fargo Prime Services cybersecurity event and the panelists outlined everything your hedge fund needs to know about the SEC’s security expectations.
As referenced above, training is critical to showcasing cyber preparedness in today’s world. One final article related to security hones in on the fifth bullet above – vendor management.
New fund launches and emerging managers are always looking for tips to assist them in successfully creating their firms – and Hedge IT delivered in 2015. We love delivering new educational content to our loyal Hedge IT readers, but we also like to share new voices and invite our partners and colleagues across the investment industry to share their expertise.
We live in a world dominated by social media outlets, yet LinkedIn has emerged as the de facto professional site for industry networking and information sharing. The April 2015 SEC Cybersecurity Guidance Update goes deeper into risk assessments expectations. You must also understand where your data is located, how it is collected and who and what technology systems have access to it. Registered investment advisers should have a clear understanding of the threat landscape, including potential internal and external risks as well as unique vulnerabilities specific to the firm. Once firms understand the risks facing their organization, they must conduct assessments of the existing controls and processes to ensure they account for the risk landscape and put the appropriate safeguards in place. Be sure to understand the potential impacts of various cyber risk scenarios and outline specific protocols for incident response and quick resolution. Finally, testing and assessing the governance structure, including administrative and technical safeguards, is key to ensuring effectiveness.
Gone are the days of management simply outsourcing responsibility to third-party experts and trusting them blindly.
Additionally, management must instill the importance of security preparedness in all employees by making it a top-down priority. A firm must train employees on handling confidential data and define their responsibilities around cybersecurity. Importance of Security Policies: Outline employee responsibilities concerning information security, the incident escalation process and how to protect data from malicious intrusion. Practicing Internet Safety: Help employees recognize the signs of malicious activity, how it can spread and prevention strategies.
Email Safety: Identify what makes an email message suspicious, such as a strange subject line or unexpected sender, and how employees should handle it.
Access Control Responsibilities: Train employees on how access controls and passwords are maintained and expectations for employee behavior in both areas. When it comes to cyber threats firms can no longer act in silos, rather they must share information with industry peers (including competitors) to protect the entire sector. Access Rights and Controls: OCIE warns that the lack of basic access controls and user management policies can result in unauthorized access to systems and information. A few internal security best practices we advise clients to keep in mind are: 1) maintain a strong password policy, 2) evaluate multi-factor authentication, and 3) implement a mobile device management policy.
Data Loss Prevention: For this control area OCIE covers two potential data breach weaknesses.
Vendor Management: OCIE highlights the significant risk exposure third-party vendors and platforms can introduce to a firm and reinforces the importance of conducting adequate and regular due diligence.
The goal of an information security awareness program is not merely to educate employees on potential security threats and what they can do to prevent them. Incident Response: OCIE examiners expect firms to have detailed written information security plans as well as incident response policies.
Taking immediate measures to prevent compromises and unauthorized access (including requiring periodic password changes and restricting use of the system by non-essential vendors and contractors). Companies that have 51-100 employees and a relatively young demographic composition will likely be hit with significant healthcare premium increases, as the small group community rates will be much higher than what they currently pay. A New York City business of 79 full-time employees recently came to TriNet concerned about how upcoming ACA changes would impact their mid-size business. TriNet conducted an analysis of what they could expect, using the New York small group rates that are available today. Because TriNet provides small and mid-sized businesses with access to rich Fortune 500-level benefits at prices they can afford, we were able to not only help this NYC business avoid a premium increase in 2016 – but we were actually able to provide them with a 10 percent savings on their current rates. Come back Thursday for our next article or subscribe to Hedge IT and have it delivered to your inbox. While it is critical to implement appropriate cybersecurity protocols in order to comply with applicable federal and state law, it is equally important from a franchise risk perspective as the costs associated with potential losses and responses to a breach can be devastating and significant.
Shelley Rosensweig is a partner in the Investment Funds and Private Equity Practice Group in the New York office of Haynes and Boone, LLP. In a historic joint session with members of both houses of parliament, cabinet members and religious scholars, President Ashraf Ghani blasted Pakistan for not fulfilling its promises to get the Taliban to the peace talks tables and said the Afghan government will no longer call on Islamabad to help with this. Nangarhar provincial officials on Monday raised concerns over Pakistan's cross-border shelling, which has been ongoing for two days. Security officials from the 201st Selab Military Corps said that Afghan security forces are waiting for central government to give orders for them to respond to the missile attacks. Security officials in Nangarhar said that in the past two days, sporadic battles have occurred between Afghan forces and Pakistan military. Nangarhar provincial governor's spokesman Attaullah Khogyani confirmed the reports and said security forces are waiting for orders from government on how to respond to the missile attacks.
This latest round of alleged attacks has reportedly led to the death of at least one Afghan soldier.
In a historic speech to a joint session of the Afghan parliament on Monday, Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani outlined his vision for the future of the nation's security and said dividing the terrorists into good and bad ones could have negative repercussions. He said that groups that plan attacks on civilian targets and shed the blood of Afghan people are terrorists. Ghani's remarks on the Taliban have however elicited mixed reaction, especially regarding his statement that a number of Taliban factions, not all, along with Daesh, Haqqani network and al-Qaeda are involved in killing the people. Ghani warned the terrorist networks of Haqqani, al-Qaeda and certain Taliban factions of a damaging response to their war stance, and said the Afghan security forces will do everything in their power to eliminate terrorists in the country.
