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The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Managementis committed to taking pro-active and timely measures to prevent or reduce the impact of hazards on Jamaica, its people, natural resources and economy through its trained and professional staff, the use of appropriate technology and collaborative efforts with national, regional and international agencies.'After the June 1979 Floods, which devastated sections of Western Jamaica, the Government of Jamaica recognised the need for the establishment of a permanent disaster management organization. We use cookies to customise our website for you, giving you the best possible user experience. Ensuring that all Americans, especially those with young children, are prepared for disasters is a top priority of the Department of Health and Human Services.
This comprehensive set of resources contains interactive activities to plan and prepare for disasters, developmentally appropriate books and games to help children cope after disasters, and State templates and guides for policy makers to use in developing, enhancing, or improving their State plans.
Important Emergency InformationDuring times of emergency information from our RSS Feed will appear here. The Office of Safeguards, Security and Emergency Preparedness has a unique function supporting the EM mission. Its role assisting, assessing, and advocating for EM field sites is similar to the functions of the rest of EM headquarters. The office is developing a report on its fiscal year 2016 work that will help staff members benchmark their performance to improve their work assisting, assessing, and advocating for their field counterparts.
The EPC will perform an annual risk assessment that reviews a comprehensive range of threats, including natural disasters, hazardous materials, violence, and pandemic diseases. While there may be a number of similarities in the nature of emergencies, each will have additional problems related to that event and will be discussed individually below with their related mitigation actions. All staff contemplating work with flammables should first check with the Safety Office to learn the recommended procedures. The Dorchester County Emergency Management Agency will contact the Safety Officer when there is a severe weather alert and the Safety Officer will initiate, the E-2 Communication system. Flood - Horn Point Laboratory is situated on one of the highest points in Dorchester County.
If flooding is expected, move electronics, files and hazardous materials off the floor to a higher safer area.

Horn Point Laboratory is not within the siren radius of the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. In the case of perceived threat or actual violence on campus, the individual recognizing the serious possibility of an event or witnessing the event should leave the scene, call 911, and then wait in a safe area until the Dorchester Sheriff‘s Department arrives in order to describe the situation to the responding officer. Each supervisor (faculty members, office managers, maintenance managers) shall design and retain a “telephone tree” enabling quick contact with their direct reports to ensure continuity of business, academic, and research programs.
The list shall be updated annually by each supervisor and sent to the Emergency Preparedness Committee before their annual meeting in March.
Training on appropriate information sharing related to distressed or disturbed members of the campus community will be addressed by the Multi Disciplinary Behavioral Assessment Team with is currently being developed by UMCES Human Resources. Emergencies can occur with varying degrees of severity that requires different levels of response and management. This organization would be responsible for coordination and monitoring the response to hazards as well as educating the nation on all aspects of disaster management.The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Relief Coordination (ODIPERC),was established in July 1980. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive this personalisation. In 2012 alone there were 112 disaster declarations, totaling over $85.7 billion in economic impact. But the office differs with its focus on ensuring EM’s safeguards, security, and emergency preparedness. The office assesses all sites equally, maintaining its commitment to serve their needs regardless of size or perceived security conditions. Key to the report are lessons learned on preparing for and responding to emergency situations, such as hazardous material releases, and ensuring classified documents and materials are properly handled. The Information Technology Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Policy are in place to provide for the continuity, restoration and recovery of critical data and systems. The following chart summarizes the levels of emergencies and types of response that may be required.

In 1993, the name ODIPERC was changed to the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), a statutory body, under the provisions of Section 15 of the Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management Act.The ODPEM operates out of the Ministry of Land and Environment. These areas are not traditionally associated with environmental management activities but they are critical due to the nature of the nuclear materials EM is responsible for cleaning up.
All sites are included in the office’s Field Corporate Board meeting, where they have the opportunity to bring up important issues.
The lessons learned are based on nearly two years of evaluations and assessments conducted at the sites to identify trends.
The total volume of all flammable chemicals should not exceed 40 gallons in the laboratory. The Integration and Application Network (IAN) building personnel should go to the Center Administration basement. Late last year, EM established fire protection and emergency preparedness — two of the office’s core functions — as safety focus areas for fiscal year 2016. The office’s staff members work with site counterparts to learn about the issues prior to the meeting to ensure focused discussions and issue resolution. Research revealed 12 lessons learned in emergency preparedness and six in the classification program. The office believes that sharing the results of evaluating a wide range of reports will help improve the EM cleanup.
Touch the can with the gas dispenser nozzle and keep the nozzle in contact with the can inlet to prevent a spark from static electricity.

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