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For years we have been talking about how vulnerable our nationa€™s power grid is to attack.
While a complete shutdown of this nationa€™s power grid may sound unbelievable, the fact is, the likelihood of it happening is actually pretty high. Last year while speaking at the annual International Electric Infrastructure Security Summit, Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) said, a€?We are only one act of madness away from a social cataclysm unlike anything our country has ever known.a€? If this country is ever hit by an EMP attack, or even something that we know will eventually happen like a severe space weather catastrophe, this nationa€™s water supplies, delivery distributions systems, financial services, power grids, and vital services will come to a complete standstill. Back in 1859, just as the world started to rely on electricity, the earth was hit by a massive solar flare.
The CME that hit back in 1859 was so powerful that it could actually be observed with the naked-eye.
If a Carrington size event where to hit the earth today, the consequences would be devastating. NASA scientists say that a direct hit to Earth from one of these solar events would have a catastrophic impact on the nationa€™s critical infrastructures, costing upwards of $2 trillion dollars in damage during the first year alone.
Because of their total dependency on critical infrastructures for electricity, communications, food and water delivery, banking and financial services, and even emergency services, highly populated urban centers would experience the brunt of the catastrophe and would likely see large amounts of death and chaos. The first step is to realize the severity of the problem, and understand that the government will not be able to help during this type of disaster.
If at all possible, you should look into purchasing some type of rural bug out property, where you can head should you face a catastrophic collapse scenario.
There are a number of things that you can do to protect your electronics from EMPs and Solar Flares. We have an affordable, very safe, and resourceful location on what is called a Family Island.
The Island consists of mostly fisherman and farmers: Locally grown food (with a 12 month growing season), wild game, and world-class fishing are the way of life.
We are willing to work something out for you to secure this property (if it is what youa€™re looking for) while in transition.
If you would like to know more about this property and what we can do for you then please contact us.
Our parcel of land is a bit under 42 acres and nearly all the land around us is uninhabited grazing land.
In a conventional home, the turning of a knob may bring life to a cook stove using natural gas or electricity at 220 volts. All of our water is brought in using 5 gallon Nalgene jugs. Hot water for washing and cleaning is heated the same way that we heat our cooking water. Our cabin is passive solar by design and when the winter sun is shining, the wood stove is not usually required. The initial building process had us “dried in” after a months work, but I still have a ways to go on a lot of the smaller details. We got our land for 3900 an acre, you can find land for 1000 per or up to 25,000 per depending on where you are located and terrain etc.
Additional construction Photos are mixed in with a time line series of posts at the small cabin forum…I posted a lot there before I got my blog set up. I used to bake in one of these folding Coleman box ovens, it fits 2 loaves of bread nicely and you can use it on top of a wood stove or over a propane or white gas camp stove. I know what you meant – but what I meant is that a “section” is actually a square mile – 640 acres.
Anyway, enough about that (when your dad farms 4,000 acres I guess you pick up a thing or two about what the assessors descriptions mean); kudos to you on a beautiful little cabin.
If short, as in compensation for curvature, the shortfall is on the NORTH or the West sides of the town. I dont see a rain barrel,but maybe in summer you have one set up, seems like a perfect roof to collect rainwater! What was once considered something out of a science fiction novel is now a very real possibility a€“ the complete shutdown of our entire electrical grid. Power grid failures are nothing new; during the winter of 1965 the United States experienced one of the worst power outages in its history. Although most power outages are still caused by storms or utility mistakes, a growing number of these outages are being blamed on everything from our deteriorating electrical infrastructure to terrorists and hackers.
Rich Scheben holding a bull trout caught in his backyardIn a beautiful corner of Northwest Montana, Mr. A lot of people think they can't have something like Rich has, but if you have the time and the wherewithal to do it, it doesn't cost that much. So this guy - who was a govt certified drug dealer never questioned his job or his life UNTIL they threw him under the bus and he was FORCED to change. Being a grizzled, antisocial mountain man, as well as a native Montanan and living off grid, I'm gonna put my .02frn in.
You said two things that bothered me, Brandon - because I think we excuse the advertising medium within which we are swimming. Brandon, I am interested to hear more from Rich about how he accomplished all this, and the various financial, strategic, and logistical considerations that need to be taken into account. Sad to see so much anger but this is the surfacing emotion that Americans have been engineered to have. Do you still have to pay property tax or any fees to the government when you are off grid or do you own the land?