While the Afghan leader called for unity among the political elite and the people in general, key government officials including his CEO Abdullah Abdullah and other influential politicians did not attend Monday's parliamentary session - despite being invited. In his remarks, Ghani addressed the calls to clarify the terms friends and enemies, and said that those who have a political ideal and believe in the interests of the nation are friends, but those that reject these ideals are enemies. Meanwhile, lawmakers have given mixed signals over Ghani's remarks on the Taliban a€“ especially after he said that some of the Taliban factions are taking pleasure in killing Afghan civilians. While the Afghan security forces continue their military campaigns against insurgent groups on multiple fronts, Ghani has called for the repression of these militant groups. In addition, Ghani called for the mobilization of people against the Taliban and other terrorist groups. But critics and analysts have reiterated calls to Ghani to deliver on across-the-board promises. A number of cultural activists and former officials from the office of Afghanistan at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Monday blasted the Afghan government for closing the office in France. Meanwhile, a number of cultural activists said closing the UNESCO office means closing the doors of Afghanistan's culture and history to the world. The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) meanwhile said the Afghan government has taken the decision in a cost-cutting move and that the Afghan ambassador to Paris will be responsible for Afghanistan's UNESCO office activities there. Russian ambassador to Afghanistan, Alexander Mantytskiy on Monday vehemently rejected claims that his government had lent support to the Taliban in the group's fight against Daesh. Addressing a press conference in Kabul, Mantytskiy said: "Russia has no secret plan with Taliban regarding Afghanistan, but a number of countries including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and even Germany have ties with the Taliban. He said his country will not cooperate with the U.S regarding Afghanistan's issues but it hopes that the Kabul-Moscow talks on a military cooperation accord will be finalized in the near future. The Russian envoy called on the Afghan government to increase intelligence exchange between the two countries in order to prevent Daesh activities in Afghanistan.
President Ashraf Ghani on Monday delivered a key note speech at a joint session of the Afghan parliament and strongly condemned last week's attack in the Afghan capital. His speech came in the wake of a deadly bombing last week in Kabul, which killed at least 64 Afghans and wounded 347 others. Local officials said on Monday that security forces are advancing in southern Kandahar and northern Jawzjan provinces in ongoing military operations. Meanwhile, tribal elders in Ghorak district have asked officials to provide security for the district. Raziq meanwhile also warned the Taliban to renounce violence or face destruction by the security forces. This comes after security forces cleared insurgents from Aqcha district of Jawzjan in a military operation which is being led by First Vice President Gen.
But residents in Aqcha expressed their concerns over the return of insurgents once Dostum leaves the area.
President Ashraf Ghani on Monday said at a joint session in the National Assembly that security forces have launched 15 military operations in seven provinces to eliminate terrorists. TOLOnews' correspondent Parwiz Shamal takes an in-depth look into the lives of migrants trapped in border camps in Greece. President Ashraf Ghani is set to deliver a key speech in a joint session of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) and Meshrano Jirga (Upper House of Parliament) on Monday in an effort to discuss issues of national interest with legislators. In a well-coordinated military operation in Dasht-e-Archi in Kunduz, security forces have successfully cleared the district of Taliban and destroyed their main hideouts.
In this episode of Mehwar, host Muslim Shirzad discusses government's failure in fighting corruption in the country with Ramazan Bashardost, former MP. In this episode of Mehwar, host Haris Jamalzada discusses government's move to close its UNESCO office in France. Officials from Foreign Affairs Ministry said work on the CASA-1000 power project will start within the next 20 days. According to the ministry, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah will inaugurate work on the project. Meanwhile, deputy minister for Ministry of Energy and Water, Amanullah Ghalib, said the project is important for Afghanistan and the region as well. Ghani said Pakistan should realize that there is no difference between good terrorists and bad terrorists and that it should act as a responsible government. On peace with Taliban he said, the Afghan government wants peace with groups that denounce violence, accept the Constitution and cut ties with terrorist groups.
He said parts of the Taliban are the enemy and the doors of peace will not be open for all factions of the group. He told the lawmakers that the Afghan government has ended its responsibility for calling for peace and will use all resources to defend the country against terrorists. The president pledged to end the caretaking practice in government, and said: "'Honorable lawmakers and senators! Ghani said government has prepared a 5-year war strategy that will be finalized at the Warsaw Summit in July. He stated that 50,000 families have sent their sons to the front line of the war and he thanks them for this.
He stressed the fact that the Afghan Air Force is a lot stronger now than in the past and have targeted militants in all parts of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, he said government now has the full support of MPs over its political and war decisions following a meeting last week. Talking about last week's attack in Kabul, Ghani said the attack was not the first of its kind and their (insurgents) list of activities is a long one in Afghanistan. On the issue of endemic corruption in public offices, he said the National Assembly should support the fight against corruption and that government has taken some important moves to overcome this menace. He mentioned that enemies use this weak point on government - corruption - to serve their own purposes, adding that the nation should be united against their plots.
He also touched on government's economic plans and said they are trying to boost the economy and increase jobs in the country.
He termed the October Brussels Conference on Afghanistan as crucial and said almost 70 countries will attend the summit and will renew their pledges to Kabul. Meanwhile, the speaker of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament), Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, opened Monday's session and presented a list of MPs demands. A key Taliban military commander in Khan Abad of northern Kunduz province was arrested in a night raid in the district, military officials said Monday. The operation was conducted in Khan Abad on Sunday night by Afghan special forces, officials said. Officials said the commander arrested is Qari Salim, who played a major role in the heightened violence in Kunduz. In the past week a number of key Taliban members have been killed and arrested by security forces in the province.
On Sunday, the ministry of defense confirmed Afghan security forces had successfully cleared Dasht-e-Archi in Kunduz, of insurgents.
According to Hamid Saifi, the commander of troops conducting the operation, the army destroyed insurgents' tunnels and hideouts. Saifi said some of the tunnels were booby-trapped with mines, as were roads and tracks to the district's main bazaar.
Footage released by the Defense Ministry shows that army troops cleared the outskirts of the town and then started a search of streets in the center to arrest and eliminate the remaining insurgents hidden in the area. This comes amid a surge in Taliban insurgency, an economic recession and persistent deadlocks with the much-awaited peace and reconciliation process between the government and Taliban.
Ghani's address to parliament also takes place in the wake of last week's deadly attack on a security compound in Kabul city which sparked an outcry by the public after 64 people were killed and over 340 wounded. The president is also expected to touch on the government's stance against Taliban that was taken in the aftermath of last week's truck bombing by the Taliban. In this episode of FaraKhabar, host Fawad Aman discusses the topic with Sayed Ishaq Gailani, leader of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan and Ahmad Saeedi, political analyst.
