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Infant assaulted with 8 vaccine doses at six months old… collapses into state of brain damage… doctors blame the parents! The danger was exposed late last year when an unknown group of people was able to successfully penetrate a San Jose, California power substation, strategically cutting fiber cables and then firing over 100 rounds of ammunition into ten transformers.
According to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission study, a relatively small coordinated attack in each of the nation’s three separate electric systems could cause the entire power grid to collapse.
Food (stored) needs to be processed, water (endless and pure) needs to be pumped, showers and hygiene must continue to minimize disease outbreaks, shelter (heavy duty) for all four seasons able to stay very warm and dry with the resources to do that in place and many other subjects which all lend themselves to one even having the sustainable ability to handle firearms in a proficient manner. This type group also has in place all the pre electricity tools and knowledge in place just in case all their redundant diverse power creation tools and means crap out. So you should just be honest and realize you are just screwed if you will be trying enduring a crisis like that in your grid dependant life and your daily life support needs to rely on electricity to survive. Yet I always marvel at the fact there are so few and repeated articles on the absolute need for people to join together now to work out the bugs and details to later be together to survive as one. Without the numbers to stay healthy and well rested there will be no one to watch your back as you sleep after midnight.
What we do need are mostly articles explaining the need to pool skills, resources and trust together to form groups.
So as usual this warning will once again be let to rot just as the flesh of the stand alone prepper people, families or those fools who will take in unprepared people and be eaten out of house and home.
A lot of my readers live in apartments and townhouses, and some of them have complained to me about how they can’t have a garden until they move into a house with a yard.
So here’s a crash course in practical and sustainable solutions for moving yourself off-the-grid. The other component you need with this system is a dedicated compost pile out in the backyard with enough space to cook your poop for two years. Commercial Composting Toilets – If the virtually free sawdust toilet seems far too gross, consider spending around $1,000 for a commercially produced composting toilet.
Another somewhat tricky waste material to dispose-of is the runoff from sinks, showers, and laundry. Instead of drilling a well or tapping into municipal water sources, consider collecting rainwater and storing it in tanks for year-round use. The power grid is an incredibly complex network that requires constant maintenance and monitoring.
Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel – Most folks these days are familiar with this technology, panels that produce electricity when exposed to direct sunlight.
Wind Turbine – If you tend to stay put and live in an area with ample wind, a small wind turbine can be a great addition to an off-grid system because it increases the diversity of you power sources. Micro-Hydro – If your land has water running crossing it, and you have water rights to it, you may be able to tap a small portion of it and spin a small turbine.
All that is needed is a drop in elevation between the inlet and the turbine, some pipe, and a way to get a small portion of the water out of the stream and delivered to the tiny turbine. Methane – Some inventive folks have actually built systems that produce mathane gas from their waste, both human and vegetable. In this modern world it’s hard to imagine life without fossil fuels, flush toilets, and fresh tap water. Hey–Just wanted to say that all these FAQs and primers you’ve been posting lately are FABULOUS! The Humanure Handbook is one of my favourite books and I was surprised by how interesting and entertaining it was to read it. We haven’t worked out the details, but are considering both a soil box (perhaps built like a winter grow box?) or a leech field. And regarding the electric grid you probably have way less maintenance than if every one would have their own energy production. My bias against large infrastructures is based on one core philosophy, that diversity adds to sustainability.
In this case I’m advocating that people adopt a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle because it would make the whole of our civilization stronger. A decentralized model is not necessarily more efficient but it does spread our overall dependency over a wider area, lowering the overall risk. I don’t necessarily believe that there is less risks and less problems with localized energy production(or food production or anything else) but if(when) something happens the problems are huge compared to if the systems are localized. Thank you for putting together a really simple and straightforward article to going off-grid.
Great summary and of course going off grid can be done in degrees but even then, it is not a precondition of living in a tiny house. There is nothing to stimulate the thought process of how complex these systems have become and how much we take it for granted as buying a piece of land which has no access to centralized utilities and trying to design all of the things which you would need to build and live there.
And to Andreas, I live in an area where there is also lots of freshwater and hydro power and yet water is a topic of huge discussion because we are rapidly running out.
Well sure it’s not all about the amount of water you have access to but the amount of people to share the water, industry, climate, culture and so on. I would think the mobile sawdust toilet composter would have to literally be a compost pile, maybe similar to a commercial composting toilet in that it spins, heats, and aerates. When I started my tiny solar house, the information was much more scarce, and spread all over. You are definitely one of the pioneers, and your tiny house will undoubtedly be one that inspires folks for a long time to come. My recent posts came as a response to all that traffic from the three days that Jay Shafer was on the Yahoo homepage. As a pioneer, I feel like I should have added to the knowledge base by blogging about it too.