I am a 40 year old Sergeant in the US Army and I am only just starting to wake up to the current crisis' that are sure to happen to this country in my lifetime.
I am a 37 year old single mom who was raised on an "off the grid" fully operational sheep and cattle ranch and have a basic understanding of what living off the grid is like because I grew up in that life in Montana. Whether it is from natural causes like extreme natural disasters or geo-magnetic events, or from man-made attacks like low-level terror attacks or an electro-magnetic pulse (EMPs) attack, one thing is for certain, ita€™s only a matter of time before something cripples our nation’s electric grid. With administration after administration failing to do anything to properly secure our country’s power systems, our grid has become a patchwork of interconnected power generation plants, transmission facilities, distribution facilities and over 400,000 miles of electric transmission lines, some of which actually dates back to the 1880s.

While a number of nations possess the technology that’s required to launch an attack, how likely they are to do it is really up for debate. What came to be known as the Carrington event, gave us a taste of what could happen should we be hit by one of these massive solar flares today. According to their best estimates, it would take at least four years to recover, with urban areas being hit especially hard.
The simple fact is emergency management personnel have no contingency plans to deal with this type of event and would be overwhelmed in a matter of hours.
You need to be prepared to survive an extended period of time without power and essential services. From installing surge protectors and shielding equipment on our everyday devices, to storing backup electronics like ham radios and essential gear in EMP shielding bags or faraday cages, there are options out there for protecting your electronics. In fact, the people we bought our land from still graze horses and cattle on their square mile that surrounds us. Our cooking heat is provided by a couple of means depending on the season and the items being cooked. When the winter chill does come calling at night, we stoke it up and can stay quite comfortable with just a few logs.
Now that we are there full time, we have made some changes to make life easier, but we are still off the grid.
I’ve always wished I had something like this at my camping area in the woods so my friends and I could camp when it gets cold. The baseline, starting point, for all surveying to establish the external and internal town lines was in the SoEast COrner of the section 36.
Over 30 million people from seven northeastern states, and the province of Ontario in Canada, were plunged into darkness when maintenance workers mistakenly tripped a safety relay.
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I read that if your property is private and you own the title you don't have to pay property tax as long as you don't have a contract to pay. He built a 'cabin' that looks huge to me - and BTW I have built a cabin by hand myself with jeep and a chainsaw - and it sure as hell didnt look like that mini log McMansion. We own property that's been in the family for a long time, and are unable to live in the old farm house without serious and financially strapping renovations, but the main house is sound and fixable to the point where we'd have shelter and the warmth of two wood stoves. The "social justice" ideology that's running rampant is ruining American's ability to seek self-reliance. When I think of American Patriots I think of individuals who recognized that this country was built on Christianity and capitalism. Telegraph operators received shocks, telegraph papers burst into flames, and aurora-induced electric currents sent power through telegraph machines allowing messages to be transmitted even after being disconnected.
If you need proof of this, just look at how they respond to routine events like hurricanes; now imagine an event that would make those hurricanes look like an innocent summera€™s breeze. This means stockpiling food and water, learning the skills you need to protect yourself and your family from the chaos that will ensue, and in my opinion, getting as far away from highly populated urban centers as you can.
Some of those included wide-open space, abundant sunshine, affordability and artistic history (Georgia O’Keeffe lived down the road a bit). I have spent enjoyable nights there listening to the baying of cattle and cry of a lonely coyote. By utilizing a lot of task lighting, the whole cabin does not need to be lit to perform basic tasks.
For us the build began with pouring concrete footers that would support the cabin’s framing. In the summer we often will cook over a campfire outdoors…grilled steaks, hotdogs on a stick and of course marshmallows for s’mores.
Our grey water is used to irrigate the local sagebrush and we use a basic sawdust composting toilet for solid waste.
Our cabin is a six hour drive from our full time home so we do not get down there as often as I would like…but when we are there time is well spent with a balance of work and play.
Almost forty years later, the same area was hit by the great Northeast blackout of 2003, where over 55 million people experienced power outages as a result of a software bug. But in a land where the government violates your rights every day with the barrel of a gun, where can you go to be truly off the grid?? It's about priorities, like my years+ worth of food and no place to build a under ground home. You could have had a beautiful log home for not much more, many can be had weather-tight for less than $100,000.
These 25 or so suburban families sold their homes and moved into an area that had such urban blight the city continues to give them abandonned homes, lots and even a school! Corporate America was relatively healthy when Rich worked for what today we abhor as ‘Big Pharma’.