The Minister of Interior, Taj Mohammad Jahid, and acting chief of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Massoud Andarabi, were summoned to the Meshrano Jirga (Upper House of Parliament) on Sunday to answer questions around last week's deadly bombing in Kabul. Insurgents detonated a truck bomb outside an intelligence service unit on Tuesday, before storming the compound and shooting staff. While violence and Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan gathers fresh momentum, some Afghan political experts said Sunday that the role of Kabul's strategic partners, including the United States, in the Afghan peace and reconciliation process has been futile, adding that Washington has failed to deliver on its pledge to help strengthen purposeful talks with the militants. In reference to the unprecedented surge in security threats, analysts said the U.S continues to stand by Pakistan, something they claim has overshadowed the campaign against militant activities in Afghanistan. This comes after a concerted effort on the part of government leaders to get the resurgent group to join the peace talks process and end the ongoing war in the country. Analysts have warned Washington about continuing its ongoing strategy regarding peace and stability in Afghanistan, saying that Afghan forces have been fighting terrorists on the frontlines to secure world peace and stability. Following months of diplomatic outreach attempts, within the framework of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) comprising senior officials from Afghanistan-Pakistan-US and China , hopes were however dashed when the Taliban flatly refused to endorse peace talks. With the engagement of the four nations, over peace talks in Afghanistan, hopes grew that Pakistani would make a solid contribution to the process.
Amid the peace talks deadlock, Afghan security officials have said that currently security forces do not have any option except to inflict force against the Taliban. Sources meanwhile have said that the president will inform lawmakers about a five year war strategy sketched by government, a strategy that will help the Afghan security forces to end their defensive status and take an offensive approach to militants.
In recent months pressure however has mounted on the government over the fragile security situation in the country with a number of Afghan political forces asking the government to define the terms friend and enemy.
Ghani is also expected to highlight the importance of good governance and measures taken by the government in tackling various situations. The attack in Kabul has had major repercussions on the political and military fronts with the Afghan officials accusing the Taliban of deliberately killing Afghan people.
In a policy shift, the Afghan government announced that it will take a hard stance against the Taliban in the wake of the deadly attack last week.
A well-known traffic officer in Kabul, who was also honored for his honesty, has been forced to give up his job because of a pollution-induced respiratory illness. Saboor Sherzad said he hopes one day to return to his job, but doctors will not allow him to walk or even talk a lot a€“ due to his asthma. Sherzad said his illness has resulted in him having to spend most of his pension on medication each month. According to him, doctors have ordered Sherzad, 55, to remain indoors so as to prevent his asthma from getting worse.

Sherzad is however not the only person who has developed asthma and other respiratory problems from Kabul's low air quality. He said that air pollution is the cause of one percent of all cases in Afghanistan's hospitals. Meanwhile, facebook users in Afghanistan have shared pictures of the traffic officer on their pages and called on people to support him.
According to Hamid Saifi, the commander of troops conducting the operation, the army destroyed insurgentsa€™ tunnels and hideouts.
The footage also reveals that army troops carried out a well-coordinated military operation to take back control of the area from the Taliban.
According to troops, they found a stockpile of bread and food in the area, which was taken by the insurgents from local residents. Saifi said that at least 40 insurgents were killed in the operation and a further 70 injured. Residents of Dasht-e-Archi meanwhile said the insurgents used their houses as strongholds and that they forced many of the people to leave their homes and to give them food and bread.
The residents also said that the districta€™s main market had now re-opened a€“ six months after closing due to insecurity.
A number of residents from the mountainous region of Pamir in Badakhshan province, who traveled for 27 days to get to Faizabad city, said conditions are so bad in their area that residents are forced to eat grass as they have no food.
These residents said they are in desperate need of help and appealed to aid organizations to assist them.
Residents claim that roads connecting them to the outside world, which allows for food to reach their villages, are closed due to security threats. Badakhshan provincial council members have said that recent clashes in the province have closed the roads into Sheghnan, Zibaak, Ishkashim and Wakhan districts.
Badakhshan governor Faisal Begzad meanwhile said they are aware of the problem and that they will assess it as soon as possible. According to officials, it takes at least 15 days for people to get to Faizabad city from Sheghnan, Ishkashim, Zibaak and Wakhaan districts as they have to walk because roads are not passable. A tribal elder and a policeman were killed in a suicide attack in southern Helmand province on Sunday, local officials said.
The incident took place in Garemsir district of the province after a suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest near a vehicle being driven by a Presidential Palace advisor on ethnic tribes, said district governor Ayoub Omar Omari. Security officials in Goshta, in eastern Nangarhar province, on Sunday said that clashes continued overnight between Afghan and Pakistan military forces and that one security force member has been killed. The clash started on Saturday night in Goshta after Pakistani military forces allegedly fired a number of missiles into the district and Afghan security forces responded, a border police commander in eastern Afghanistan said. According to the commander, there have been no reports of civilian casualties in the attack and no reports of casualties among Pakistani military forces. Law experts and critics on Saturday queried the future credibility of Afghanistan's National Unity Government (NUG), arguing that its establishment was not in accordance with the nation's constitution and that government leaders must comply with the political agreement they sealed in the wake of the 2014 disputed presidential elections, which paved the way for the present government.
In this episode of Mehwar, host Haris Jamalzada discusses Earth Day with Naser Sediqi, a member of the Environmental Watch.
They warned government leaders against violating the political agreement, and urged them to convene the constitutional Loya Jirga according to the timeline so that it can determine the fate of the present administration. In this episode of Mehwar, host Haris Jamalzada discusses the topic with Abdul Ghayoor Preshan, head of Afghanistan's Lawyers Union.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will call a joint session of both parliament houses within the next few days to examine the current situation in the country. Secretary of a€Zthe Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) Abdul Raouf Enami said on Friday the president will consult with both houses about the country's current situation, how to promote a military war strategy in the fight against terrorism and the peace process.
But MPs have called on Ghani to introduce nominees for Ministry of Defense and National Directorate of Security (NDS) before the session.
In this episode of FaraKhabar, host Fawad Aman discusses the topic with Shikeeba Hashim, MP and Meyagul Wasiq, political analyst.
In the 1990s, people began to notice that the contrails normally emitted by aircraft were lingering in the sky, forming cloud cover and blocking out the sun. From these tests people have become aware that they are being sprayed – but this gives rise to more questions than it answers. To try and answer the how, we can look at the list of patents that are related to this sort of technology, and from doing so can conclude that this is entirely possible. People investigating have been monitoring aircraft to try and identify those that are carrying out the spraying. Here is a small selection of existing videos and photos showing chemtrails as they are being sprayed and the effect of doing so. From these photos and videos I think you’d have to agree that these are not regular contrails but are in actual fact chemtrails. Just as a reminder, a normal contrail is caused by water vapour freezing in certain atmospheric conditions.