Much to the chagrin of Western mentalities, most methodologies are more adaptable to communal survival!
The attack highlighted how even a low-tech, small-scale attack could potentially takedown the entire grid. If nine out of the country’s 55,000 electric-transmission substations were taken out – in an attack similar to the San Jose attack – the U.S. One group type has the means to live a very basic no frills lifestyle and go back in time to wood cookstoves, loads of precut firewood and all the other pre electricity living tools.

The ability to create all the quiet power a pre-selected and vetted group needs to live very well so as to have the well rested upper hand when facing down those others who played all their lives while the ants worked. Grid goes down in January when it is zero outside and the snow plows just stop running and then what?
Ten to twenty well rounded adults all pretty well equally outfitted are assets to each other. After midnight is more than likely when they will come and after midnight is when you will die. They begin by taking several gallons of perfectly good drinking water and mix it with a little pee and poop to produce sewage.
You might also hear these toilets referred to as sawdust toilets because sawdust is literally used to cover the deposits between visits. These units work swiftly to decompose the material making them more palatable by most folks.
This is referred to as greywater which will still have traces of human waste in it, so it can’t just be left to run down the street. Rainwater harvesting is becoming more and more popular because it’s so simple and low-cost.
For such a system to remain low-cost we’d need to learn to use less power and move way from using the energy hogging appliances that grew-up dependent on fossil fuel sourced grid power. For a tiny house and a frugal occupant a few solar panels, batteries, and some simple electronic control equipment may be all that’s needed for an off-grid electric system. Many off-grid systems also include a backup generator that is used to charge up the batteries when the sun is not shining. This can be one of the most reliable and steady ways to produce electricity because as long as the water flows you have water.
The inlet can simply be a submerged bucket with a pipe connected that brings the debris-free water downhill to the turbine.
But we’re really beginning to see the true cost of using these limited natural resources.
It’s rare to come across this kind of a setup, and they are reportedly a bit tricky to operate, but they can provide a renewable natural gas for cooking and heating. Actually I think it’s perfectly logical to say that without these things our lives would be very different.
Every time we take-on one more square foot, we increase the effort required to maintain our living space.
Great information: to the point, links to further reading and resources, all major concerns discussed. I’m working on designing a system like the one Jenkins describes but to be used for a mobile application.
A low-cost low-tech portable composting toilet would be ideal… especially coupled with a portable soil box greywater system.
Just like in a natural environment you find that eco-systems are stronger as the fabric of life becomes more complex and diverse. When we become too dependent on a thinly spread global economy (or other system) the strength of the entire system weakens. Trade relies on vast quantities of energy so is not sustainable in the same way as sending electrons around.
So while the risks for something to go wrong may be higher, the risk that a whole country or at least a part of a country would go under is gone.
You very quickly come to grips with putting in simpler systems and come to the same conclusions and solutions which our predecessors used for centuries. Since at least the compost needs to decompose for several years you would either have to haul a lot of waste or find a place to deposit it.
You are providing a lot of information to folks with these posts, and collecting it in an easy to find spot. I eventually found out a lot of the same information you have been writing about in your how to postings. All the questions from new readers crystalized in my mind what people wanted to know So I came up with topics for several posts for each sub-topic. Our ancestors lived like this before rampant Capitalism and Corporatism taught us to be selfish and greedy! You become accustomed to emptying it in an effective manner and the compost that is produced is really good. Some others can create their own electric power via several means and some of them even sell back to the grid. Make no mistake either… they did not do all that and sacrifice all that to “help others”.
By the way if you fire up a genset in any proximity of anyone hearing it you will soon be…dead. It has already been done but authors and owners of these so called prepper sites spend more time promoting warnings and selling stuff on their side bars than setting up the means on their sites so every real prepper can reach out to others in their region. NO MATERIAL HERE CONSTITUTES "INVESTMENT ADVICE" NOR IS IT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STOCKS, COMMODITIES, OPTIONS, BONDS, FUTURES, OR INTRINSICALLY VALUELESS FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, PRINTED FROM THIN AIR BY A PRIVATELY OWNED, THIEVING, OFFSHORE CORPORATION, OPERATED BY SATAN HIMSELF.
If you have a balcony, a back porch, or some space in front of a window, you have room for a container garden. Sewage is a mess and really hard to turn back into safe drinking water; but it is easy to transport to treatment plants through enormous networks of pipes, an infrastructure that need regular maintenance. Remember we’re just critters just like the our furry friends and our poop will actually decompose into a safe compost, under the right conditions.
