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In an increasingly wired world, knitting together data from disparate sources into an interoperable whole can present disaster managers and first responders with critical information during a major emergency or crisis. Countless sensors and security cameras are deployed in cities and major facilities such as ports and airports around the world. In this demonstration, sensor webs played an important role in the scenario, both by alerting emergency authorities to the event and helping them assess the damage and plan their response.
Sensors in the OWS-4 Demo Scenario OGC's Sensor Web Enablement specifications make it possible to use a standards-based online catalog to publish information about devices as diverse as radiation counters, anemometers, security cameras, and NASA imaging satellites.
In the OGC Web Services, Phase 4 (OWS-4) demonstration, a radiological sensor located at Port Newark reaches its alarm level and sends automatic notification to a regional Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Meanwhile, the automated alert has also been received by a servlet that initiates construction of a plume model, using the OpenGIS sensor planning service specification (SPS).
The operator calls an analyst who, knowing the location of the event and having access to the online catalog of spatial data, discovers recent, high-resolution imagery of the affected area using CSW and WMS. In addition to the emphasis on SWE, the OWS-4 test bed resulted in other technological advances, including GeoDRM. Additional Resources The OGC is producing an OWS-4 video and is making it available to the public in early 2007. Sensor Model Language (SensorML) is an XML encoding that provides an information model and encodings to enable discovery and tasking of Web-resident sensors as well as the ability to exploit sensor observations. TransducerML (TML) is a method and message format that describes information about transducers and transducer systems and how to capture, exchange, and archive the data received and produced by them. Sensor Observation Service (SOS) provides access to observations and associated metadata for a sensor or sensor constellation. Sensor Planning Service (SPS) enables clients to request collection feasibility and task a sensor system for desired observations.
Observations and Measurements (O&M) specifies core models and schemas for observations. Sensor Alert Service (SAS) enables clients to subscribe to alerts based upon sensor observations. Web Notification Service (WNS) manages dialogue between clients and Web services for long-duration (asynchronous) processes. Sensor Registries specify a universal system for publishing and discovering sensors and sensor observations. Sensors invites you to join the Findit-Fixit Forum, where you can get answers to your sensing questions—concerning technologies, products, methods, applications, and services--and also offer help to your fellow engineers. In many cases, owners of these sensors and cameras are making the systems accessible via the Web.
When it arrives in this country by freighter at Port Newark, NJ, the bomb explodes as the container is being unloaded, releasing the highly toxic radioactive cesium.
The sensor webs rely on OGC's Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) specifications as well as specifications for access to map images and raster and vector data. This step uses an implementation of the OGC's OpenGIS sensor alert service (SAS) specification. The analyst is able to view plume projections for each of the next 24 hours, using an implementation of the Sensor Observation Service (SOS). By implementing standards in the devices' Web interfaces, disaster managers and first responders can then find and use these devices in a crisis (Figure 1).
The EOC operator investigates the source of the radiological alarm, records its latitude and longitude, and investigates the radiological alarm condition to determine its accuracy and reading.
The operator finds that a video camera is located in the area and points the camera toward the location of the sensor where the fire and the damage from the blast are visible.
Evaluating the impact of these regional weather and environmental observations, the analyst writes up an atmospheric conditions assessment and submits it, with the plume image series, to the EOC director. The new service oriented architecture (SOA) is much cheaper to implement and requires less project management and less coordination among the users of the distributed resources.
This standards framework facilitated the flow of information from many different data sources, through Web services, to many users of the data (Figure 2). While the operator is checking the radiation sensor alarm condition, a motion sensor reports activity in the vicinity of the radiation sensor.
The main requirement for all is that they put their resources on the Internet and make them discoverable and accessible through components that implement open schemas and interfaces.
OGC members participating in the demonstration used live, off-the-shelf, standards-based systems to show how decision makers can quickly find, access, and integrate information from diverse geospatial and sensor resources on the Web. Weather-event warning, monitoring of driving habits, climate research, property tagging and tracking, plant operation and security, equipment monitors, motion detectors, and energy efficiency devices can all be made more effective through use of the SWE standards.

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