Kristen Meghan, a former member of the United States Air Force where she was an environmental engineer, has come forward to attest to chemtrail programmes being operated out of bases she worked at. Allan Buckman, who worked for the US Air Force as a weather observer has also come forward to say that chemtrails are real. This is but a small selection of insiders who have come forward to help expose chemtrail programmes. But not only have whistle-blowers come forward to give us information about these programmes. The German Air Force were caught spraying over Germany which appeared on the national news in Germany.
National Geographic recently published the following article about geo-engineering, admitting that it is already in use and arguing that it won’t work forever. The globalist think tank, the Council of Foreign Relations, has advocated for geo-engineering programmes to fight global warming along with a ‘global’ administrative body to run the said programmes. Climate scientists have proposed using this exact method of dumping millions of tonnes in the atmosphere to “fight global warming.” See climate scientist David Keith advocate its use on the 20th Feb 2010 at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in San Diego at this link. I haven’t explained to you why they are doing this and who is doing it, my aim was solely to convince you that this is a real programme for which there are plenty of facts and hard evidence to support its existence. Documentary made in the early 90’s but the information is more relevant and credible today because we see so many things that have actually happened that back when it was said would have seemed a bit far fetched at the time! Here is a meeting of the minds among world leaders in the hope to consolidate the world into some form of collective governance. Watching this film should leave the viewer no doubt that the crimes and murder committed in London were done by other organizations than by claimed by the official and corporate media. The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton is a 1994 film that accused Bill Clinton of a range of crimes.
The film was produced by Citizens for Honest Government, a project of a Westminster, California organization named Creative Ministries Inc., partially funded by Larry Nichols, a long-time Clinton opponent, and distributed with help from the Rev.
Drawing on the expertise of Trailblazers whom have risked everything to deliver this usually unavailable information, Strawman will outline information that you would otherwise be completely unaware of. It is said, that you must first know that you are in a cage, before you can escape from that cage. We ask that if you spot your footage and did not hear from us, not to take a knee jerk reaction and claim copyright infringement. The film-makers are giving this film away for free and have spent thousands of hours and pounds to bring the film to reality, so please let it breath. Last week I was sent a link, by an Oath Keeper, showing an amazing document she took from the NASA website.
Page 14: Talks about key future technologies like the introduction of robotics, and genetic engineering before birth. Page 66: Discusses human beings scientifically analyzed without the consideration of the soul or intrinsic worth, but of our limitations in the new world order. The real eye opener to me is the coldness of its inhumanity, as we are considered lab rats.
Do you realize that the AR-15 you bought last year stimulated the military industrial complex as much as a medium sized war? This feature length documentary about medical madness, cloaked in bioterrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead. States rights take a front row seat in this new political thriller that is guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.
Find out where the true power of the people rests in halting these treasonous activities NOW! OTHER LANGUAGES: You can access the Italian version of the film here, and the French version of the film here. As a result of the incarceration obsession, the United States operates the largest prison system on the planet, and the U.S.
Today, 89 percent of police departments have paramilitary units, and 46 percent have been trained by active duty armed forces. The government has declared it can lock anyone up forever or kill them without any proof or due process. Re:  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and that agencies preparation for war against citizens of the United States of America.
This act of the Obama administration stands as a glaring threat of war against our nation’s citizens!  This act of the Obama administration can only be understood as a tyrannical threat against the Constitution of the United States of America!  If left unresolved, the peace loving citizens who have sworn to defend the United States Constitution “against all enemies, both foreign and domestic” are left no option except to prepare to defend themselves, and the U.S. The only proper response to this threat against the American people is for the representatives of the People, the members of the U.S. Prior to the economic downfall in 2008 and high-profile investment scandals made infamous by Bernard Madoff and others, hedge fund due diligence was viewed as an unnecessary assignment. They figured there would never be a shortage of investors, so there wasn’t a need to spend extra time satisfying their needs. In the past, the responsibilities associated with hedge fund due diligence would often fall under the role of a CFO, CCO or other executive – someone who had very little time to devote specifically to due diligence. There has, undoubtedly, been a significant increase in the number of due diligence inquiries by hedge fund investors, and the questions they are asking are much more relevant and involved - that rings true across business and operations functions, technology departments and the investment side of the business. They want more information, more transparency and more assurances that fund managers have done their own due diligence in assembling and managing their infrastructure and overall businesses. Small-scale disasters, such as winter weather scenarios, and larger incidents like the Madoff scandal have initiated a real shift in the hedge fund industry and highlighted the need for hedge funds to have robust technology solutions in place and systems and procedures to keep them operational at all times. During the due diligence process, they often ask to see systems at work, the processes through which data is transmitted and stored, and how testing procedures work. Explain the designs and processes of your operations, particularly when it comes to your technology.
If you do not have an in-house IT staff, you can ask your technology service provider to do this for you. You will score points with investors if you are up front about everything and don’t attempt to hide anything. Hire a consultant to help you with this – it is the single easiest way to prepare for a real investor review. Test your disaster recovery system frequently (at least twice annually), and show the results to investors. Investors want to see that funds are serious and that they value operations and technology as vital aspects to their businesses. It does not begin when an investor comes in for a meeting and end when they walk out the door.
Not only must emerging managers evaluate traditional deployment strategies, but consider current factors influencing the financial landscape. There was quite a bit of content discussed during the 1-hour event, so we’ve pulled out some key takeaways. Target those who have a history of being receptive to founder share class and who may offer lower management and performance fees.
Recognize where the private cloud has an edge: high-touch, industry-specific service and support, scalability and application integration, and security and compliance. Value is derived from knowledge of the application, knowledge of business, and having a dedicated support team. The NFA's Interpretive Notice to NFA Compliance Rules 2-9, 2-36 and 2-49 entitled Information Systems Security Programs requires Member firms to adopt and enforce written policies and procedures to secure customer data and access to their electronic systems. Executive-level participation and annual review of the information security program is expected. NFA expects to devote appropriate resources, such as providing additional guidance, to assist Members as they develop and implement their ISSPs. Don't forget to visit Hedge IT on Thursday as we reveal the last of our key considerations for starting a hedge fund.