When you need to add a bucket load you simply pull back the straw, add the fresh material, and cover it back up. If you move your tiny house around a lot this kind of system would be much more practical than a Lovable Loo too, because it’s self-contained and required no backyard compost pile. For example, line loss, literally the resistance in the wires, sucks electricity from the system before it reaches its destination in your home. By adding other renewable sources of electricity, like wind and hydro, you can reduce your dependency on fossil fuel burning generators. If we moved from being dependent on fossil fuels to using renewable energy sources we’d significantly reduce the risk of rising energy costs and continued environmental impacts.

Living more simply and sustainably lowers risk and can increase our opportunities to prosper. But it’s a giant leap for most to learn to live without the reliance of modern conveniences.
There will be a composting toilet inside with a large composing bin outside attached to the trailer.
I would also guess that there would be much more bad, electronic waste with small scale productions since it more often would be cheaper to just buy a new generator than to fix the one you have.
I mean the point of minimal living is to shed unnecessary possessions and borrow or rent things that you don’t use daily. The liquid waste was put through large bacterial filters and eventually fed back into a river as clean water. Pit toilets, collect your water, burn what you have for fuel, reduce your consumption by a lot compared to what we do today.
Everyone wants a piece – farmers to irrigate more and more land, industry for manufacture, homeowners to keep their lawns green. Obviously there are differences between our situation, maybe Sweden have even more water, maybe there is difference in population density, growing crops more suitable for the climate and so on. Maybe I should take the tiny solar house on a tour afterwards to show it off and get people interested.
So I suspect those with tiny houses will quite by accident be showing and sharing them everywhere they go… lol. We quite often even cook using an induction single plate electric hob – it’s been a breezy summer here! We use the compost for the fruit trees and bushes, so far we are not growing any veg, concentrating instead this year on building our own home. They refuse to care enough to do this so I see them as opportunists helping to create fear and then selling the cure.
All pretty equally set up in supplies as the couple with three years sure does not want to team up with the couple with two-four months of supplies…do they? ACTIONS YOU UNDERTAKE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF ANY ANALYSIS, OPINION OR ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS SITE ARE YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. To clean it up, chemicals are used to treat the water which in-turn keeps everyone in the chemical business very happy. I wrote-up a detailed post on some ideas for rainwater harvesting which you might find useful. To compensate the utility company has to produce more just to defeat the inefficiencies of the system. If we use a highly efficient wood stove in a small living space we can actually get through the winters with little environmental impact and effort. Most of us are still on the way there too, living with a foot in both worlds, testing the water and exploring.
A better option would be to reside in a small community with it’s own green power generation facilities which is shared (shared cost, shared responsibility etc). The amount of consumption per person is unsustainable and more and more pressure is placed on every single running body of water to tap it, dam it, ship it, redirect it, channel it. My point that it’s not always hard to come by still stands even though i agree that how some treat their surroundings and resources is downright offensive.
Being able to create your very own creature comforts (in a very quiet way) in the company of many other group members is the best chance any of us will have. They live their separate lives in the region but have their common survival location done and ready to go.
We therefore remain a divide people for the most part foolishly thinking we will be the exception and survive on our own….
What they do need is for these sites to create a simple means for preppers to reach out and contact each other. This may also be the most sustainable, low-tech, and safe way to turn our waste into something useable.
The problem with burning wood for heating a large home is that it would take acres of trees to make it sustainable. I guess there may be different techniques used in different places, depending on local geography etc. OTOH, we have water so clean it can be drunk from the stream and yet, chemicals (like chlorine) are still added to it before it becomes drinking water because of potential from farm runoff.
Larger accommodations for more family units living together makes for lower per capita costs!
Sadly I predict the survival rate of preppers to be about equal to none preppers because they are standing alone. But first the writers need to stop preaching economic facts and dire warnings…they need to start preaching working together.
More preppers will survive, less will get picked off being alone or with only their spouse. Heating a small home requires less energy input which in turn reduces the cost, impact, and effort needed to stay warm in winter. One small pick-up truck can serve a whole damn village – same for one good well, one clean stream, one good lake, and a few productive fields with one good barn! I would be happy to assist and help form the guidelines and levels needs to find those on the same plane in prepping as each of us fine ourselves in.
In Capitalistic America such notions are shunned, discouraged, even litigated away to preserve the Corporate format and make taxable any productivity! What right do you have to expect them to do one thing for you and your desperate condition? From past experiences those who have done the least always want to team up with those who have done much more.

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