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January 15, 2011 by Momstart 592 Comments With winter all around us all around the country I’ve been tuning into the Weather Channel and local weather stations every night.
They keeps saying with with this La Nina season about to switch in February we could still see major winter weather, and many parts of the country already are. On OEM’s Facebook page you can find more information and even take the first step in making a plan by selecting and sharing your own meeting place using the Get Ready NYC: My Meeting Place Facebook application. Ready New York also provides a preparation calendar that you can use all year round to keep yourself prepared.
Leave me a comment with a suggestion on how to be better prepared for weather or for a disaster of some kind. Submit a photo on OEM’s Facebook page, showcasing how you are preparing for emergencies in the New Year. We took a visit inside the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) again last week, one of our favorite city agencies because it looks just like NASA inside.

The prototype sits on a plot of land leased from the parks department, deliberately sited to require the most complex hookup to municipal gas and electric that might be required in a real scenario. According to staffers at OEM, they’ve been holding some cocktail parties inside during their week stays.
I went into freak out mode last week when they were predicting 8 inches of snow with more on the way, so I sent my husband out to get our family Winter Weather ready. On the agenda for this visit included a look at the city’s Temporary Disaster Housing Unit which is currently being tested by OEM employees, who live inside one week at a time. It took 13 and a half hours to put together, which you can see in timelapse and additional couple weeks to finish the interior. Now, I’m not sure if I should say that we were lucky the storm changed to rain, or if I should say we’re sad that the storm changed to rain. Prizing has been provided for the giveaway but the thoughts and opinions are my own, and are not influenced by the prizing.

The pilot project is a joint initiative from the FEMA, NYC Department of Design and Construction, Department of City Planning, US Army Corps of Engineers, and OEM, among other partners. On the evaluation end, OEM has partnered with Pratt RAMP, a resiliency program, and NYU-Poly’s Environmental Psychology Program. The entire structure complies with NYC building codes and is 100% ADA compliant for handicap and special needs.

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