Hedge funds, private equity firms and registered investment advisers now operate in a world where they are beholden to regulatory bodies with growing expectations and requirements. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, which redefined the registration requirements for hedge funds, also set forth new reporting requirements and standards for safeguards. With the prevalence of cyber threats and attacks, the SEC’s Office of Compliance and Examinations (OCIE) has incorporated cybersecurity into its examination targets. Firms can add users nearly instantly – a welcome benefit for startups looking to ramp up quickly. You can do this by conducting employee awareness training to keep all users informed and educated about the cyber environment and the threats that may arise. And be sure to come back to Hedge IT later this week when we'll be sharing an excerpt from our brand new whitepaper on the same topic!
Significant benefits offered via RMS have caused a ripple effect of soaring adoption rates across the global investment industry.
From meeting and call notes, to audits and analyst reports, the demand for readily accessible information is ever burgeoning. Additionally, RMS helps managers stay on top of priorities and ensure deliverables are met through task management tools.
Customized reports offer real-time insights into a firm’s operations, improving analysis of interactions, portfolios, relationships and pipeline activities. The multitude of built-in features within a tailored RMS ensure consistency across an organization and provide a leg-up against competing standard solutions.
With over 20 years of sales and sales management experience, Jaime is responsible for leading the company’s business development and marketing initiatives. As a result, firms are challenged to understand what level of cybersecurity readiness will be deemed sufficient to meet regulatory obligations given their AUM. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2015 Global Megatrends in Cybersecurity, sponsored by Raytheon, 25% of respondents in a study say C-level executives currently view cybersecurity as a competitive advantage, versus 59% who say it will be a competitive advantage three years from now.
In an industry historically known for protecting its information, recent regulatory developments may foster a change in how firms think about sharing information.
Across the hedge fund and alternative investment industry, firms are devising new strategies and implementing plans to drive growth and increase returns.
If we can assume that firms used 2015 to shore up security practices and have, at minimum, established a baseline for protecting firm assets with firewalls, password protections and penetration testing, we can expect 2016 to take cyber preparedness to the next level in the form of advanced features and analytics including phishing and social engineering tests, designed to increase the level of preparedness held by firm employees.
In 2016, hedge funds and investment firms will need to develop comprehensive marketing strategies in order to elevate their brands, attract new investors and retain capital.
Several prominent former hedge fund managers returned outside money in recent years and began operating as family office firms, most notably Steve Cohen and George Soros.
Instances of social engineering are often what trip up employees – think phishing and spear-phishing schemes. Anytime an investment firm works with a third-party provider, it’s important to understand what risks become present and how firms can manage said risks. Our two-part Checklist for Launching a Hedge Fund in 2015 shared insights from both Eze Castle Integration and our partners at Marcum LLP on the legal, technology and cybersecurity priorities for new hedge fund startups.
Our August 2015 Hedge Fund Insiders Series featured fresh articles from contributors including Haynes and Boone LLP, Wells Fargo Prime Services, and Willis Group Holdings Ltd. Even hedge fund managers, traditionally very secretive, are joining LinkedIn, so we outlined a few tips to ensure LinkedIn activity is top notch.
During the discussion, Stuart Levi of Skadden reminded attendees that the SEC has clearly defined (and communicated) its cybersecurity expectations.
The impact of cybersecurity incidents can range from financial to technological to reputational.
Once access levels are defined and implemented, they must be reviewed at least annually (biannually or quarterly is better!) to ensure adherence firm wide.
But the risk a hedge fund undertakes when outsourcing a function of its business to a third party is enormous. The Financial Services: Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) is one such group enabling information sharing. Examiners also expect to see that assessments and associated policies are specific to a firm’s business. Examiners may request details on how a firm manages user rights and what supporting technologies are in place. The Alert states that examiners may ask firms to outline how they evaluate, audit and assess vendors and how that diligence links with the firm’s ongoing risk assessment process. The reality is that a firm’s security strategy will only work if employees are properly trained on it. A larger goal should be to change the culture of your organization to focus on the importance of security and get buy-in from end users to serve as an added layer of defense against security threats. They knew they would be subject to the community rated small group plans and that their new rates would become effective with their first renewal on or after January 1, 2016. Maya joined Ambrose in 2005 as an HR Associate and has leveraged her growing expertise in client service, benefits, and strategic HR to improve the service offering to the Alternative Asset space. Advisers should implement a cybersecurity strategy through written policies and procedures and training that provides guidance to the adviser’s officers and employees concerning applicable threats and measures to prevent, detect and respond to such threats and to monitor compliance with cybersecurity policies and procedures.
Advisers should consider performing due diligence on their third-party vendors to confirm whether they have sufficient cybersecurity protective measures in place. The people of Afghanistan want a firm and resolute stance to be taken by the government while explaining the enemy, the government should not divide the enemy into two categories," MP Farhad Majidi said. At least 70 percent of the Afghan population is illiterate and it is faced with many other cultural challenges. We hope that the talks will be finalized soon and that the two countries sign the agreement," he added.
He termed the Taliban "repressive rebels that have no mercy on civilians and Afghans in general". The history gives witness that whenever we stand alongside each other, we even succeeded to bring super powers to their knees. They said more than 20 villages and a district have been cleared of insurgents in the two provinces.
Abdul Raziq, Kandahar Police Chief, says security forces launched a military operation in Ghorak district of the province in which more than 20 villages have been cleared of insurgents in the past two weeks.
Our colleagues were able to clear more than 20 villages in the ongoing military operation," he added.
Daoud Shah Wafadar, commander of 205 Atal Military Corps said the operation will continue to eliminate all insurgents. They also called on government to create a military outpost for the security of the district.
Meanwhile, we have put every effort to defend our people in the undeclared war against us," he continued. In total at least 64 people were killed and over 340 injured.Although discussions with Andarabi were held behind closed doors, the second deputy speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, Hasibullah Kalimzai, said Andarabi admitted the NDS had been in possession of information regarding the planned attack ahead of time. If the U.S does not put pressure on Pakistan and force it to stop sponsoring the militants, peace will not be achieved and our hardships will prevail," former Afghan diplomat to Pakistan Ahmad Saeedi said on Sunday. The process hit a deadlock in early March when the group bluntly refused to talk with Kabul.
But these hopes also appeared to have been dashed in the wake of Taliban taking a more aggressive stance against Kabul. Neither the U.S nor China or any other country is able to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table by force. We will not allow them to impose repressions on the people and disrupt their aspirations for development," a deputy spokesman for the ministry of defense, Mohammad Radmanish said.