Our decision to go “off-grid” was simple: the nearest utility pole to our cabin is nearly a mile away.
Even so, if every light in the cabin is turned on our total lighting use is less than 40 watts. Getting the concrete there was the easy part; mixing 1800 pounds by hand with water carried in jugs was the hard part. The morning coffee is French press, with water heated on the Coleman camp stove (summer) or on the wood stove (winter). Since it’s portable, the sawdust toilet can be brought inside if the winter temps make its normal use in our woodshed uncomfortable. When the time does come to live there full time, the plan is to live in the small cabin while a more elaborate (ie: running water) home is built using the same basic “off- grid” mind set. Check out their videos on how to build methane biodigestor or how to set up an aquaponic system, all out of stuff you can find for free or at a low cost.

Survival resources have to be apportioned out and when there are so many people per any systems ability to sustain same, a shortfall will occur pretty damned quick! I lost my place during the housing crisis(bankster robbery) 4 years ago, luckily I had bought 3 acres of lake front for retirement($18,000). One of the main reasons we chose that piece of property is its remoteness to other neighbors and the lack of congestion that comes from urban living. We could have paid thousands of dollars to run power poles and lines to “connect” but then those “lines” would disturb our pristine views and require a monthly payment. I completed the bulk of the framing over a couple of weeks using a generator to run my air compressor. Other cooking is done in a similar manner; the only thing that we are still experimenting with is small scale baking using a Dutch oven on top of the wood stove. You don't have to make much of an investment when you band together with like minded individuals!
They want to drive the real sustainable folks like Rich from their land -- because they don't like the "freedoms"? Living off the grid can be done, but dialysis puts me at a disadvantage when speaking longevity. My wife and I started from scratch at that point with a $700 a month income and a 1954 28' trailer. This DC system is supplemented with a basic power inverter, which allows us to run some AC devices and even some smaller power tools. Having compressed air allowed me to use my pneumatic nail guns which greatly sped up the build.
I stay as healthy as possible, eating fresh eggs and growing veggies, buying local fresh meat.
We grow almost all of our own foods, have goats, rabbits, chickens, and a pig in warm weather. Since then, a lot of the work has been done using smaller 18 volt cordless tools, hand nailing trim, etc. Raised our four children, homeschooled, if we were public school we would have been turned in for not providing running water--but no one knew. If you don't have the drive to make more than 26,000 a year, you certainly wont make it off-grid. It’s that guy who can make anything out of anything, when modern day technologies and machines might not be available. The solar system has no trouble charging the battery packs for my cordless tools, and as an added bonus the solar system is silent…that gas powered generator would drown out the subtle sounds of nature that surround us, and that is a primary reason we like living there.
I fought my wife and children for years just to keep a computer out of our home (fear driven issue) but finally relented, bought one, and learned how to use it. The slower pace of life in an environment more closely linked with nature has always been a draw.
I don't believe they are going to go around and look for prepared individuals just so they can whack 'em. If he has to make tools or use down logs already on the property for building materials - he does. We put up 400+ jars of food yearly when kids were home but now just hubby and me we do good with 200+. I am not proud of that but today I use that fact to continue to educate myself and to also set personal goals. It doesn't matter "where" he came from, what matters is what he is engaged in now and what his future holds. Rich has been blessed with a wealth of knowledge, skills, experience and the generosity to share them with us.
We have a trout stream wandering next to our property, raise milk and meat goats, chickens, pigs in summer, and rabbits. He is obviously a rational thinker and is independent enough that he had the COURAGE to turn away from the establishment. Only what is in Christ will last.My friends change as they want or do want to seek the Lord. I am not that young anymore but I know that I will accomplish this someday as I already have the land bought and the plans drawn. When we talk to people they are amazed we have all the conviences, computer, internet, direct tv, etc. There's no better place to find that peace and serenity than in an area such as shown above.
I will fight this fight of faith, all it rerquires here , with any willing to fight the fight. If only people could understand that negative emotions would better serve them if they were re-directed towards a more positive lifestyle of self-reliance. And with that, only those who take the time too seek Jesus are ready for what is about to happen and the harvest of souls coming from the troubles, the persecution and martyr deaths about to flood the usa and the world. But lately, even though I know it's true, it seems like I'm having to convince myself it's true! I've sacrifice alot to get to be able to realize this dream - spent 7 yrs deployed out of 20.
His ideas about ‘thinking outside the box’ just might help you (or your group) make your dreams come true.

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