The issue of jobs of caretakers are also an important issue which needs to be addressed," MP Niamatullah Ghafari said. He said he does not have enough to live on even though he lives in a house he inherited from his father. Their operation lasted for at least two weeks as it is believed this was a key base for the insurgents. They said if nothing is done, they will face a humanitarian crisis in their districts along the border with China, Pakistan and Tajikistan. They used cloud seeding technology to prolong the monsoon season to disrupt the Vietnamese supply lines.
Some of these people could see that they were being sprayed with some substance, so in order to understand what it was, they had their rainwater and soil independently tested. By using flight radar and other computer applications that identify commercial aircraft, investigators are able to determine if the aircraft passing overhead is civilian or not. These normally dissipate after a few seconds, but some may linger for up to a minute or two in the right temperatures.
I’d like to hear feedback from other flight mechanics about the feasibility of this testimony. Griffith an ex-US government employee has also come forward to give an insider’s view on chemtrail programmes. Other people have come spoken out, including Swedish politician Pernilla Hagberg who openly admitted that chemtrail programmes exist. Despite claiming that it is untested and that its impact upon human health is unknown, David Keith still is in favour of these programmes.

It is my hope that I have inspired you enough to continue your own research into this assault upon the Earth and humanity.
I have included a number of links for you to begin to look at, at the bottom of this article. It highlights the truth around debt, the Legal Fiction, Lawful and Legal, Debt Collectors, Bailiffs, and modern day Policing. We used a selection of Youtube footage from like minded people to illustrate and prove the information supplied within the documentary. We are positive this won’t happen as we are all singing from the same song sheet, as it were, but you never know.
We believe our film qualifies for this as it is not for profit and is educational in nature.
It graphically shows application of new technology uses in warfare, and inadvertently the complete domination and control of the human mind. The use of low power microwaves on whole populations that would cause universal behavioral performance decrements, seizures, gross altercation in brain function, 30% to 100% increases in blood flow to the brain, lethality, and further interactions between low power microwaves (microwatts per sq. Human downsides include, too large, too heavy, too tinder, too slow (both mentally and physically), and that humans are rapidly decreasing to have a negative value in the light of scientific advancements.
It is being called a warfare strategy document, and I can’t say, at this time, what the true ramifications of this paper might be, or why it was allowed to surface on the NASA site. It reminds me of an organization I once inadvertently joined at the Progressive San Diego City College. With 3000 fresh fetuses every day from the US alone, and the doors opened by Obama to use them in stem-cell research, what lucrative monstrosities are being created behind the curtains of science? Do you realize that this new technology can coerce your mind to use that weapon to kill your entire family, and then yourself? Wake up, get involved, Save the Republic – Your kids, grand kids and your life will depend on what you do from now on. While aimed primarily at a general, uninformed audience, the film also contains some new findings that may be of interest to advanced researchers.
It will be made available as soon as ready to those who wish to organize a public screening. I don’t have a forum in English, but you can always send your comments to my address above. Dept of Justice, the number of offenders under age 18 imprisoned for drug offenses increased twelvefold from 1985 to 1997. The most common use of paramilitary units is serving drug-related search warrants, which usually involve no-knock entries into private homes. Constitution, against this Administration’s “coup” against the People and the foundations of liberty fought for and defended for the past 238 years.  We have no choice if we honor our oaths. But as the hedge fund industry has evolved over the last several years, so has the need and desire for operational excellence.
You can also compile a comprehensive presentation or simply have an open question and answer session with your potential investors.
Due diligence is an ongoing process that can continue to improve and evolve as investors and fund managers open the lines of communication and maintain an open dialogue.
Prepare an institutional set of documents up front if you are looking to attract institutional money versus high net money. They include risk assessment, governance, training, access control, vendor management, and information sharing. Additionally, firms must provide employees training during the onboarding processes as well as periodically during employment. For example, system safeguards such as data protection, disaster recovery measures and email archiving are requirements under Dodd-Frank. Having released two extensive questionnaires and several risk alerts focused on security, the SEC has made it clear to investment firms that they will be investigating the practices employed at firms and increasing expectations for the future. Startups have a variety of options when it comes to settling on their technology infrastructure. Users can gain access to email, file services and applications from virtually anywhere, and built-in disaster recovery provides confidence that everything is protected from the inside out. Users should understand how security threats may present themselves (phishing schemes, social engineering, etc.) as well as how they can become cybersecurity assets to your firm.
Successfully operating a new startup beyond the first year is a feat many managers struggle to accomplish, therefore it's critical for emerging managers to gain a full understanding of the industry that awaits them and the hurdles they should expect to face. In this article we’ll examine how adopting a research management solution could benefit your firm. Storing information within multiple programs and folders not only welcomes disorder and the opportunity for digression in the workplace, but also increases costs and wastes valuable time. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted rules that require firms to document company finances, policies, procedures, etc. These features work in harmony to streamline investor relationship management and accelerate workflows, allowing managers to allocate more time towards nurturing relationships and growing business. Through powerful reporting capabilities, mangers are able to evaluate data at a granular level, make more informed investment decisions and pave the pathway for success.
Companies that lack a RMS may be left in the dark of inefficiencies and missed deliverables, which could lead to bigger issues down the road. Prior to joining Ledgex, Jaime was head of global sales for research management software company Code:Red (acquired by FactSet), where he successfully helped grow the business to a global client base and expanded its footprint from Boston to offices in New York, London, Europe and Asia. Highlighting the importance of information sharing, on December 19, 2015, after years of failing to enact cyber threat information-sharing legislation, Congress passed the controversial Cybersecurity Information-Sharing Act of 2015. In 2016, we expect the following industry trends will play a role in shaping many of the decisions hedge funds and other investment management firms make. With cyber-attacks increasing in sophistication, firms will need to spend time in 2016 working with managed providers and internal IT teams to continue the education process and identify strategies to outsmart hackers. Whether via traditional marketing campaign tactics such as pitch presentations, websites and CRM systems or more modern avenues such as social media, firms would be wise to think through their objectives, plans, and communication methods before outreaching to potential investors. And while there are less regulatory pressures and expectations to meet as a family office entity, security measures should remain enterprise-level, and we expect to see family offices investing heavily in cyber preparedness policies and systems. He recapped the following six areas advisers must have covered to demonstrate preparedness to regulators.
Today management must understand their firm’s security posture and be able to outline the safeguards that are in place to minimize risk. It’s not about not trusting your employees, but more so about not trusting the technology behind those employees.
Successfully managing risk associated with third-party service provider relationships is a full-time job, especially for financial services firms working with dozens of various parties.
In this area, examiners may question how security patches are prioritized and handled based on prioritization. Currently, in many states the small group market encompasses firms with 50 or fewer employees.
New York State currently prohibits insurance rate variations based on the demographic characteristics of the firm. The compliance program of an adviser could address cybersecurity risk as it relates to identity theft, data protection, fraud, business continuity, as well as other disruptions in service. Advisers may also consider outsourcing certain cybersecurity risk and protection functions to third-party providers. She advises clients regarding matters which include design, structure and operation of investment portfolios, distribution and marketing issues and commodities and futures issues. They (ANSF) have outlined inclusive programs to repress Haqqani network and their associates such as Daesh, al-Qaeda and send the rebels to hell," Ghani added. Therefore we need to stand together with each other and combat them collectively," Ghani stated. It is questionable for a country which is not able to pay the rent of three rooms [for UNESCO office].
However, the Afghan CEO Abdullah Abdullah was absent.Addressing those present, Ghani touched on issues of national interest with the main focus on the Taliban insurgency, Pakistan-Afghanistan relations, security, economic development, rule of law, ANSF and the future security climate of the country. We need to initiate an inter-Afghan dialogue," political analyst Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen said. We believe that it was the armed opponents that announced war and they have to stop it now," Sediq Patman, a member of Jabha-e-Milli Naveen-e-Afghanistan party, said. If government does not help us, we will have no choice but to leave the country because we share a border with three countries," said one of the Pamir residents. A disaster will reach Pamir region's residents if government stays silent and does not help them," said deputy chief of Badakhshan provincial council, Talabuddin Qaderi.
But there is documentary evidence for the existence of chemtrails which is overwhelming and inescapably conclusive, and here’s just a taster for some of it.
The tests consistently found exceedingly high levels of aluminium, barium and strontium in areas affected by spraying. With these types of applications, you are able to see the flight number, airline operator and other flight details. Although in reality these programmes have already been ongoing for over 10 years before this conference took place. As you will no doubt agree, spraying aluminium into the atmosphere on an industrial scale is bad and must be stopped. The film gives a detailed overview as to how you can address these issues in your personal life, offering knowledge on how to Lawfully deal with any kind of authority, if you haven’t broken any Laws.
We tried in all cases to contact the original up-loaders of the footage and cleared most of it but did not get a response from everyone. It seems to emphatically indicate the real reason we have not returned to the moon, and how our space programs have been thwarted.
But then Monsanto may indeed be suspect in GMO, cloning and GE , there are literally hundreds more doing the same, and all around the world. No doubt, if it is brought into the twisted truths of mainstream media, it will be downplayed, said to be a forgery, or simply told that it is speculative, and taken out of context.
There, for a grade, I promoted ZPG, Zero Population Growth, and quit suddenly when I realized that it advocated the mandatory sterilization of women at 14 yoa.
Newly constructed laboratories with mirrored windows are closed to the public, and all under the control of a banking cartel that can print money out of thin air.
Horowitz, a world-renowned authority in public health education, covert intelligence agency operations, and emerging diseases investigations. Try to imagine the Drug Enforcement Administration erecting razor wire barricades around two states to control crime and you’ll get the picture.
Hedge funds should continue to take the time to understand where the real risks are within their businesses and work to instill confidence with their investors. Regardless of the assets your firm is launching with, you will be expected to have sophisticated and comprehensive policies and procedures in place from day one to combat cyber threats. With the birth of cloud technology, firms can save on upfront capital expenditures and host their infrastructure in the cloud – providing flexibility within those startup budgets. A reputable cloud services provider not only provides world-class infrastructure and resiliency; it also assumes responsibility for the management and daily maintenance of your cloud environment. Investors also have high expectations, and before they will even consider allocating money to your firm, they want to understand what protections you’ve put in place to protect their assets. This prehistoric method of aggregating data has been replaced with advanced RMS, a much more viable, flexible and comprehensive solution. RMS enables managers to easily search the repository and export queried data with just a few clicks of a mouse. Additionally, firms may be overlooked by potential investors due to a deficiency of RMS adoption when compared to software equipped third-party providers.
Jaime attended Syracuse University where he earned a BS in Business Administration with a minor in Economics. As of June 30, 2015, per ITRC data, in 2015 the banking industry experienced an increase of 85% versus 2014 data for the same period. However, regulators may also be looking at whether enforcement action is warranted if the AAM failed to implement appropriate security measures that would have prevented the attack from occurring. The less data employees can get to, the less damage can be done via an internal breach or external hack. The second area dives deeper into data loss prevention (DLP), asking firms how they monitor the flow of files and data, particularly large attachments or uploads. But for policies that renew in 2016, this market will be expanded to include companies with up to 100 full-time employees.
Maya holds a BA from Brandeis University, where she majored in International Business and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. It is important not only to have policies and procedures in place, but to periodically confirm that these policies and procedures are being implemented.
Shelley also assists clients with seed investments, the formation of managed account platforms and the organization of joint ventures. But those who exploit the genuine faith of our youths, while they themselves are engaged with international drug mafia and are getting money, are enemies of the people of Afghanistan," he said."The enemies of Afghanistan are those who work for foreigners including Daesh, al-Qaeda, the human killers of Haqqani network and some Afghan Taliban who take pleasure in killing their countrymen and continue the war and terrorism. One notable example was in Britain from the late 50s through to the 70s, when large parts of the country were sprayed with chemicals for germ warfare experiments. More recently the Chinese government publicly used cloud busting technology during the Olympics to ensure that the skies remained clear. These tests have now been carried out in many countries around the world with the same results. From mixing it in the jet fuel, through to dedicated spray nozzles with specially designed feeder tanks.
This has enabled investigators to identify many airlines that are involved in the spraying. All Part Of A Much Larger, Long-running Goal Based On the Aims & the Desires Of A Particular Group . I suggest you do the same, and share it with everyone, well, the 22 percent who still read anyway.
NASA has been hijacked by the military industrial complex, and it emphatically explains how this new technology, by decades of experimentation, trials and covert testing, have and will be used on any entity they deem a threat, including Americans. One small bump was that science could not yet make that procedure reversible, as a study of lab rats determined sterilization of women the only recourse, because one rouge male could, in theory, impregnate 100 females.
He is the author of three American bestsellers, including Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?
From 1985 to 1997, the percentage of African-American young people put in prison increased from 53 to 62 percent. Disaster recovery, business continuity planning and cybersecurity preparedness should all be viewed as full business exercises, not solely technology ones. Be sure to enable your firm’s processes to comply with SEC recommendations including risk assessments, infrastructure practices, policy documentation, etc. With hackers savvier than ever and financial firms as known targets, it’s critical that firms establish a comprehensive approach to security to not only meet investor and regulatory demands but also to protect firm assets and mitigate business risk. Hosting a firm’s data within a user-friendly, central repository simplifies processes, optimizes productivity and uncovers new business opportunities. Enhancing the efficacy of the due diligence process, a robust RMS will manage, amass and report on both quantitative and qualitative due diligence data. When it comes to the future of your firm, driving growth and expansion through the measureable benefits of a research management platform drastically outweigh the costs of missed opportunities. Firms can no longer act in silos, but must share information with industry peers (including competitors) to protect the entire sector.
We believe this will result, on average, in significantly higher healthcare premiums – especially if the firm has a relatively young average age composition, as so many New York financial firms do. Advisers should consider educating clients about how to reduce exposure to cybersecurity threats to their accounts. She advises investment advisory clients regarding investment products and services, SEC, FINRA and CFTC regulatory and compliance matters, as well as trading issues and employment matters.
Despite persistent calls from our people and government for peace, the rebels of time (Taliban) in association with their foreign masterminds, continued beating on the war drum and they declared war against our innocent civilians. However, neither the previous government, nor the incumbent government has paid any attention to the issue and it gives the enemy courage," said Mohammad Alim Ezadyar, a senator."There were several flaws.
This information was locked away in Government archives and has only recently been released to the public as 50 years have now passed. I cite these examples as evidence of weather manipulation technology that has been in use for many years.
Some of the countries in which tests have been done include the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, France and many others. From the patent record, we can also see that this technology has been around since before World War 2. Today this reversal can indeed be done, and with our civil liberties being just an illusion, and our culture resembling the lab rats tests more and more, what can stop it? Perhaps this paper was put there without fear of reprisal, because their assessment of us is right.
They know that we the people want to unite for a common cause, it will ultimately be their downfall, and now we are fighting again over color, a distraction promoted on every station. If not forthcoming, you may open up your firm to serious regulatory and criminal prosecution.
Your cloud services provider should act as your trusted technology adviser and, as such, give you the flexibility and time you need to focus on your investment priorities without worrying about security updates and patch controls. Cyber-attacks carried out on the financial community have almost doubled in 2015, and industry experts believe these numbers will continue to increase unless adequate precautions and prevention measures are taken. AAMs can expect to see investors placing greater emphasis on cybersecurity as a part of its due diligence and regulators focusing on cybersecurity in their routine regulatory exams. But terrorists forgot that they will be followed by our brave soldiers to any corner of this country. Many people have had children with birth defects because of this government sponsored aerosol spraying campaign.
Although the chemtrail programme is slightly different, it is based upon the same technology that we know has been deployed historically.
It is also evident that some very sophisticated technologies have been developed over the years. Also by using modern cameras with high powered lenses, many excellent videos and photos exist and have been used to help identify those aircraft that are spraying. THEY MAY BE PSYCHO DRIVEN (V2K, VOICE TO SKULL) TO COMMIT SCHOOL SHOOTINGS AND MASS MURDER TO PUSH GOVT GUN CONTROL! No doubt, what we are facing in the future we can hardly conceive of today, and this paper gives just a taste of what we have in store. I want to see what they are saying about that crazy trial and that idiot racist Jessie Jackson, before the game.
While both options present benefits, the latter assimilates seamlessly with an investment firm’s daily workflows, terminology and diverse range of data.
Our security forces are firmly defending the national pride, honor and dignity," Ghani said.He said that the Taliban carried out the attack only a day after a meeting was held at the presidential palace between government leaders and lawmakers in which they expressed their full support for government's policies. So much so, that now it is possible to adapt nearly all types of jet aircraft to this type of use.
But that death may not be the end of your life, but your country, your liberty and will, and your very soul. An ideal RMS will also offer customization, accessibility and integrate with other applications, such as Outlook.
But Taliban couldn't tolerate the unity and instead conducted the inhumane act, he said."Only a day after the meeting at the presidential palace between government and lawmakers, Taliban rebels carried out the inhumane act and forged the carnage of our innocent people. However Afghanistan maintains the right to defend itself against outside meddling."Our relationship with Pakistan is managed within the framework of relations and responsibilities of the two governments. You see, from my perspective, God helps those who help themselves, and yet there are elements who want us all to sit back trusting, and ideally put our lives in the hands of God.
Tuesday's deadly attack is not the first inhumane act which was carried out by the group, but it has a long history of killing of innocent people and disrupting their freedom.
Our expectation from our neighboring country Pakistan is that Pakistan should avoid the perception of good and bad terrorists as it has no logical basis. But the attack in Kabul further isolated the terrorists and their foreign backers in the world arena," he said."Dear countrymen, these criminals who claim to be Taliban or students are not real students who pursue education. As a president I want to assure my nation that those who shed the blood of our soldiers and innocent civilians will be dealt with resolutely and there will be no compromise on their trial.
They (terrorists) waged war on us to reach their satanic targets by creating fear and desperation among our people. We considered all peaceful means for reaching peace by seeking cooperation from regional, ultra regional countries and on an international level. The reform process has started in our electoral institutions and elections will be held as scheduled. He said that the strategy will be finalized at the Warsaw Summit in July."The Afghan security forces conducted up to 40,000 military activities and more than 16,000 resolute operations in different regions of the country. Those found guilty of national treason or of serving the foreigners will be punished by the courts. We hope that representatives of the people in parliament cooperate with government to foil corruption in the security institutions. Our security institutions should be non-political and those exploiting their posts and positions should not be backed from any side," Ghani said.

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